Meteor Changelog

v1.8, 2018-10-08

Breaking changes


Migration Steps

  • Update the @babel/runtime npm package to version 7.0.0 or later:

    meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest


  • Although Node 8.12.0 has been released, Meteor 1.8 still uses Node 8.11.4, due to concerns about excessive garbage collection and CPU usage in production. To enable Galaxy customers to use Node 8.12.0, we are planning a quick follow-up Meteor 1.8.1 release, which can be obtained by running the command

    meteor update --release 1.8.1

    Issue #10216

  • Meteor 1.7 introduced a new client bundle called web.browser.legacy in addition to the web.browser (modern) and web.cordova bundles. Naturally, this extra bundle increased client (re)build times. Since developers spend most of their time testing the modern bundle in development, and the legacy bundle mostly provides a safe fallback in production, Meteor 1.8 cleverly postpones building the legacy bundle until just after the development server restarts, so that development can continue as soon as the modern bundle has finished building. Since the legacy build happens during a time when the build process would otherwise be completely idle, the impact of the legacy build on server performance is minimal. Nevertheless, the legacy bundle still gets rebuilt regularly, so any legacy build errors will be surfaced in a timely fashion, and legacy clients can test the new legacy bundle by waiting a bit longer than modern clients. Applications using the autoupdate or hot-code-push packages will reload modern and legacy clients independently, once each new bundle becomes available. Issue #9948 PR #10055

  • Compiler plugins that call inputFile.addJavaScript or inputFile.addStylesheet may now delay expensive compilation work by passing partial options ({ path, hash }) as the first argument, followed by a callback function as the second argument, which will be called by the build system once it knows the module will actually be included in the bundle. For example, here's the old implementation of BabelCompiler#processFilesForTarget:

    processFilesForTarget(inputFiles) {
    inputFiles.forEach(inputFile => {
      var toBeAdded = this.processOneFileForTarget(inputFile);
      if (toBeAdded) {

    and here's the new version:

    processFilesForTarget(inputFiles) {
    inputFiles.forEach(inputFile => {
      if (inputFile.supportsLazyCompilation) {
          path: inputFile.getPathInPackage(),
          hash: inputFile.getSourceHash(),
        }, function () {
          return this.processOneFileForTarget(inputFile);
      } else {
        var toBeAdded = this.processOneFileForTarget(inputFile);
        if (toBeAdded) {

    If you are an author of a compiler plugin, we strongly recommend using this new API, since unnecessary compilation of files that are not included in the bundle can be a major source of performance problems for compiler plugins. Although this new API is only available in Meteor 1.8, you can use inputFile.supportsLazyCompilation to determine dynamically whether the new API is available, so you can support older versions of Meteor without having to publish multiple versions of your package. [PR


  • New React-based Meteor applications can now be created using the command

    meteor create --react new-react-app

    Though relatively simple, this application template reflects the ideas of many contributors, especially @dmihal and @alexsicart, and it will no doubt continue to evolve in future Meteor releases. Feature #182 PR #10149

  • The .meteor/packages file supports a new syntax for overriding problematic version constraints from packages you do not control.

    If a package version constraint in .meteor/packages ends with a ! character, any other (non-!) constraints on that package elsewhere in the application will be weakened to allow any version greater than or equal to the constraint, even if the major/minor versions do not match.

    For example, using both CoffeeScript 2 and practicalmeteor:mocha used to be impossible (or at least very difficult) because of this api.versionsFrom("1.3") statement, which unfortunately constrained the coffeescript package to version 1.x. In Meteor 1.8, if you want to update coffeescript to 2.x, you can relax the practicalmeteor:mocha constraint by putting

    coffeescript@2.2.1_1! # note the !

    in your .meteor/packages file. The coffeescript version still needs to be at least 1.x, so that practicalmeteor:mocha can count on that minimum. However, practicalmeteor:mocha will no longer constrain the major version of coffeescript, so coffeescript@2.2.1_1 will work.

    Feature #208 Commit 4a70b12e Commit 9872a3a7

  • The npm package has been upgraded to version 6.4.1, and our fork of its pacote dependency has been rebased against version 8.1.6.

  • The node-gyp npm package has been updated to version 3.7.0, and the node-pre-gyp npm package has been updated to version 0.10.3.

  • Scripts run via meteor npm ... can now use the meteor command more safely, since the PATH environment variable will now be set so that meteor always refers to the same meteor used to run meteor npm. PR #9941

  • Minimongo's behavior for sorting fields containing an array is now compatible with the behavior of Mongo 3.6+. Note that this means it is now incompatible with the behavior of earlier MongoDB versions. PR #10214

  • Meteor's self-test has been updated to use "headless" Chrome rather than PhantomJS for browser tests. PhantomJS can still be forced by passing the --phantom flag to the meteor self-test command. PR #9814

  • Importing a directory containing an index.* file now works for non-.js file extensions. As before, the list of possible extensions is defined by which compiler plugins you have enabled. PR #10027

  • Any client (modern or legacy) may now request any static JS or CSS web.browser or web.browser.legacy resource, even if it was built for a different architecture, which greatly simplifies CDN setup if your CDN does not forward the User-Agent header to the origin. Issue #9953 PR #9965

  • Cross-origin dynamic import() requests will now succeed in more cases. PR #9954

  • Dynamic CSS modules (which are compiled to JS and handled like any other JS module) will now be properly minified in production and source mapped in development. PR #9998

  • While CSS is only minified in production, CSS files must be merged together into a single stylesheet in both development and production. This merging is cached by standard-minifier-css so that it does not happen on every rebuild in development, but not all CSS minifier packages use the same caching techniques. Thanks to 1ed095c36d, this caching is now performed within the Meteor build tool, so it works the same way for all CSS minifier packages, which may eliminate a few seconds of rebuild time for projects with lots of CSS.

  • The meteor-babel npm package used by babel-compiler has been updated to version 7.1.0. Note: This change requires also updating the @babel/runtime npm package to version 7.0.0-beta.56 or later:

    meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest

    meteor-babel issue #22

  • The @babel/preset-env and @babel/preset-react presets will be ignored by Meteor if included in a .babelrc file, since Meteor already provides equivalent/superior functionality without them. However, you should feel free to leave these plugins in your .babelrc file if they are needed by external tools.

  • The install npm package used by modules-runtime has been updated to version 0.12.0.

  • The reify npm package has been updated to version 0.17.3, which introduces the, {...}) runtime method as a replacement for, {...}). Note: in future versions of reify and Meteor, the runtime API will be removed, but for now it still exists (and is used to implement, so that existing code will continue to work without recompilation.

  • The uglify-es npm package used by minifier-js has been replaced with terser@3.9.2, a fork of uglify-es that appears to be (more actively) maintained. Issue #10042

  • Mongo has been updated to version 4.0.2 and the mongodb npm package used by npm-mongo has been updated to version 3.1.6. PR #10058 Feature Request #269

  • When a Meteor application uses a compiler plugin to process files with a particular file extension (other than .js or .json), those file extensions should be automatically appended to imports that do not resolve as written. However, this behavior was not previously enabled for modules inside node_modules. Thanks to 8b04c25390, the same file extensions that are applied to modules outside the node_modules directory will now be applied to those within it, though .js and .json will always be tried first.

  • As foreshadowed in this talk about Meteor 1.7's modern/legacy bundling system (slides), Meteor now provides an isomorphic implementation of the WHATWG fetch() API, which can be installed by running

    meteor add fetch

    This package is a great demonstration of the modern/legacy bundling system, since it has very different implementations in modern browsers, legacy browsers, and Node. PR #10029

  • The bundle-visualizer package has received a number of UI improvements thanks to work by @jamesmillerburgess in PR #10025. Feature #310

  • Sub-resource integrity hashes (sha512) can now be enabled for static CSS and JS assets by calling WebAppInternals.enableSubresourceIntegrity(). PR #9933 PR #10050

  • The environment variable METEOR_PROFILE=milliseconds now works for the build portion of the meteor build and meteor deploy commands. Feature #239

  • Babel compiler plugins will now receive a caller option of the following form: js { name: "meteor", arch } where arch is the target architecture, e.g. os.*, web.browser, web.cordova, or web.browser.legacy. PR #10211

v1.7.0.5, 2018-08-16

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



v1.7.0.4, 2018-08-07

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



  • The npm package @babel/runtime, which is depended on by most Meteor apps, introduced a breaking change in version 7.0.0-beta.56 with the removal of the @babel/runtime/helpers/builtin directory. While this change has clear benefits in the long term, in the short term it has been disruptive for Meteor 1.7.0.x applications that accidentally updated to the latest version of @babel/runtime. Meteor is a patch release that provides better warnings about this problem, and ensures newly created Meteor applications do not use 7.0.0-beta.56. PR #10134

  • The npm package has been upgraded to version 6.3.0, and our fork of its pacote dependency has been rebased against version 8.1.6. Issue #9940

  • The reify npm package has been updated to version 0.16.4.

v1.7.0.3, 2018-06-13

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



v1.7.0.2, 2018-06-13

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



  • Node has been updated to version 8.11.3, an important security release.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been updated to version 7.0.0-beta.51.

  • Meteor apps created with meteor create or meteor create --minimal will now have a directory called tests/ rather than test/, so that test code will not be eagerly loaded if you decide to remove the meteor.mainModule configuration from package.json, thanks to PR #9977 by @robfallows. Issue #9961

v1.7.0.1, 2018-05-29

Breaking changes

  • The aggregate method of raw Mongo collections now returns an AggregationCursor rather than returning the aggregation result directly. To obtain an array of aggregation results, you will need to call the .toArray() method of the cursor:

    // With MongoDB 2.x, callback style:
    (error, results) => {...}
    // With MongoDB 2.x, wrapAsync style:
    const results = Meteor.wrapAsync(
    // With MongoDB 3.x, callback style:
    (error, aggregationCursor) => {
      const results = aggregationCursor.toArray();
    // With MongoDB 3.x, wrapAsync style:
    const results = Meteor.wrapAsync(

    Issue #9936

Migration Steps

  • Update @babel/runtime (as well as other Babel-related packages) and meteor-node-stubs to their latest versions: sh meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest meteor-node-stubs@latest


  • Reverted an optimization introduced in Meteor 1.7 to stop scanning node_modules for files that might be of interest to compiler plugins, since the intended workarounds (creating symlinks) did not satisfy all existing use cases. We will revisit this optimization in Meteor 1.8. mozfet/meteor-autoform-materialize#43

  • After updating to Meteor 1.7 or, you should update the @babel/runtime npm package (as well as other Babel-related packages) to their latest versions, along with the meteor-node-stubs package, by running the following command: sh meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest meteor-node-stubs@latest

v1.7, 2018-05-28

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



  • More than 80% of internet users worldwide have access to a web browser that natively supports the latest ECMAScript features and keeps itself updated automatically, which means new features become available almost as soon as they ship. In other words, the future we envisioned when we first began compiling code with Babel is finally here, yet most web frameworks and applications still compile a single client-side JavaScript bundle that must function simultaneously in the oldest and the newest browsers the application developer wishes to support.

    That choice is understandable, because the alternative is daunting: not only must you build multiple JavaScript and CSS bundles for different browsers, with different dependency graphs and compilation rules and webpack configurations, but your server must also be able to detect the capabilities of each visiting client, so that it can deliver the appropriate assets at runtime. Testing a matrix of different browsers and application versions gets cumbersome quickly, so it's no surprise that responsible web developers would rather ship a single, well-tested bundle, and forget about taking advantage of modern features until legacy browsers have disappeared completely.

    With Meteor 1.7, this awkward balancing act is no longer necessary, because Meteor now automatically builds two sets of client-side assets, one tailored to the capabilities of modern browsers, and the other designed to work in all supported browsers, thus keeping legacy browsers working exactly as they did before. Best of all, the entire Meteor community relies on the same system, so any bugs or differences in behavior can be identified and fixed quickly.

    In this system, a "modern" browser can be loosely defined as one with full native support for async functions and await expressions, which includes more than 80% of the world market, and 85% of the US market (source). This standard may seem extremely strict, since async/await was just finalized in ECMAScript 2017, but the statistics clearly justify it. As another example, any modern browser can handle native class syntax, though newer syntax like class fields may still need to be compiled for now, whereas a legacy browser will need compilation for both advanced and basic class syntax. And of course you can safely assume that any modern browser has a native Promise implementation, because async functions must return Promises. The list goes on and on.

    This boundary between modern and legacy browsers is designed to be tuned over time, not only by the Meteor framework itself but also by each individual Meteor application. For example, here's how the minimum versions for native ECMAScript class support might be expressed:

    import { setMinimumBrowserVersions } from "meteor/modern-browsers";
    chrome: 49,
    firefox: 45,
    edge: 12,
    ie: Infinity, // Sorry, IE11.
    mobile_safari: [9, 2], // 9.2.0+
    opera: 36,
    safari: 9,
    electron: 1,
    }, "classes");

    The minimum modern version for each browser is simply the maximum of all versions passed to setMinimumBrowserVersions for that browser. The Meteor development server decides which assets to deliver to each client based on the User-Agent string of the HTTP request. In production, different bundles are named with unique hashes, which prevents cache collisions, though Meteor also sets the Vary: User-Agent HTTP response header to let well-behaved clients know they should cache modern and legacy resources separately.

    For the most part, the modern/legacy system will transparently determine how your code is compiled, bundled, and delivered—and yes, it works with every existing part of Meteor, including dynamic import() and even the old appcache package. However, if you're writing dynamic code that depends on modern features, you can use the boolean Meteor.isModern flag to detect the status of the current environment (Node 8 is modern, too, of course). If you're writing a Meteor package, you can call api.addFiles(files, "legacy") in your package.js configuration file to add extra files to the legacy bundle, or api.addFiles(files, "client") to add files to all client bundles, or api.addFiles(files, "web.browser") to add files only to the modern bundle, and the same rules apply to api.mainModule. Just be sure to call setMinimumBrowserVersions (in server startup code) to enforce your assumptions about ECMAScript feature support.

    We think this modern/legacy system is one of the most powerful features we've added since we first introduced the ecmascript package in Meteor 1.2, and we look forward to other frameworks attempting to catch up.

    PR #9439

  • Although Meteor does not recompile packages installed in node_modules by default, compilation of specific npm packages (for example, to support older browsers that the package author neglected) can now be enabled in one of two ways:

    • Clone the package repository into your application's imports directory, make any modifications necessary, then use npm install to link the-package into node_modules:
    meteor npm install imports/the-package

    Meteor will compile the contents of the package exposed via imports/the-package, and this compiled code will be used when you import the-package in any of the usual ways:

    import stuff from "the-package"
    require("the-package") === require("/imports/the-package")

    This reuse of compiled code is the critical new feature that was added in Meteor 1.7.

    • Install the package normally with meteor npm install the-package, then create a symbolic link to the installed package elsewhere in your application, outside of node_modules:
    meteor npm install the-package
    cd imports
    ln -s ../node_modules/the-package .

    Again, Meteor will compile the contents of the package because they are exposed outside of node_modules, and the compiled code will be used whenever the-package is imported from node_modules.

    Note: this technique also works if you create symbolic links to individual files, rather than linking the entire package directory.

    In both cases, Meteor will compile the exposed code as if it was part of your application, using whatever compiler plugins you have installed. You can influence this compilation using .babelrc files or any other techniques you would normally use to configure compilation of application code. PR #9771 Feature #6

~Note: since compilation of npm packages can now be enabled using the techniques described above, Meteor will no longer automatically scan node_modules directories for modules that can be compiled by compiler plugins. If you have been using that functionality to import compiled-to-JS modules from node_modules, you should start using the symlinking strategy instead.~ Follow-up note: this optimization was reverted in Meteor (see above).

  • Node has been updated to version 8.11.2, officially fixing a cause of frequent segmentation faults in Meteor applications that was introduced in Node 8.10.0. Meteor shipped with a custom build of Node that patched this problem, but that approach was never intended to be permanent.

  • The npm package has been upgraded to version 5.10.0, and our fork of its pacote dependency has been rebased against version 7.6.1.

  • Applications may now specify client and server entry point modules in a newly-supported "meteor" section of package.json:

    "meteor": {
    "mainModule": {
      "client": "client/main.js",
      "server": "server/main.js"

    When specified, these entry points override Meteor's default module loading semantics, rendering imports directories unnecessary. If mainModule is left unspecified for either client or server, the default rules will apply for that architecture, as before. To disable eager loading of modules on a given architecture, simply provide a mainModule value of false:

    "meteor": {
    "mainModule": {
      "client": false,
      "server": "server/main.js"

    Feature #135 PR #9690

  • In addition to meteor.mainModule, the "meteor" section of package.json may also specify meteor.testModule to control which test modules are loaded by meteor test or meteor test --full-app:

    "meteor": {
    "mainModule": {...},
    "testModule": "tests.js"

    If your client and server test files are different, you can expand the testModule configuration using the same syntax as mainModule:

    "meteor": {
    "testModule": {
      "client": "client/tests.js",
      "server": "server/tests.js"

    The same test module will be loaded whether or not you use the --full-app option. Any tests that need to detect --full-app should check Meteor.isAppTest. The module(s) specified by meteor.testModule can import other test modules at runtime, so you can still distribute test files across your codebase; just make sure you import the ones you want to run. PR #9714

  • The meteor create command now supports a --minimal option, which creates an app with as few Meteor packages as possible, in order to minimize client bundle size while still demonstrating advanced features such as server-side rendering. This starter application is a solid foundation for any application that doesn't need Mongo or DDP.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been updated to version 7.0.0-beta.49-1. Note: while Babel has recently implemented support for a new kind of babel.config.js configuration file (see this PR), and future versions of Meteor will no doubt embrace this functionality, Meteor 1.7 supports only .babelrc files as a means of customizing the default Babel configuration provided by Meteor. In other words, if your project contains a babel.config.js file, it will be ignored by Meteor 1.7.

  • The reify npm package has been updated to version 0.16.2.

  • The meteor-node-stubs package, which provides stub implementations for any Node built-in modules used by the client (such as path and http), has a new minor version (0.4.1) that may help with Windows installation problems. To install the new version, run

    meteor npm install meteor-node-stubs@latest
  • The optimism npm package has been updated to version 0.6.3.

  • The minifier-js package has been updated to use uglify-es 3.3.9.

  • Individual Meteor self-test's can now be skipped by adjusting their define call to be prefixed by skip. For example, selftest.skip.define('some test', ... will skip running "some test". PR #9579

  • Mongo has been upgraded to version 3.6.4 for 64-bit systems, and 3.2.19 for 32-bit systems. PR #9632

    NOTE: After upgrading an application to use Mongo 3.6.4, it has been observed (#9591) that attempting to run that application with an older version of Meteor (via meteor --release X), that uses an older version of Mongo, can prevent the application from starting. This can be fixed by either running meteor reset, or by repairing the Mongo database. To repair the database, find the mongod binary on your system that lines up with the Meteor release you're jumping back to, and run mongodb --dbpath your-apps-db --repair. For example:

    ~/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/1.6.0_1/mt-os.osx.x86_64/dev_bundle/mongodb/bin/mongod --dbpath /my-app/.meteor/local/db --repair

    PR #9632

  • The mongodb driver package has been updated from version 2.2.34 to version 3.0.7. PR #9790 PR #9831 Feature #268

  • The cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp package depended on by the Meteor webapp package has been updated to version 1.6.0. PR #9761

  • Any settings read from a JSON file passed with the --settings option during Cordova run/build/deploy will be exposed in mobile-config.js via the App.settings property, similar to Meteor.settings. PR #9873

  • The @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties plugin provided by meteor-babel now runs with the loose:true option, as required by other (optional) plugins like @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators. Issue #9628

  • The underscore package has been removed as a dependency from meteor-base. This opens up the possibility of removing 14.4 kb from production bundles. Since this would be a breaking change for any apps that may have been using _ without having any packages that depend on underscore besides meteor-base, we have added an upgrader that will automatically add underscore to the .meteor/packages file of any project which lists meteor-base, but not underscore. Apps which do not require this package can safely remove it using meteor remove underscore. PR #9596

  • Meteor's promise package has been updated to support Promise.prototype.finally. Issue 9639 PR #9663

  • Assets made available via symlinks in the public and private directories of an application are now copied into Meteor application bundles when using meteor build. This means npm package assets that need to be made available publicly can now be symlinked from their node_modules location, in the public directory, and remain available in production bundles. Issue #7013 PR #9666

  • The facts package has been split into facts-base and facts-ui. The original facts package has been deprecated. PR #9629

  • If the new pseudo tag <meteor-bundled-css /> is used anywhere in the <head /> of an app, it will be replaced by the link to Meteor's bundled CSS. If the new tag isn't used, the bundle will be placed at the top of the <head /> section as before (for backwards compatibility). Feature #24 PR #9657

v1.6.1.3, 2018-06-16

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



v1.6.1.2, 2018-05-28

Breaking changes


Migration Steps



  • Meteor is a very small release intended to fix #9863 by making #9887 available to Windows users without forcing them to update to Meteor 1.7 (yet). Thanks very much to @zodern for identifying a solution to this problem. PR #9910

v1.6.1.1, 2018-04-02

Breaking changes


Migration Steps

  • Update @babel/runtime npm package and any custom Babel plugin enabled in .babelrc sh meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest


  • Node has been updated to version 8.11.1, an important security release, with a critical patch applied to solve a segmentation fault problem that was introduced in Node 8.10.0.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been updated to version 7.0.0-beta.42, which may require updating any custom Babel plugins you've enabled in a .babelrc file, and/or running the following command to update @babel/runtime: sh meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest

v1.6.1, 2018-01-19

Breaking changes

  • Meteor's Node Mongo driver is now configured with the ignoreUndefined connection option set to true, to make sure fields with undefined values are not first converted to null, when inserted/updated. undefined values are now removed from all Mongo queries and insert/update documents.

    This is a potentially breaking change if you are upgrading an existing app from an earlier version of Meteor.

    For example:

    // return data pertaining to the current user
      userId: currentUser._id // undefined

    Assuming there are no documents in the privateUserData collection with userId: null, in Meteor versions prior to 1.6.1 this query will return zero documents. From Meteor 1.6.1 onwards, this query will now return every document in the collection. It is highly recommend you review all your existing queries to ensure that any potential usage of undefined in query objects won't lead to problems.

Migration Steps



  • Node has been updated to version 8.9.4.

  • The meteor-babel npm package (along with its Babel-related dependencies) has been updated to version 7.0.0-beta.38, a major update from Babel 6. Thanks to the strong abstraction of the meteor-babel package, the most noticeable consequence of the Babel 7 upgrade is that the babel-runtime npm package has been replaced by @babel/runtime, which can be installed by running

    meteor npm install @babel/runtime

    in your application directory. There's a good chance that the old babel-runtime package can be removed from your package.json dependencies, though there's no harm in leaving it there. Please see this blog post for general information about updating to Babel 7 (note especially any changes to plugins you've been using in any .babelrc files). PR #9440

  • Because babel-compiler@7.0.0 is a major version bump for a core package, any package that explicitly depends on babel-compiler with api.use or api.imply will need to be updated and republished in order to remain compatible with Meteor 1.6.1. One notable example is the practicalmeteor:mocha package. If you have been using this test-driver package, we strongly recommend switching to meteortesting:mocha instead. If you are the author of a package that depends on babel-compiler, we recommend publishing your updated version using a new major or minor version, so that you can continue releasing patch updates compatible with older versions of Meteor, if necessary.

  • Meteor's Node Mongo driver is now configured with the ignoreUndefined connection option set to true, to make sure fields with undefined values are not first converted to null, when inserted/updated. undefined values are now removed from all Mongo queries and insert/update documents. Issue #6051 PR #9444

  • The server-render package now supports passing a Stream object to ServerSink methods that previously expected a string, which enables streaming server-side rendering with React 16:

    import React from "react";
    import { renderToNodeStream } from "react-dom/server";
    import { onPageLoad } from "meteor/server-render";
    import App from "/imports/Server.js";
    onPageLoad(sink => {
    sink.renderIntoElementById("app", renderToNodeStream(
      <App location={sink.request.url} />

    PR #9343

  • The cordova-lib package has been updated to version 7.1.0, cordova-android has been updated to version 6.4.0 (plus one additional commit), and cordova-ios has been updated to version 4.5.4. The cordova plugins cordova-plugin-console, cordova-plugin-device-motion, and cordova-plugin-device-orientation have been deprecated and will likely be removed in a future Meteor release. Feature Request #196 PR #9213 Issue #9447 PR #9448

  • The previously-served /manifest.json application metadata file is now served from /__browser/manifest.json for web browsers, to avoid confusion with other kinds of manifest.json files. Cordova clients will continue to load the manifest file from /__cordova/manifest.json, as before. Issue #6674 PR #9424

  • The bundled version of MongoDB used by meteor run in development on 64-bit architectures has been updated to 3.4.10. 32-bit architectures will continue to use MongoDB 3.2.x versions since MongoDB is no longer producing 32-bit versions of MongoDB for newer release tracks. PR #9396

  • Meteor's internal minifier-css package has been updated to use postcss for CSS parsing and minifying, instead of the abandoned css-parse and css-stringify packages. Changes made to the CssTools API exposed by the minifier-css package are mostly backwards compatible (the standard-minifier-css package that uses it didn't have to change for example), but now that we're using postcss the AST accepted and returned from certain functions is different. This could impact developers who are tying into Meteor's internal minifier-css package directly. The AST based function changes are:

    • CssTools.parseCss now returns a PostCSS Root object.
    • CssTools.stringifyCss expects a PostCSS Root object as its first parameter.
    • CssTools.mergeCssAsts expects an array of PostCSS Root objects as its first parameter.
    • CssTools.rewriteCssUrls expects a PostCSS Root object as its first parameter.

    PR #9263

  • The _ variable will once again remain bound to underscore (if installed) in meteor shell, fixing a regression introduced by Node 8. PR #9406

  • Dynamically import()ed modules will now be fetched from the application server using an HTTP POST request, rather than a WebSocket message. This strategy has all the benefits of the previous strategy, except that it does not require establishing a WebSocket connection before fetching dynamic modules, in exchange for slightly higher latency per request. PR #9384

  • To reduce the total number of HTTP requests for dynamic modules, rapid sequences of import() calls within the same tick of the event loop will now be automatically batched into a single HTTP request. In other words, the following code will result in only one HTTP request:

    const [
    ] = await Promise.all([
  • Thanks to a feature request and pull request from @CaptainN, all available dynamic modules will be automatically prefetched after page load and permanently cached in IndexedDB when the appcache package is in use, ensuring that dynamic import() will work for offline apps. Although the HTML5 Application Cache was deliberately not used for this prefetching, the new behavior matches the spirit/intention of the appcache package. Feature Request #236 PR #9482 PR #9434

  • The es5-shim library is no longer included in the initial JavaScript bundle, but is instead injected using a <script> tag in older browsers that may be missing full support for ECMAScript 5. For the vast majority of modern browsers that do not need es5-shim, this change will reduce the bundle size by about 10KB (minified, pre-gzip). For testing purposes, the <script> tag injection can be triggered in any browser by appending ?force_es5_shim=1 to the application URL. PR #9360

  • The Tinytest.addAsync API now accepts test functions that return Promise objects, making the onComplete callback unnecessary:

    Tinytest.addAsync("some async stuff", async function (test) {
    test.equal(shouldReturnFoo(), "foo");
    const bar = await shouldReturnBarAsync();
    test.equal(bar, "bar");

    PR #9409

  • Line number comments are no longer added to bundled JavaScript files on the client or the server. Several years ago, before all major browsers supported source maps, we felt it was important to provide line number information in generated files using end-of-line comments like

    some.code(1234); // 123
    more.code(5, 6); // 124

    Adding all these comments was always slower than leaving the code unmodified, but recently the comments have begun interacting badly with certain newer ECMAScript syntax, such as multi-line template strings. Since source maps are well supported in most browsers that developers are likely to be using for development, and the line number comments are now causing substantive problems beyond the performance cost, we concluded it was time to stop using them. PR #9323 Issue #9160

  • Since Meteor 1.3, Meteor has supported string-valued "browser" fields in package.json files, to enable alternate entry points for packages in client JavaScript bundles. In Meteor 1.6.1, we are expanding support to include object-valued "browser" fields, according to this unofficial and woefully incomplete (but widely-implemented) "spec document." We are only supporting the "relative style" of browser replacements, however, and not the "package style" (as detailed in this comment), because supporting the package style would have imposed an unacceptable runtime cost on all imports (not just those overridden by a "browser" field). PR #9311 Issue #6890

  • The Boilerplate#toHTML method from the boilerplate-generator package has been deprecated in favor of toHTMLAsync (which returns a Promise that resolves to a string of HTML) or toHTMLStream (which returns a Stream of HTML). Although direct usage of toHTML is unlikely, please update any code that calls this method if you see deprecation warnings in development. Issue #9521.

  • The npm package has been upgraded to version 5.6.0, and our fork of its pacote dependency has been rebased against version 7.0.2.

  • The reify npm package has been updated to version 0.13.7.

  • The minifier-js package has been updated to use uglify-es 3.2.2.

  • The request npm package used by both the http package and the meteor command-line tool has been upgraded to version 2.83.0.

  • The kexec npm package has been updated to version 3.0.0.

  • The moment npm package has been updated to version 2.20.1.

  • The rimraf npm package has been updated to version 2.6.2.

  • The glob npm package has been updated to version 7.1.2.

  • The ignore npm package has been updated to version 3.3.7.

  • The escope npm package has been updated to version 3.6.0.

  • The split2 npm package has been updated to version 2.2.0.

  • The multipipe npm package has been updated to version 2.0.1.

  • The pathwatcher npm package has been updated to version 7.1.1.

  • The lru-cache npm package has been updated to version 4.1.1.

  • The deprecated Meteor.http object has been removed. If your application is still using Meteor.http, you should now use HTTP instead:

    import { HTTP } from "meteor/http";"GET", url, ...);
  • The deprecated Meteor.uuid function has been removed. If your application is still using Meteor.uuid, you should run

    meteor npm install uuid

    to install the widely used uuid package from npm. Example usage:

    import uuid from "uuid";
  • The log-suppressing flags on errors in ddp-client and ddp-server have been changed from expected to _expectedByTest in order to avoid inadvertently silencing errors in production. Issue #6912 PR #9515

  • Provide basic support for iPhone X status bar and launch screens, which includes updates to cordova-plugin-statusbar@2.3.0 and cordova-plugin-splashscreen@4.1.0. Issue #9041 PR #9375

  • Fixed an issue preventing the installation of scoped Cordova packages. For example,

    meteor add cordova:@somescope/some-cordova-plugin@1.0.0

    will now work properly. Issue #7336 PR #9334

  • iOS icons and launch screens have been updated to support iOS 11 Issue #9196 PR #9198

  • Enables passing false to cursor.count() on the client to prevent skip and limit from having an effect on the result. Issue #1201 PR #9205

  • An onExternalLogin hook has been added to the accounts system, to allow the customization of OAuth user profile updates. PR #9042

  • Accounts.config now supports a bcryptRounds option that overrides the default 10 rounds currently used to secure passwords. PR #9044

  • Developers running Meteor from an interactive shell within Emacs should notice a substantial performance improvement thanks to automatic disabling of the progress spinner, which otherwise reacts slowly. PR #9341

  • Npm.depends can now specify any http or https URL. Issue #9236 PR #9237

  • Byte order marks included in --settings files will no longer crash the Meteor Tool. Issue #5180 PR #9459

  • The accounts-ui-unstyled package has been updated to use <form /> and <button /> tags with its login/signup form, instead of <div />'s. This change helps browser's notice login/signup requests, allowing them to trigger their "remember your login/password" functionality.

Note: If your application is styling the login/signup form using a CSS path that includes the replaced div elements (e.g. div.login-form { ... or div.login-button { ...), your styles will break. You can either update your CSS to use form. / button. or adjust your CSS specificity by styling on class / id attributes only.

Issue #1746 PR #9442

  • The stylus package has been deprecated and will no longer be supported/maintained. PR #9445

  • Support for the meteor admin get-machine command has been removed, and the build farm has been discontinued. Ever since Meteor 1.4, packages with binary dependencies have been automatically (re)compiled when they are installed in an application, assuming the target machine has a basic compiler toolchain. To see the requirements for this compilation step, consult the platform requirements for node-gyp.

  • Client side Accounts.onLogin callbacks now receive a login details object, with the attempted login type (e.g. { type: password } after a successful password based login, { type: resume } after a DDP reconnect, etc.). Issue #5127 PR #9512

v1.6.0.1, 2017-12-08

  • Node has been upgraded to version 8.9.3, an important security release.

  • The npm package has been upgraded to version 5.5.1, which supports several new features, including two-factor authentication, as described in the release notes.

v1.6, 2017-10-30

  • Important note for package maintainers:

    With the jump to Node 8, some packages published using Meteor 1.6 may no longer be compatible with older Meteor versions. In order to maintain compatibility with Meteor 1.5 apps when publishing your package, you can specify a release version with the meteor publish command:

    meteor --release 1.5.3 publish

    If you're interested in taking advantage of Meteor 1.6 while still supporting older Meteor versions, you can consider publishing for Meteor 1.6 from a new branch, with your package's minor or major version bumped. You can then continue to publish for Meteor 1.5 from the original branch. Note that the 1.6 branch version bump is important so that you can continue publishing patch updates for Meteor 1.5 from the original branch.

    Issue #9308

  • Node.js has been upgraded to version 8.8.1, which will be entering long-term support (LTS) coverage on 31 October 2017, lasting through December 2019 (full schedule). This is a major upgrade from the previous version of Node.js used by Meteor, 4.8.4.

  • The npm npm package has been upgraded to version 5.4.2, a major upgrade from 4.6.1. While this update should be backwards-compatible for existing Meteor apps and packages, if you are the maintainer of any Meteor packages, pay close attention to your npm-shrinkwrap.json files when first using this version of npm. For normal Meteor application development, this upgrade primarily affects the version of npm used by meteor npm ... commands. A functional installation of git may be required to support GitHub repository and/or tarball URLs. Troubleshooting. PR #8835

  • In addition to meteor node and meteor npm, which are convenient shorthands for node and npm, meteor npx <command> can be used to execute commands from a local node_modules/.bin directory or from the npm cache. Any packages necessary to run the command will be automatically downloaded. Read about it, or just try some commands:

    meteor npx cowsay mooooo
    meteor npx uuid
    meteor npx nyancat
    meteor npx yarn
  • The meteor debug command has been superseded by the more flexible --inspect and --inspect-brk command-line flags, which work for any run, test, or test-packages command.

    The syntax of these flags is the same as the equivalent Node.js flags, with two notable differences:

    • The flags affect the server process spawned by the build process, rather than affecting the build process itself.

    • The --inspect-brk flag causes the server process to pause just after server code has loaded but before it begins to execute, giving the developer a chance to set breakpoints in server code.

    Feature Request #194

  • On Windows, Meteor can now be installed or reinstalled from scratch using the command choco install meteor, using the Chocolatey package manager. This method of installation replaces the old InstallMeteor.exe installer, which had a number of shortcomings, and will no longer be supported.

  • Fresh installs of Meteor 1.6 on 64-bit Windows machines will now use native 64-bit Node.js binaries, rather than a 32-bit version of Node.js. In addition to being faster, native 64-bit support will enable Windows developers to debug asynchronous stack traces more easily in the new Node.js inspector, which is only fully supported by native 64-bit architectures. Note that merely running meteor update from a 32-bit version of Meteor will still install a 32-bit version of Meteor 1.6, so you should use choco install meteor to get a fresh 64-bit version. PR #9218

  • To support developers running on a 32-bit OS, Meteor now supports both 32- and 64-bit versions of Mongo. Mongo 3.2 is the last 32-bit version available from Mongo. Meteor running on a 32-bit OS will use a 32-bit version of Mongo 3.2 and 64-bit platforms will receive newer Mongo versions in future releases. PR #9173

  • After several reliability improvements, native file watching has been un-disabled on Windows. Though native file change notifications will probably never work with network or shared virtual file systems (e.g., NTFS or Vagrant-mounted disks), Meteor uses an efficient prioritized polling system as a fallback for those file systems.

  • Various optimizations have reduced the on-disk size of the meteor-tool package from 545MB ( to 219MB.

  • The meteor-babel package has been upgraded to version 0.24.6, to take better advantage of native language features in Node 8.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to version 0.12.3.

  • The meteor-promise package has been upgraded to version 0.8.6, to enable better handling of UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarnings.

  • The node-gyp npm package has been upgraded to version 3.6.2.

  • The node-pre-gyp npm package has been updated to version 0.6.36.

  • The fibers npm package has been upgraded to version 2.0.0.

  • The pathwatcher npm package has been upgraded to version 7.1.0.

  • The http-proxy npm package has been upgraded to version 1.16.2.

  • The semver npm package has been upgraded to version 5.4.1.

  • When running Meteor tool tests (i.e. ./meteor self-test) during the course of developing Meteor itself, it is no longer necessary to ./meteor npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt browserstack-webdriver. These will now be installed automatically upon their use.

  • You can now run meteor test --driver-package user:package without first running meteor add user:package.

  • iOS icons and launch screens have been updated to support iOS 11 Issue #9196 PR #9198

v1.5.4.2, 2018-04-02

v1.5.4.1, 2017-12-08

v1.5.4, 2017-11-08

  • Node has been updated to version 4.8.6. This release officially includes our fix of a faulty backport of garbage collection-related logic in V8 and ends Meteor's use of a custom Node with that patch. In addition, it includes small OpenSSL updates as announced on the Node blog: Issue #8648

v1.5.3, 2017-11-04

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.8.5, a recommended security release: While it was expected that Node 4.8.5 would also include our fix of a faulty backport of garbage collection-related logic in V8, the timing of this security release has caused that to be delayed until 4.8.6. Therefore, this Node still includes our patch for this issue. Issue #8648

  • Various backports from Meteor 1.6, as detailed in the PR for Meteor 1.5.3. Briefly, these involve fixes for:

    • Child imports of dynamically imported modules within packages. #9182
    • Unresolved circular dependencies. #9176
    • Windows temporary directory handling.

v1.5.2.2, 2017-10-02

  • Fixes a regression in which resulted in the macOS firewall repeatedly asking to "accept incoming network connections". While the node binary in was functionally the same as 1.5.2, it had been recompiled on our build farm (which re-compiles all architectures at the same time) to ensure compatibility with older (but still supported) Linux distributions. Unfortunately, macOS took issue with the binary having a different 'signature' (but same 'identifier') as one it had already seen, and refused to permanently "allow" it in the firewall. Our macOS node binaries are now signed with a certificate, hopefully preventing this from occurring again. Issue #9139

  • Fixes a regression in accounts-base caused by changes to the (now deprecated) connection.onReconnect function which caused users to be logged out shortly after logging in. Issue #9140 PR #

  • cordova-ios has been updated to version 4.5.1, to add in iOS 11 / Xcode 9 compatibility. Issue #9098 Issue #9126 PR #9137

  • Includes a follow-up change to the (not commonly necessary) Npm.require which ensures built-in modules are loaded first, which was necessary after a change in which reduced its scope. This resolves "Cannot find module crypto" and similar errors. Issue #9136

  • A bug that prevented building some binary npm packages on Windows has been fixed. Issue #9153

v1.5.2.1, 2017-09-26

  • Updating to Meteor will automatically patch a security vulnerability in the allow-deny package, since meteor-tool@1.5.2_1 requires allow-deny@1.0.9 or later. If for any reason you are not ready or able to update to Meteor by running meteor update, please at least run

    meteor update allow-deny

    instead. More details about the security vulnerability can be found on the Meteor forums.

  • The command-line meteor tool no longer invokes node with the --expose-gc flag. Although this flag allowed the build process to be more aggressive about collecting garbage, it was also a source of problems in Meteor 1.5.2 and Node 4.8.4, from increased segmentation faults during (the more frequent) garbage collections to occasional slowness in rebuilding local packages. The flag is likely to return in Meteor 1.6, where it has not exhibited any of the same problems.

  • Meteor now supports .meteorignore files, which cause the build system to ignore certain files and directories using the same pattern syntax as .gitignore files. These files may appear in any directory of your app or package, specifying rules for the directory tree below them. Of course, .meteorignore files are also fully integrated with Meteor's file watching system, so they can be added, removed, or modified during development. Feature request #5

  • DDP's connection.onReconnect = func feature has been deprecated. This functionality was previously supported as a way to set a function to be called as the first step of reconnecting. This approach has proven to be inflexible as only one function can be defined to be called when reconnecting. Meteor's accounts system was already setting an onReconnect callback to be used internally, which means anyone setting their own onReconnect callback was inadvertently overwriting code used internally. Moving forward the DDP.onReconnect(callback) method should be used to register callbacks to call when a connection reconnects. The connection that is reconnecting is passed as the only argument to callback. This is used by the accounts system to re-login on reconnects without interfering with other code that uses connection.onReconnect. Issue #5665 PR #9092

  • reactive-dict now supports destroy. destroy will clear the ReactiveDicts data and unregister the ReactiveDict from data migration. i.e. When a ReactiveDict is instantiated with a name on the client and the reload package is present in the project. Feature Request #76 PR #9063

  • The webapp package has been updated to support UNIX domain sockets. If a UNIX_SOCKET_PATH environment variable is set with a valid UNIX socket file path (e.g. UNIX_SOCKET_PATH=/tmp/socktest.sock), Meteor's HTTP server will use that socket file for inter-process communication, instead of TCP. This can be useful in cases like using Nginx to proxy requests back to an internal Meteor application. Leveraging UNIX domain sockets for inter-process communication reduces the sometimes unnecessary overhead required by TCP based communication. Issue #7392 PR #8702

  • The fastclick package (previously included by default in Cordova applications through the mobile-experience package) has been deprecated. This package is no longer maintained and has years of outstanding unresolved issues, some of which are impacting Meteor users. Most modern mobile web browsers have removed the 300ms tap delay that fastclick worked around, as long as the following <head /> meta element is set (which is generally considered a mobile best practice regardless, and which the Meteor boilerplate generator already sets by default for Cordova apps): <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> If anyone is still interested in using fastclick with their application, it can be installed from npm directly (meteor npm install --save fastclick). Reference: Mobile Chrome Mobile Safari PR #9039

  • Minimongo cursors are now JavaScript iterable objects and can now be iterated over using for...of loops, spread operator, yield*, and destructuring assignments. PR #8888

v1.5.2, 2017-09-05

  • Node 4.8.4 has been patched to include, an important PR implemented by our own @abernix (:tada:), which fixes a faulty backport of garbage collection-related logic in V8 that was causing occasional segmentation faults during Meteor development and testing, ever since Node 4.6.2 (Meteor When Node 4.8.5 is officially released with these changes, we will immediately publish a small follow-up release. Issue #8648

  • When Meteor writes to watched files during the build process, it no longer relies on file watchers to detect the change and invalidate the optimistic file system cache, which should fix a number of problems related by the symptom of endless rebuilding. Issue #8988 Issue #8942 PR #9007

  • The cordova-lib npm package has been updated to 7.0.1, along with cordova-android (6.2.3) and cordova-ios (4.4.0), and various plugins. PR #8919 resolves the umbrella issue #8686, as well as several Android build issues: #8408, #8424, and #8464.

  • The boilerplate-generator package responsible for generating initial HTML documents for Meteor apps has been refactored by @stevenhao to avoid using the spacebars-related packages, which means it is now possible to remove Blaze as a dependency from the server as well as the client. PR #8820

  • The meteor-babel package has been upgraded to version 0.23.1.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to version 0.12.0, which includes a minor breaking change that correctly skips exports named default in export * from "module" declarations. If you have any wrapper modules that re-export another module's exports using export * from "./wrapped/module", and the wrapped module has a default export that you want to be included, you should now explicitly re-export default using a second declaration:

    export * from "./wrapped/module";
    export { default } "./wrapped/module";
  • The meteor-promise package has been upgraded to version 0.8.5, and the promise polyfill package has been upgraded to 8.0.1.

  • The semver npm package has been upgraded to version 5.3.0. PR #8859

  • The faye-websocket npm package has been upgraded to version 0.11.1, and its dependency websocket-driver has been upgraded to a version containing this fix, thanks to @sdarnell. meteor-feature-requests#160

  • The uglify-js npm package has been upgraded to version 3.0.28.

  • Thanks to PRs #8960 and #9018 by @GeoffreyBooth, a coffeescript-compiler package has been extracted from the coffeescript package, similar to how the babel-compiler package is separate from the ecmascript package, so that other packages (such as vue-coffee) can make use of coffeescript-compiler. All coffeescript-related packages have been moved to packages/non-core, so that they can be published independently from Meteor releases.

  • meteor list --tree can now be used to list all transitive package dependencies (and versions) in an application. Weakly referenced dependencies can also be listed by using the --weak option. For more information, run meteor help list. PR #8936

  • The star.json manifest created within the root of a meteor build bundle will now contain nodeVersion and npmVersion which will specify the exact versions of Node.js and npm (respectively) which the Meteor release was bundled with. The .node_version.txt file will still be written into the root of the bundle, but it may be deprecated in a future version of Meteor. PR #8956

  • A new package called mongo-dev-server has been created and wired into mongo as a dependency. As long as this package is included in a Meteor application (which it is by default since all new Meteor apps have mongo as a dependency), a local development MongoDB server is started alongside the application. This package was created to provide a way to disable the local development Mongo server, when mongo isn't needed (e.g. when using Meteor as a build system only). If an application has no dependency on mongo, the mongo-dev-server package is not added, which means no local development Mongo server is started. Feature Request #31 PR #8853

  • Accounts.config no longer mistakenly allows tokens to expire when the loginExpirationInDays option is set to null. Issue #5121 PR #8917

  • The "env" field is now supported in .babelrc files. PR #8963

  • Files contained by client/compatibility/ directories or added with api.addFiles(files, ..., { bare: true }) are now evaluated before importing modules with require, which may be a breaking change if you depend on the interleaving of bare files with eager module evaluation. PR #8972

  • When meteor test-packages runs in a browser, uncaught exceptions will now be displayed above the test results, along with the usual summary of test failures, in case those uncaught errors have something to do with later test failures. Issue #4979 PR #9034

v1.5.1, 2017-07-12

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.8.4.

  • A new core Meteor package called server-render provides generic support for server-side rendering of HTML, as described in the package's PR #8841

  • To reduce the total number of file descriptors held open by the Meteor build system, native file watchers will now be started only for files that have changed at least once. This new policy means you may have to wait up to 5000ms for changes to be detected when you first edit a file, but thereafter changes will be detected instantaneously. In return for that small initial waiting time, the number of open file descriptors will now be bounded roughly by the number of files you are actively editing, rather than the number of files involved in the build (often thousands), which should help with issues like #8648. If you need to disable the new behavior for any reason, simply set the METEOR_WATCH_PRIORITIZE_CHANGED environment variable to "false", as explained in PR #8866.

  • All observe and observeChanges callbacks are now bound using Meteor.bindEnvironment. The same EnvironmentVariables that were present when observe or observeChanges was called are now available inside the callbacks. PR #8734

  • A subscription's onReady is now fired again during a re-subscription, even if the subscription has the same arguments. Previously, when subscribing to a publication the onReady would have only been called if the arguments were different, creating a confusing difference in functionality. This may be breaking behavior if an app uses the firing of onReady as an assumption that the data was just received from the server. If such functionality is still necessary, consider using observe or observeChanges PR #8754 Issue #1173

  • The minimongo and mongo packages are now compliant with the upsert behavior of MongoDB 2.6 and higher. As a result support for MongoDB 2.4 has been dropped. This mainly changes the effect of the selector on newly inserted documents. PR #8815

  • reactive-dict now supports setting initial data when defining a named ReactiveDict. No longer run migration logic when used on the server, this is to prevent duplicate name error on reloads. Initial data is now properly serialized.

  • accounts-password now uses as a default "from" address instead of This change could break account-related e-mail notifications (forgot password, activation, etc.) for applications which do not properly configure a "from" domain since e-mail providers will often reject mail sent from Ensure that Accounts.emailTemplates.from is set to a proper domain in all applications. PR #8760

  • The accounts-facebook and facebook-oauth packages have been updated to use the v2.9 of the Facebook Graph API for the Login Dialog since the v2.2 version will be deprecated by Facebook in July. There shouldn't be a problem regardless since Facebook simply rolls over to the next active version (v2.3, in this case) however this should assist in avoiding deprecation warnings and should enable any new functionality which has become available. PR #8858

  • Add DDP._CurrentPublicationInvocation and DDP._CurrentMethodInvocation. DDP._CurrentInvocation remains for backwards-compatibility. This change allows method calls from publications to inherit the connection from the the publication which called the method. PR #8629

Note: If you're calling methods from publications that are using this.connection to see if the method was called from server code or not. These checks will now be more restrictive because this.connection will now be available when a method is called from a publication.

  • Fix issue with publications temporarily having DDP._CurrentInvocation set on re-run after a user logged in. This is now provided through DDP._CurrentPublicationInvocation at all times inside a publication, as described above. PR #8031 PR #8629

  • Meteor.userId() and Meteor.user() can now be used in both method calls and publications. PR #8629

  • this.onStop callbacks in publications are now run with the publication's context and with its EnvironmentVariables bound. PR #8629

  • The minifier-js package will now replace process.env.NODE_ENV with its string value (or "development" if unspecified).

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to version 0.22.0.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to version 0.11.24.

  • The uglify-js npm package has been upgraded to version 3.0.18.

  • Illegal characters in paths written in build output directories will now be replaced with _s rather than removed, so that file and directory names consisting of only illegal characters do not become empty strings. PR #8765.

  • Additional "extra" packages (packages that aren't saved in .meteor/packages) can be included temporarily using the --extra-packages option. For example: meteor run --extra-packages bundle-visualizer. Both meteor test and meteor test-packages also support the --extra-packages option and commas separate multiple package names. PR #8769

Note: Packages specified using the --extra-packages option override version constraints from .meteor/packages.

  • The coffeescript package has been updated to use CoffeeScript version 1.12.6. PR #8777

  • It's now possible to pipe a series of statements to meteor shell, whereas previously the input had to be an expression; for example: ```sh

echo 'import pkg from "babel-runtime/package.json"; quote> pkg.version' | pipe> meteor shell "6.23.0" ``` Issue #8823 PR #8833

  • Any Error thrown by a DDP method with the error.isClientSafe property set to true will now be serialized and displayed to the client, whereas previously only Meteor.Error objects were considered client-safe. PR #8756

v1.5, 2017-05-30

  • The meteor-base package implies a new dynamic-import package, which provides runtime support for the proposed ECMAScript dynamic import(...) syntax, enabling asynchronous module fetching or "code splitting." If your app does not use the meteor-base package, you can use the package by simply running meteor add dynamic-import. See this blog post and PR #8327 for more information about how dynamic import(...) works in Meteor, and how to use it in your applications.

  • The ecmascript-runtime package, which provides polyfills for various new ECMAScript runtime APIs and language features, has been split into ecmascript-runtime-client and ecmascript-runtime-server, to reflect the different needs of browsers versus Node 4. The client runtime now relies on the core-js library found in the node_modules directory of the application, rather than a private duplicate installed via Npm.depends. This is unlikely to be a disruptive change for most developers, since the babel-runtime npm package is expected to be installed, and core-js is a dependency of babel-runtime, so node_modules/core-js should already be present. If that's not the case, just run meteor npm install --save core-js to install it.

  • The npm npm package has been upgraded to version 4.6.1.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to version 0.21.4, enabling the latest Reify compiler and the transform-class-properties plugin, among other improvements.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to version 0.11.21, fixing issue #8595 and improving compilation and runtime performance.

Note: With this version of Reify, import declarations are compiled to, ...) instead of module.importSync(id, ...) or the older module.import(id, ...). The behavior of the compiled code should be the same as before, but the details seemed different enough to warrant a note.

  • The install npm package has been upgraded to version 0.10.1.

  • The meteor-promise npm package has been upgraded to version 0.8.4.

  • The uglify-js npm package has been upgraded to version 3.0.13, fixing #8704.

  • If you're using the standard-minifier-js Meteor package, as most Meteor developers do, it will now produce a detailed analysis of package and module sizes within your production .js bundle whenever you run meteor build or meteor run --production. These data are served by the application web server at the same URL as the minified .js bundle, except with a .stats.json file extension instead of .js. If you're using a different minifier plugin, and would like to support similar functionality, refer to these commits for inspiration.

  • To visualize the bundle size data produced by standard-minifier-js, run meteor add bundle-visualizer and then start your development server in production mode with meteor run --production. Be sure to remove the bundle-visualizer package before actually deploying your app, or the visualization will be displayed to your users.

  • If you've been developing an app with multiple versions of Meteor, or testing with beta versions, and you haven't recently run meteor reset, your .meteor/local/bundler-cache directory may have become quite large. This is just a friendly reminder that this directory is perfectly safe to delete, and Meteor will repopulate it with only the most recent cached bundles.

  • Apps created with meteor create --bare now use the static-html package for processing .html files instead of blaze-html-templates, to avoid large unnecessary dependencies like the jquery package.

  • Babel plugins now receive file paths without leading / characters, which should prevent confusion about whether the path should be treated as absolute. PR #8610

  • It is now possible to override the Cordova iOS and/or Android compatibility version by setting the METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_IOS and/or METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_ANDROID environment variables. PR #8581

  • Modules in node_modules directories will no longer automatically have access to the Buffer polyfill on the client, since that polyfill contributed more than 22KB of minified JavaScript to the client bundle, and was rarely used. If you really need the Buffer API on the client, you should now obtain it explicitly with require("buffer").Buffer. Issue #8645.

  • Packages in node_modules directories are now considered non-portable (and thus may be automatically rebuilt for the current architecture), if their package.json files contain any of the following install hooks: install, preinstall, or postinstall. Previously, a package was considered non-portable only if it contained any .node binary modules. Issue #8225

v1.4.4.6, 2018-04-02

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.9.0, an important security release. The Node v4.x release line will exit the Node.js Foundation's long-term support (LTS) status on April 30,

    1. We strongly advise updating to a version of Meteor using a newer version of Node which is still under LTS status, such as Meteor 1.6.x which uses Node 8.x.
  • The npm package has been upgraded to version 4.6.1.

v1.4.4.5, 2017-12-08

v1.4.4.4, 2017-09-26

  • Updating to Meteor will automatically patch a security vulnerability in the allow-deny package, since meteor-tool@1.4.4_4 requires allow-deny@1.0.9 or later. If for any reason you are not ready or able to update to Meteor by running meteor update, please at least run sh meteor update allow-deny instead. More details about the security vulnerability can be found on the Meteor forums.

v1.4.4.3, 2017-05-22

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.8.3.

  • A bug in checking body lengths of HTTP responses that was affecting Galaxy deploys has been fixed. PR #8709.

v1.4.4.2, 2017-05-02

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.8.2.

  • The npm npm package has been upgraded to version 4.5.0. Note that when using npm scripts there has been a change regarding what happens when SIGINT (Ctrl-C) is received. Read more here.

  • Fix a regression which prevented us from displaying a helpful banner when running meteor debug because of a change in Node.js.

  • Update node-inspector npm to 1.1.1, fixing a problem encountered when trying to press "Enter" in the inspector console. Issue #8469

  • The email package has had its mailcomposer npm package swapped with a Node 4 fork of nodemailer due to its ability to support connection pooling in a similar fashion as the original mailcomposer. Issue #8591 PR #8605

    Note: The MAIL_URL should be configured with a scheme which matches the protocol desired by your e-mail vendor/mail-transport agent. For encrypted connections (typically listening on port 465), this means using smtps://. Unencrypted connections or those secured through a STARTTLS connection upgrade (typically using port 587 and sometimes port 25) should continue to use smtp://. TLS/SSL will be automatically enabled if the mail provider supports it.

  • A new Tracker.inFlush() has been added to provide a global Tracker "flushing" state. PR #8565.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to version 0.20.1, and the reify npm package has been upgraded to version 0.7.4, fixing issue #8595. (This was fixed between full Meteor releases, but is being mentioned here.)

v1.4.4.1, 2017-04-07

  • A change in Meteor 1.4.4 to remove "garbage" directories asynchronously in files.renameDirAlmostAtomically had unintended consequences for rebuilding some npm packages, so that change was reverted, and those directories are now removed before files.renameDirAlmostAtomically returns. PR #8574

v1.4.4, 2017-04-07

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.8.1.

  • The npm npm package has been upgraded to version 4.4.4. It should be noted that this version reduces extra noise previously included in some npm errors.

  • The node-gyp npm package has been upgraded to 3.6.0 which adds support for VS2017 on Windows.

  • The node-pre-gyp npm package has been updated to 0.6.34.

  • Thanks to the outstanding efforts of @sethmurphy18, the minifier-js package now uses Babili instead of UglifyJS, resolving numerous long-standing bugs due to UglifyJS's poor support for ES2015+ syntax. Issue #8378 PR #8397

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to version 0.19.1, and reify has been upgraded to version 0.6.6, fixing several subtle bugs introduced by Meteor 1.4.3 (see below), including issue #8461.

  • The Reify module compiler is now a Babel plugin, making it possible for other custom Babel plugins configured in .babelrc or package.json files to run before Reify, fixing bugs that resulted from running Reify before other plugins in Meteor 1.4.3. Issue #8399 Issue #8422 meteor-babel issue #13

  • Two new export ... from ... syntax extensions are now supported:

    export * as namespace from "./module"
    export def from "./module"

    Read the ECMA262 proposals here:

  • When is used on the server to invoke a method that returns a Promise object, the result will no longer be the Promise object, but the resolved value of the Promise. Issue #8367

Note: if you actually want a Promise when calling or Meteor.apply on the server, use Meteor.callAsync and/or Meteor.applyAsync instead. Issue #8367,

  • The mailcomposer and smtp-connection npms have been updated to resolve an issue with the encoding of long header lines. Issue #8425 PR #8495

  • Accounts.config now supports an ambiguousErrorMessages option which enabled generalization of messages produced by the accounts-* packages. PR #8520

  • A bug which caused account enrollment tokens to be deleted too soon was fixed. Issue #8218 PR #8474

  • On Windows, bundles built during meteor build or meteor deploy will maintain the executable bit for commands installed in the node_modules\.bin directory. PR #8503

  • On Windows, the upgrades to Node.js, npm and mongodb are now in-sync with other archs again after being mistakenly overlooked in An admin script enhancement has been applied to prevent this from happening again. PR #8505

v1.4.3.2, 2017-03-14

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.8.0.

  • The npm npm package has been upgraded to version 4.3.0.

  • The node-gyp npm package has been upgraded to 3.5.0.

  • The node-pre-gyp npm package has been updated to 0.6.33.

  • The bundled version of MongoDB used by meteor run in development has been upgraded to 3.2.12.

  • The mongodb npm package used by the npm-mongo Meteor package has been updated to version 2.2.24. PR #8453 Issue #8449

  • The check package has had its copy of jQuery.isPlainObject updated to a newer implementation to resolve an issue where the nodeType property of an object couldn't be checked, fixing #7354.

  • The standard-minifier-js and minifier-js packages now have improved error capturing to provide more information on otherwise unhelpful errors thrown when UglifyJS encounters ECMAScript grammar it is not familiar with. #8414

  • Similar in behavior to Meteor.loggingIn(), accounts-base now offers a reactive Meteor.loggingOut() method (and related Blaze helpers, loggingOut and loggingInOrOut). PR #8271 Issue #1331 Issue #769

  • Using length as a selector field name and with a Number as a value in a Mongo.Collection transformation will no longer cause odd results. #8329.

  • observe-sequence (and thus Blaze) now properly supports Arrays which were created in a vm or across frame boundaries, even if they were sub-classed. Issue #8160 PR #8401

  • Minimongo now supports $bitsAllClear, $bitsAllSet, $bitsAnySet and $bitsAnyClear. #8350

  • A new document has been created to provide an easier path for developers looking to make contributions to Meteor Core (that is, the meteor tool itself) along with plenty of helpful reminders for those that have already done so! #8267

  • The suggestion to add a {oauth-service}-config-ui package will no longer be made on the console if service-configuration package is already installed. Issue #8366 PR #8429

  • Meteor.apply's throwStubExceptions option is now properly documented in the documentation whereas it was previously only mentioned in the Guide. Issue #8435 PR #8443

  • DDPRateLimiter.addRule now accepts a callback which will be executed after a rule is executed, allowing additional actions to be taken if necessary. Issue #5541 PR #8237

  • jquery is no longer a dependency of the http package. #8389

  • jquery is no longer in the default package list after running meteor create, however is still available thanks to blaze-html-templates. If you still require jQuery, the recommended approach is to install it from npm with meteor npm install --save jquery and then import-ing it into your application. #8388

  • The shell-server package (i.e. meteor shell) has been updated to more gracefully handle recoverable errors (such as SyntaxErrors) in the same fashion as the Node REPL. Issue #8290 PR #8446

  • The webapp package now reveals a WebApp.connectApp to make it easier to provide custom error middleware. #8403

  • The meteor update --all-packages command has been properly documented in command-line help (i.e. meteor update --help). PR #8431 Issue #8154

  • Syntax errors encountered while scanning package.json files for binary dependencies are now safely and silently ignored. Issue #8427 PR #8468

v1.4.3.1, 2017-02-14

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to version 0.14.4, fixing #8349.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to version 0.4.9.

  • Partial npm-shrinkwrap.json files are now disregarded when (re)installing npm dependencies of Meteor packages, fixing #8349. Further discussion of the new npm behavior can be found here.

v1.4.3, 2017-02-13

  • Versions of Meteor core packages are once again constrained by the current Meteor release.

Before Meteor 1.4, the current release dictated the exact version of every installed core package, which meant newer core packages could not be installed without publishing a new Meteor release. In order to support incremental development of core packages, Meteor 1.4 removed all release-based constraints on core package versions (#7084). Now, in Meteor 1.4.3, core package versions must remain patch-compatible with the versions they had when the Meteor release was published. This middle ground restores meaning to Meteor releases, yet still permits patch updates to core packages.

  • The cordova-lib npm package has been updated to 6.4.0, along with cordova-android (6.1.1) and cordova-ios (4.3.0), and various plugins. #8239

  • The coffeescript Meteor package has been moved from packages/coffeescript to packages/non-core/coffeescript, so that it will not be subject to the constraints described above.

  • CoffeeScript source maps should be now be working properly in development. #8298

  • The individual account "service" packages (facebook, google, twitter, github, meteor-developer, meetup and weibo) have been split into:

    • <service>-oauth (which interfaces with the <service> directly) and
    • <service>-config-ui (the Blaze configuration templates for accounts-ui)

    This means you can now use accounts-<service> without needing Blaze.

    If you are using accounts-ui and accounts-<service>, you will probably need to install the <service>-config-ui package if you want to configure it using the Accounts UI.

  • The url and http packages now encode to a less error-prone format which more closely resembles that used by PHP, Ruby, jQuery.param and others. Objects and Arrays can now be encoded, however, if you have previously relied on Arrays passed as params being simply join-ed with commas, you may need to adjust your implementations. #8261 and #8342.

  • The npm npm package is still at version 4.1.2 (as it was when Meteor 1.4.3 was originally published), even though npm was downgraded to 3.10.9 in Meteor

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to version 0.14.3, fixing #8021 and #7662.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to 0.4.7.

  • Added support for frame-ancestors CSP option in browser-policy. #7970

  • You can now use autoprefixer with stylus files added via packages. #7727

  • Restored #8213 after those changes were reverted in v1.4.2.5.

  • npm dependencies of Meteor packages will now be automatically rebuilt if the npm package's package.json file has "scripts" section containing a preinstall, install, or postinstall command, as well as when the npm package contains any .node files. Discussion here.

  • The meteor create command now runs meteor npm install automatically to install dependencies specified in the default package.json file. #8108

v1.4.2.7, 2017-02-13

  • The npm npm package has been downgraded from version 4.1.2 back to version 3.10.9, reverting the upgrade in Meteor

v1.4.2.6, 2017-02-08

  • Fixed a critical bug that was introduced by the fix for Issue #8136, which caused some npm packages in nested node_modules directories to be omitted from bundles produced by meteor build and meteor deploy.

v1.4.2.5, 2017-02-03

  • Reverted #8213 as the change was deemed too significant for this release.

Note: The decision to revert the above change was made late in the Meteor release process, before it was ever recommended but too late in the process to avoid the additional increment of the version number. See #8311 for additional information. This change will still be released in an upcoming version of Meteor with a more seamless upgrade.

v1.4.2.4, 2017-02-02

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.7.3.

  • The npm npm package has been upgraded from version 3.10.9 to 4.1.2.

Note: This change was later deemed too substantial for a point release and was reverted in Meteor

  • Fix for Issue #8136.

  • Fix for Issue #8222.

  • Fix for Issue #7849.

  • The version of 7-zip included in the Windows dev bundle has been upgraded from 1602 to 1604 in an attempt to mitigate Issue #7688.

  • The "main" field of package.json modules will no longer be overwritten with the value of the optional "browser" field, now that the install npm package can make sense of the "browser" field at runtime. If you experience module resolution failures on the client after updating Meteor, make sure you've updated the modules-runtime Meteor package to at least version 0.7.8. #8213

v1.4.2.3, 2016-11-17

  • Style improvements for meteor create --full. #8045

Note: Meteor was finalized before #8045 was merged, but those changes were deemed important enough to skip recommending and instead immediately release

v1.4.2.2, 2016-11-15

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.6.2.

  • meteor create now has a new --full option, which generates an larger app, demonstrating development techniques highlighted in the Meteor Guide

    Issue #6974 PR #7807

  • Minimongo now supports $min, $max and partially supports $currentDate.

    Issue #7857 PR #7858

  • Fix for Issue #5676 PR #7968

  • It is now possible for packages to specify a lazy main module: js Package.onUse(function (api) { api.mainModule("client.js", "client", { lazy: true }); }); This means the client.js module will not be evaluated during app startup unless/until another module imports it, and will not even be included in the client bundle if no importing code is found. Note 1: packages with lazy main modules cannot use api.export to export global symbols to other packages/apps. Note 2: packages with lazy main modules should be restricted to Meteor or later via api.versionsFrom(""), since older versions of Meteor cannot import lazy main modules using import "meteor/<package name>" but must explicitly name the module: import "meteor/<package name>/client.js".

v1.4.2.1, 2016-11-08

  • Installing the babel-runtime npm package in your application node_modules directory is now required for most Babel-transformed code to work, as the Meteor babel-runtime package no longer attempts to provide custom implementations of Babel helper functions. To install the babel-runtime package, simply run the command

    meteor npm install --save babel-runtime

    in any Meteor application directory. The Meteor babel-runtime package version has been bumped to 1.0.0 to reflect this major change. #7995

  • File system operations performed by the command-line tool no longer use fibers unless the METEOR_DISABLE_FS_FIBERS environment variable is explicitly set to a falsy value. For larger apps, this change results in significant build performance improvements due to the creation of fewer fibers and the avoidance of unnecessary asyncronous delays.

  • Running Meteor as root is still discouraged, and results in a fatal error by default, but the --allow-superuser flag now works as claimed. #7959

  • The dev_bundle\python\python.exe executable has been restored to the Windows dev bundle, which may help with meteor npm rebuild commands. #7960

  • Changes within linked npm packages now trigger a partial rebuild, whereas previously (in 1.4.2) they were ignored. #7978

  • Miscellaneous fixed bugs: #2876 #7154 #7956 #7974 #7999 #8005 #8007

v1.4.2, 2016-10-25

  • This release implements a number of rebuild performance optimizations. As you edit files in development, the server should restart and rebuild much more quickly, especially if you have many node_modules files. See for more details.

Note: the METEOR_PROFILE environment variable now provides data for server startup time as well as build time, which should make it easier to tell which of your packages are responsible for slow startup times. Please include the output of METEOR_PROFILE=10 meteor run with any GitHub issue about rebuild performance.

  • npm has been upgraded to version 3.10.9.

  • The cordova-lib npm package has been updated to 6.3.1, along with cordova-android (5.2.2) and cordova-ios (4.2.1), and various plugins.

  • The node-pre-gyp npm package has been updated to 0.6.30.

  • The lru-cache npm package has been updated to 4.0.1.

  • The meteor-promise npm package has been updated to 0.8.0 for better asynchronous stack traces.

  • The meteor tool is now prevented from running as root as this is not recommended and can cause issues with permissions. In some environments, (e.g. Docker), it may still be desired to run as root and this can be permitted by passing --unsafe-perm to the meteor command. #7821

  • Blaze-related packages have been extracted to meteor/blaze, and the main meteor/meteor repository now refers to them via git submodules (see #7633). When running meteor from a checkout, you must now update these submodules by running

    git submodule update --init --recursive

    in the root directory of your meteor checkout.

  • Accounts.forgotPassword and .verifyEmail no longer throw errors if callback is provided. Issue #5664 Origin PR #5681 Merged PR

  • The default content security policy (CSP) for Cordova now includes ws: and wss: WebSocket protocols. #7774

  • meteor npm commands are now configured to use dev_bundle/.npm as the npm cache directory by default, which should make npm commands less sensitive to non-reproducible factors in the external environment.

  • The meteor test command now supports the --no-release-check flag.

  • JavaScript module bundles on the server no longer include transitive node_modules dependencies, since those dependencies can be evaluated directly by Node. This optimization should improve server rebuild times for apps and packages with large node_modules directories.

  • The standard-minifier-css package now does basic caching for the expensive mergeCss function.

  • The coffeescript package now natively supports import and export declarations. #7818

  • Due to changes in how Cordova generates version numbers for iOS and Android apps, you may experience issues with apps updating on user devices. To avoid this, consider managing the buildNumber manually using'buildNumber', 'XXX'); in mobile-config.js. There are additional considerations if you have been setting android:versionCode or ios-CFBundleVersion. See #7205 and #6978 for more information.

v1.4.1.3, 2016-10-21

  • Node has been updated to version 4.6.1:

  • The mongodb npm package used by the npm-mongo Meteor package has been updated to version 2.2.11. #7780

  • The fibers npm package has been upgraded to version 1.0.15.

  • Running Meteor with a different --port will now automatically reconfigure the Mongo replica set when using the WiredTiger storage engine, instead of failing to start Mongo. #7840.

  • When the Meteor development server shuts down, it now attempts to kill the mongod process it spawned, in addition to killing any running mongod processes when the server first starts up.

  • The meteor <command> ... syntax will now work for any command installed in dev_bundle/bin, except for Meteor's own commands.

  • Incomplete package downloads will now fail (and be retried several times) instead of silently succeeding, which was the cause of the dreaded Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open... os.json error. #7806

v1.4.1.2, 2016-10-04

  • Node has been upgraded to version 4.6.0, a recommended security release:

  • npm has been upgraded to version 3.10.8.

v1.4.1.1, 2016-08-24

  • Update the version of our Node MongoDB driver to 2.2.8 to fix a bug in reconnection logic, leading to some update and remove commands being treated as inserts. #7594

v1.4.1, 2016-08-18

  • Node has been upgraded to 4.5.0.

  • npm has been upgraded to 3.10.6.

  • The meteor publish-for-arch command is no longer necessary when publishing Meteor packages with binary npm dependencies. Instead, binary dependencies will be rebuilt automatically on the installation side. Meteor package authors are not responsible for failures due to compiler toolchain misconfiguration, and any compilation problems with the underlying npm packages should be taken up with the authors of those packages. That said, if a Meteor package author really needs or wants to continue using meteor publish-for-arch, she should publish her package using an older release: e.g. meteor --release 1.4 publish. #7608

  • The .meteor-last-rebuild-version.json files that determine if a binary npm package needs to be rebuilt now include more information from the process object, namely process.{platform,arch,versions} instead of just process.versions. Note also that the comparison of versions now ignores differences in patch versions, to avoid needless rebuilds.

  • The npm-bcrypt package now uses a pure-JavaScript implementation by default, but will prefer the native bcrypt implementation if it is installed in the application's node_modules directory. In other words, run meteor install --save bcrypt in your application if you need or want to use the native implementation of bcrypt. #7595

  • After Meteor packages are downloaded from Atmosphere, they will now be extracted using native tar or 7z.exe on Windows, instead of the library, for a significant performance improvement. #7457

  • The npm tar package has been upgraded to 2.2.1, though it is now only used as a fallback after native tar and/or 7z.exe.

  • The progress indicator now distinguishes between downloading, extracting, and loading newly-installed Meteor packages, instead of lumping all of that work into a "downloading" status message.

  • Background Meteor updates will no longer modify the ~/.meteor/meteor symbolic link (or AppData\Local\.meteor\meteor.bat on Windows). Instead, developers must explicitly type meteor update to begin using a new version of the meteor script.

  • Password Reset tokens now expire (after 3 days by default -- can be modified via Accounts.config({ passwordResetTokenExpirationInDays: ...}). PR #7534

  • The google package now uses the email scope as a mandatory field instead of the profile scope. The profile scope is still added by default if the requestPermissions option is not specified to maintain backward compatibility, but it is now possible to pass an empty array to requestPermissions in order to only request the email scope, which reduces the amount of permissions requested from the user in the Google popup. PR #6975

  • Added Facebook.handleAuthFromAccessToken in the case where you get the FB accessToken in some out-of-band way. PR #7550

  • Accounts.onLogout gets { user, connection } context in a similar fashion to Accounts.onLogin. Issue #7397 PR #7433

  • The node-gyp and node-pre-gyp tools will now be installed in bundle/programs/server/node_modules, to assist with rebuilding binary npm packages when deploying an app to Galaxy or elsewhere. #7571

  • The standard-minifier-{js,css} packages no longer minify .js or .css files on the server. #7572

  • Multi-line input to meteor shell, which was broken by changes to the repl module in Node 4, works again. #7562

  • The implementation of the command-line meteor tool now forbids misbehaving polyfill libraries from overwriting global.Promise. #7569

  • The oauth-encryption package no longer depends on the npm-node-aes-gcm package (or any special npm packages), because the Node 4 crypto library natively supports the aes-128-gcm algorithm. #7548

  • The server-side component of the meteor shell command has been moved into a Meteor package, so that it can be developed independently from the Meteor release process, thanks to version unpinning. #7624

  • The meteor shell command now works when running meteor test.

  • The meteor debug command no longer pauses at the first statement in the Node process, yet still reliably stops at custom breakpoints it encounters later.

  • The meteor-babel package has been upgraded to 0.12.0.

  • The meteor-ecmascript-runtime package has been upgraded to 0.2.9, to support several additional stage 4 proposals.

  • A bug that prevented @-scoped npm packages from getting bundled for deployed apps has been fixed. #7609.

  • The meteor update command now supports an --all-packages flag to update all packages (including indirect dependencies) to their latest compatible versions, similar to passing the names of all your packages to the meteor update command. #7653

  • Background release updates can now be disabled by invoking either meteor --no-release-check or METEOR_NO_RELEASE_CHECK=1 meteor. #7445

v1.4.0.1, 2016-07-29

  • Fix issue with the 1.4 tool springboarding to older releases (see Issue #7491)

  • Fix issue with running in development on Linux 32bit Issue #7511

v1.4, 2016-07-25

  • Node has been upgraded to 4.4.7.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to 0.11.7.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to 0.3.6.

  • The bcrypt npm package has been upgraded to 0.8.7.

  • Nested import declarations are now enabled for package code as well as application code. 699cf1f38e9b2a074169515d23983f74148c7223

  • Meteor has been upgraded to support Mongo 3.2 by default (the bundled version used by meteor run has been upgraded). Internally it now uses the 2.2.4 version of the mongodb npm driver, and has been tested against at Mongo 3.2 server. Issue #6957

    Mongo 3.2 defaults to the new WiredTiger storage engine. You can update your database following the instructions here: In development, you can also just use meteor reset to remove your old database, and Meteor will create a new WiredTiger database for you. The Mongo driver will continue to work with the old MMAPv1 storage engine however.

    The new version of the Mongo driver has been tested with MongoDB versions from 2.6 up. Mongo 2.4 has now reached end-of-life (, and is no longer supported.

    If you are setting MONGO_OPLOG_URL, especially in production, ensure you are passing in the replicaSet argument (see [#7450] (

  • Custom Mongo options can now be specified using the Mongo.setConnectionOptions(options) API. #7277

  • On the server, cursor.count() now takes a single argument applySkipLimit (see the corresponding [Mongo documentation] (

  • Fix for regression caused by #5837 which incorrectly rewrote network-path references (e.g. // in CSS URLs. #7416

  • Added Angular2 boilerplate example #7364

v1.3.5.1, 2016-07-18

  • This release fixed a small bug in 1.3.5 that prevented updating apps whose .meteor/release files refer to releases no longer installed in ~/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool. 576468eae8d8dd7c1fe2fa381ac51dee5cb792cd

v1.3.5, 2016-07-16

  • Failed Meteor package downloads are now automatically resumed from the point of failure, up to ten times, with a five-second delay between attempts. #7399

  • If an app has no package.json file, all packages in node_modules will be built into the production bundle. In other words, make sure you have a package.json file if you want to benefit from devDependencies pruning. 7b2193188fc9e297eefc841ce6035825164f0684

  • Binary npm dependencies of compiler plugins are now automatically rebuilt when Node/V8 versions change. #7297

  • Because .meteor/local is where purely local information should be stored, the .meteor/dev_bundle link has been renamed to .meteor/local/dev_bundle.

  • The .meteor/local/dev_bundle link now corresponds exactly to .meteor/release even when an app is using an older version of Meteor. d732c2e649794f350238d515153f7fb71969c526

  • When recompiling binary npm packages, the npm rebuild command now receives the flags --update-binary and --no-bin-links, in addition to respecting the $METEOR_NPM_REBUILD_FLAGS environment variable. #7401

  • The last solution found by the package version constraint solver is now stored in .meteor/local/resolver-result-cache.json so that it need not be recomputed every time Meteor starts up.

  • If the $GYP_MSVS_VERSION environment variable is not explicitly provided to meteor {node,npm}, the node-gyp tool will infer the appropriate version (though it still defaults to "2015").

v1.3.4.4, 2016-07-10

  • Fixed #7374.

  • The default loglevel for internal npm commands (e.g., those related to Npm.depends) has been set to "error" instead of "warn". Note that this change does not affect meteor npm ... commands, which can be easily configured using .npmrc files or command-line flags. 0689cae25a3e0da3615a402cdd0bec94ce8455c8

v1.3.4.3, 2016-07-08

  • Node has been upgraded to 0.10.46.

  • npm has been upgraded to 3.10.5.

  • The node-gyp npm package has been upgraded to 3.4.0.

  • The node-pre-gyp npm package has been upgraded to 0.6.29.

  • The ~/.meteor/meteor symlink (or AppData\Local\.meteor\meteor.bat on Windows) will now be updated properly after meteor update succeeds. This was promised in v1.3.4.2 but not fully delivered.

  • The .meteor/dev_bundle symbolic link introduced in v1.3.4.2 is now updated whenever .meteor/release is read.

  • The .meteor/dev_bundle symbolic link is now ignored by .meteor/.gitignore.

v1.3.4.2, 2016-07-07

  • The meteor node and meteor npm commands now respect .meteor/release when resolving which versions of node and npm to invoke. Note that you must meteor update to before this logic will take effect, but it will work in all app directories after updating, even those pinned to older versions. #7338

  • The Meteor installer now has the ability to resume downloads, so installing Meteor on a spotty internet connection should be more reliable. #7348

  • When running meteor test, shared directories are symlinked (or junction-linked on Windows) into the temporary test directory, not copied, leading to much faster test start times after the initial build. The directories: .meteor/local/{bundler-cache,isopacks,plugin-cache}

  • App.appendToConfig allows adding custom tags to config.xml. #7307

  • When using ROOT_URL with a path, relative CSS URLs are rewriten accordingly. #5837

  • Fixed bugs: #7149 #7296 #7309 #7312

v1.3.4.1, 2016-06-23

v1.3.4, 2016-06-22

  • The version of npm used by meteor npm and when installing Npm.depends dependencies of Meteor packages has been upgraded from 2.15.1 to 3.9.6, which should lead to much flatter node_modules dependency trees.

  • The meteor-babel npm package has been upgraded to 0.11.6, and is now installed using npm@3.9.6, fixing bugs arising from Windows path limits, such as #7247.

  • The reify npm package has been upgraded to 0.3.4, fixing #7250.

  • Thanks to caching improvements for the files.{stat,lstat,readdir,realpath} methods and PackageSource#_findSources, development server restart times are no longer proportional to the number of files in node_modules directories. #7253 #7008

  • When installed via InstallMeteor.exe on Windows, Meteor can now be easily uninstalled through the "Programs and Features" control panel.

  • HTTP requests made by the meteor command-line tool now have a timeout of 30 seconds, which can be adjusted by the $TIMEOUT_SCALE_FACTOR environment variable. #7143

  • The request npm dependency of the http package has been upgraded from 2.53.0 to 2.72.0.

  • The --headless option is now supported by meteor test and meteor test-packages, in addition to meteor self-test. #7245

  • Miscellaneous fixed bugs: #7255 #7239

v1.3.3.1, 2016-06-17

  • Fixed bugs: #7226 #7181 #7221 #7215 #7217

  • The node-aes-gcm npm package used by oauth-encryption has been upgraded to 0.1.5. #7217

  • The reify module compiler has been upgraded to 0.3.3.

  • The meteor-babel package has been upgraded to 0.11.4.

  • The pathwatcher npm package has been upgraded to 6.7.0.

  • In CoffeeScript files with raw JavaScript enclosed by backticks, the compiled JS will no longer contain require calls inserted by Babel. #7226

  • Code related to the Velocity testing system has been removed. #7235

  • Allow smtps:// in MAIL_URL #7043

  • Adds Accounts.onLogout() a hook directly analogous to Accounts.onLogin(). PR #6889

v1.3.3, 2016-06-10

  • Node has been upgraded from 0.10.43 to 0.10.45.

  • npm has been upgraded from 2.14.22 to 2.15.1.

  • The fibers package has been upgraded to 1.0.13.

  • The meteor-babel package has been upgraded to 0.10.9.

  • The meteor-promise package has been upgraded to 0.7.1, a breaking change for code that uses Promise.denodeify, Promise.nodeify, Function.prototype.async, or Function.prototype.asyncApply, since those APIs have been removed.

  • Meteor packages with binary npm dependencies are now automatically rebuilt using npm rebuild whenever the version of Node or V8 changes, making it much simpler to use Meteor with different versions of Node. 5dc51d39ecc9e8e342884f3b4f8a489f734b4352

  • *.min.js files are no longer minified during the build process. PR #6986 Issue #5363

  • You can now pick where the .meteor/local directory is created by setting the METEOR_LOCAL_DIR environment variable. This lets you run multiple instances of the same Meteor app. PR #6760 Issue #6532

  • Allow using authType in Facebook login PR #5694

  • Adds flush() method to Tracker to force recomputation PR #4710

  • Adds defineMutationMethods option (default: true) to new Mongo.Collection to override default behavior that sets up mutation methods (/collection/[insert|update…]) PR #5778

  • Allow overridding the default warehouse url by specifying METEOR_WAREHOUSE_URLBASE PR #7054

  • Allow _id in $setOnInsert in Minimongo:

  • Added support for $eq to Minimongo:

  • Insert a Date header into emails by default:

  • meteor test now supports setting the bind address using --port IP:PORT the same as meteor run PR #6964 Issue #6961

  • Meteor.apply now takes a noRetry option to opt-out of automatically retrying non-idempotent methods on connection blips: PR #6180

  • DDP callbacks are now batched on the client side. This means that after a DDP message arrives, the local DDP client will batch changes for a minimum of 5ms (configurable via bufferedWritesInterval) and a maximum of 500ms (configurable via bufferedWritesMaxAge) before calling any callbacks (such as cursor observe callbacks).

  • PhantomJS is no longer included in the Meteor dev bundle (#6905). If you previously relied on PhantomJS for local testing, the spiderable package, Velocity tests, or testing Meteor from a checkout, you should now install PhantomJS yourself, by running the following commmand: meteor npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt

  • The babel-compiler package now looks for .babelrc files and package.json files with a "babel" section. If found, these files may contribute additional Babel transforms that run before the usual babel-preset-meteor set of transforms. In other words, if you don't like the way babel-preset-meteor handles a particular kind of syntax, you can add your preferred transform plugins to the "presets" or "plugins" section of your .babelrc or package.json file. #6351

  • When BabelCompiler cannot resolve a Babel plugin or preset package in .babelrc or package.json, it now merely warns instead of crashing. #7179

  • Compiler plugins can now import npm packages that are visible to their input files using inputFile.require(id). b16e8d50194b37d3511889b316345f31d689b020

  • import statements in application modules now declare normal variables for the symbols that are imported, making it significantly easier to inspect imported variables when debugging in the browser console or in meteor shell.

  • import statements in application modules are no longer restricted to the top level, and may now appear inside conditional statements (e.g. if (Meteor.isServer) { import ... }) or in nested scopes.

  • import statements now work as expected in meteor shell. #6271

  • Commands installed in dev_bundle/lib/node_modules/.bin (such as node-gyp and node-pre-gyp) are now available to scripts run by meteor npm. e95dfe410e1b43e8131bc2df9d2c29decdd1eaf6

  • When building an application using meteor build, "devDependencies" listed in package.json are no longer copied into the bundle. #6750

  • Packages tested with meteor test-packages now have access to local node_modules directories installed in the parent application or in the package directory itself. #6827

  • You no longer need to specify to run meteor deploy (and similar commands) against Galaxy. The AWS us-east-1 Galaxy is now the default for DEPLOY_HOSTNAME. If your app's DNS points to another Galaxy region, meteor deploy will detect that automatically as well. #7055

  • The coffeescript plugin now passes raw JavaScript code enclosed by back-ticks to BabelCompiler, enabling all ECMAScript features (including import and export) within CoffeeScript. #6000 #6691

  • The coffeescript package now implies the same runtime environment as ecmascript (ecmascript-runtime, babel-runtime, and promise, but not modules). #7184

  • When Meteor packages install npm dependencies, the process.env.NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY environment variable is now respected. #7162

  • files.rename now always executes synchronously. 9856d1d418a4d19c0adf22ec9a92f7ce81a23b05

  • "Bare" files contained by client/compatibility/ directories or added with api.addFiles(path, ..., { bare: true }) are no longer compiled by Babel.

  • Miscellaneous fixed bugs: #6877 #6843 #6881

v1.3.2.4, 2016-04-20

Meteor was published because publishing failed in an unrecoverable way. Meteor contains no additional changes beyond the changes in

v1.3.2.3, 2016-04-20

  • Reverted accidental changes included in and that improved DDP performance by batching updates, but broke some packages that relied on private methods of the DDP client Connection class. See for more details. These changes will be reinstated in 1.3.3.

v1.3.2.2, 2016-04-18

  • Fixed bugs #6819 and #6831.

v1.3.2.1, 2016-04-15

  • Fixed faulty comparison of .sourcePath and .targetPath properties of files scanned by the ImportScanner, which caused problems for apps using the tap:i18n package. 6e792a7cf25847b8cd5d5664a0ff45c9fffd9e57

v1.3.2, 2016-04-15

  • The meteor/meteor repository now includes a file:

  • Running npm install in bundle/programs/server when deploying an app also rebuilds any binary npm dependencies, fixing #6537. Set METEORSKIPNPM_REBUILD=1 to disable this behavior if necessary.

  • Non-.js(on) files in node_modules (such as .less and .scss) are now processed by compiler plugins and may be imported by JS. #6037

  • The jquery package can now be completely removed from any app (#6563), and uses <app>/node_modules/jquery if available (#6626).

  • Source maps are once again generated for all bundled JS files, even if they are merely identity mappings, so that the files appear distinct in the browser, and stack traces make more sense. #6639

  • All application files in imports directories are now considered lazy, regardless of whether the app is using the modules package. This could be a breaking change for 1.3.2 apps that do not use modules or ecmascript but contain imports directories. Workaround: move files out of imports, or rename imports to something else.

  • The npm-bcrypt package has been upgraded to use the latest version (0.8.5) of the bcrypt npm package.

  • Compiler plugins can call addJavaScript({ path }) multiple times with different paths for the same source file, and will reflect this path instead of the source path, if they are different. #6806

  • Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed unintended change to Match.Optional which caused it to behave the same as the new Match.Maybe and incorrectly matching null where it previously would not have allowed it. #6735

v1.3.1, 2016-04-03

  • Long isopacket node_modules paths have been shortened, fixing upgrade problems on Windows. #6609

  • Version 1.3.1 of Meteor can now publish packages for earlier versions of Meteor, provided those packages do not rely on modules. #6484 #6618

  • The meteor-babel npm package used by babel-compiler has been upgraded to version 0.8.4. c8d12aed4e725217efbe86fa35de5d5e56d73c83

  • The meteor node and meteor npm commands now return the same exit codes as their child processes. #6673 #6675

  • Missing module warnings are no longer printed for Meteor packages, or for require calls when require is not a free variable, fixing

  • Cordova iOS builds are no longer built by Meteor, but merely prepared for building. 88d43a0f16a484a5716050cb7de8066b126c7b28

  • Compiler plugin errors were formerly silenced for files not explicitly added in package.js. Now those errors are reported when/if the files are imported by the ImportScanner. be986fd70926c9dd8eff6d8866205f236c8562c4

v1.3, 2016-03-27


  • Enable ES2015 and CommonJS modules in Meteor apps and packages, on both client and server. Also let you install modules in apps and package by running npm install. See:

  • Enable ES2015 generators and ES2016 async/await in the ecmascript package.

  • Inherit static getters and setters in subclasses, when using the ecmascript package. #5624

  • Report full file paths on compiler errors when using the ecmascript package. #5551

  • Now possible to import or require files with a .json file extension. #5810

  • process.env.NODE_ENV is now defined on both client and server as either development or production, which also determines the boolean flags Meteor.isDevelopment and Meteor.isProduction.

  • Absolute identifiers for app modules no longer have the /app/ prefix, and absolute identifiers for Meteor packages now have the prefix /node_modules/meteor/ instead of just /node_modules/, meaning you should import {Blaze} from "meteor/blaze" instead of from "blaze".

  • Package variables imported by application code are once again exposed globally, allowing them to be accessed from the browser console or from meteor shell. #5868

  • Fixed global variable assignment analysis during linking. #5870 #5819

  • Changes to files in node_modules will now trigger a restart of the development server, just like any other file changes. #5815

  • The meteor package now exports a global variable (a la Node) that provides a reliable reference to the global object for all Meteor code.

  • Packages in local node_modules directories now take precedence over Meteor packages of the same name. #5933

  • Upgraded babel-compiler to Babel 6, with the following set of plugins:

  • Lazy CSS modules may now be imported by JS: 12c946ee651a93725f243f790c7919de3d445a19

  • Packages in the top-level node_modules directory of an app can now be imported by Meteor packages: c631d3ac35f5ca418b93c454f521989855b8ec72

  • Added support for wildcard import and export statements. #5872 #5897

  • Client-side stubs for built-in Node modules are now provided automatically if the meteor-node-stubs npm package is installed. #6056

  • Imported file extensions are now optional for file types handled by compiler plugins. #6151

  • Upgraded Babel packages to ~6.5.0: 292824da3f8449afd1cd39fcd71acd415c809c0f Note: .babelrc files are now ignored (#6016), but may be reenabled (#6351).

  • Polyfills now provided for process.nextTick and process.platform. #6167 #6198 #6055 efe53de492da6df785f1cbef2799d1d2b492a939

  • The meteor test-app command is now meteor test [--full-app]: ab5ab15768136d55c76d51072e746d80b45ec181

  • New apps now include a package.json file. c51b8cf7ffd8e7c9ca93768a2df93e4b552c199c

  • require.resolve is now supported.

  • JSX now enabled in .js files processed by the ecmascript compiler plugin. #6151

  • On the server, modules contained within node_modules directories are now loaded using the native Node require function. #6398

  • All <script> tag(s) for application and package code now appear at the end of the <body> rather than in the <head>. #6375

  • The client-side version of process.env.NODE_ENV (and other environment variables) now matches the corresponding server-side values. #6399


  • Don't reload package catalog from disk on rebuilds unless package dependencies changed. #5747

  • Improve minimongo performance on updating documents when there are many active observes. #5627


  • Upgrade to Node v0.10.41.

  • Allow all types of URLs that npm supports in Npm.depends declarations.

  • Split up standard-minifiers in separate CSS (standard-minifiers-css) and JS minifiers (standard-minifiers-js). standard-minifiers now acts as an umbrella package for these 2 minifiers.

  • Allow piping commands to meteor shell via STDIN. #5575

  • Let users set the CAFILE environment variable to override the SSL root certificate list. #4757 #5523

  • force-ssl is now marked production only.


  • Cordova dependencies have been upgraded to the latest versions (cordova-lib 6.0.0, cordova-ios 4.0.1, and cordova-android 5.1.0).

  • iOS apps now require iOS 8 or higher, and building for iOS requires Xcode 7.2 to be installed.

  • Building for Android now requires Android SDK 23 to be installed. You may also need to create a new AVD for the emulator.

  • Building Cordova Android apps on Windows is now supported. #4155

  • The Crosswalk plugin has been updated to 1.4.0.

  • Cordova core plugins are now pinned to minimal versions known to be compatible with the included platforms. A warning is printed asking people to upgrade their dependencies if they specify an older version, but we'll always use the pinned version regardless.

  • The plugin used for file serving and hot code push has been completely rewritten. Among many other improvements, it downloads updates incrementally, can recover from downloading faulty JavaScript code, and is much more reliable and performant. See cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp for more a more detailed description of the new design.

  • If the callbacks added with Meteor.startup() do not complete within a set time, we consider a downloaded version faulty and will fallback to the last known good version. The default timeout is 20 seconds, but this can be configured by setting App.setPreference("WebAppStartupTimeout", "10000"); (in milliseconds) in mobile-config.js.

  • We now use WKWebView on iOS by default, even on iOS 8 (which works because we do not use file:// URLs).

  • We now use localhost instead of meteor.local to serve files from. Since localhost is considered a secure origin, this means the web view won't disable web platform features that it otherwise would.

  • The local server port now lies between 12000-13000 and is chosen based on the appId, to both be consistent and lessen the chance of collisions between multiple Meteor Cordova apps installed on the same device.

  • The plugin now allows for local file access on both iOS and Android, using a special URL prefix (http://localhost:<port>/local-filesystem/<path>).

  • App icon and launch image sizes have been updated. Low resolution sizes for now unsupported devices have been deprecated, and higher resolution versions have been added.

  • We now support the modern Cordova whitelist mechanism. App.accessRule has been updated with new options.

  • meteor build now supports a --server-only option to avoid building the mobile apps when ios or android platforms have been added. It still builds the web.cordova architecture in the server bundle however, so it can be served for hot code pushes.

  • meteor run now always tries to use an autodetected IP address as the mobile ROOT_URL, even if we're not running on a device. This avoids a situation where an app already installed on a device connects to a restarted development server and receives a localhost ROOT_URL. #5973

  • Fixed a discrepancy between the way we calculated client hashes during a mobile build and on the server, which meant a Cordova app would always download a new version the first time it started up.

  • In Cordova apps, Meteor.startup() now correctly waits for the device to be ready before firing the callback.


  • Make Accounts.forgotPassword treat emails as case insensitive, as the rest of the accounts system does.


  • Don't throw in certain cases when calling a template helper with an empty data context. #5411 #5736

  • Improve automatic blocking of URLs in attribute values to also include vbscript: URLs.


  • Introduced new matcher Match.Maybe(type) which will also match (permit) null in addition to undefined. This is a suggested replacement (where appropriate) for Match.Optional which did not permit null. This prevents the need to use Match.OneOf(null, undefined, type). #6220


  • Packages can now be marked as testOnly to only run as part of app testing with meteor test. This is achieved by setting testOnly: true to Package.describe.


  • Remove warning in the simple-todos-react example app. #5716

  • Fix interaction between browser-policy and oauth packages. #5628

  • Add to the tinytest package. #5750

  • Don't crash when calling ReactiveDict.prototype.clear if a property with a value wasn't previously accessed. #5530 #5602

  • Move DDPRateLimiter to the server only, since it won't work if it is called from the client. It will now error if referenced from the client at all.

  • Don't call function more than once when passing a Match.Where argument to check. #5630 #5651

  • Fix empty object argument check in this.subscribe in templates. #5620

  • Make not crash on undefined content. #5565 #5601

  • Return observe handle from Mongo.Collection.prototype._publishCursor. #4983 #5615

  • Add 'Did you mean?' reminders for some CLI commands to help Rails developers. #5593

  • Make internal shell scripts compatible with other Unix-like systems. #5585

  • Add a _pollingInterval option to coll.find() that can be used in conjunction with _disableOplog: true. #5586

  • Expose Tinytest internals which can be used to extend it. #3541

  • Improve error message from check when passing in null. #5545

  • Split up standard-minifiers in separate CSS (standard-minifier-css) and JS minifiers(standard-minifier-js). standard-minifiers now acts as an umbrella package for these 2 minifiers.

  • Detect new Facebook user-agent in the spiderable package. #5516

  • Match.ObjectIncluding now really requires plain objects. #6140

  • Allow git+ URL schemes for npm dependencies. #844

  • Expose options disableOplog, pollingIntervalMs, and pollingThrottleMs to Cursor.find for tuning observe parameters on the server.

  • Expose dynamicHead and dynamicBody hooks in boilerplate generation allowing code to inject content into the body and head tags from the server. #3860

  • Add methods of the form BrowserPolicy.content.allow<ContentType>BlobUrl() to BrowserPolicy #5141

  • Move <script> tags to end of <body> to enable 'loading' UI to be inserted into the boilerplate #6375

  • Adds WebAppInternals.setBundledJsCssUrlRewriteHook allowing apps to supply a hook function that can create a dynamic bundledJsCssPrefix at runtime. This is useful if you're using a CDN by giving you a way to ensure the CDN won't cache broken js/css resources during an app upgrade.

Patches contributed by GitHub users vereed, mitar, nathan-muir, robfallows, skishore, okland, Primigenus, zimme, welelay, rgoomar, bySabi, mbrookes, TomFreudenberg, TechPlexEngineer, zacharydenton, AlexeyMK, gwendall, dandv, devgrok, brianlukoff.

v.1.2.1, 2015-10-26

  • coll.insert() now uses a faster (but cryptographically insecure) algorithm to generate document IDs when called outside of a method and an _id field is not explicitly passed. With this change, there are no longer two algorithms used to generate document IDs. can still be used to generate cryptographically secure document IDs. #5161

  • The ecmascript-collections package has been renamed to ecmascript-runtime and now includes a more complete selection of ES2015 polyfills and shims from core-js. The complete list can be found here.

  • Check type of onException argument to bindEnvironment. #5271

  • WebApp's PORT environment variable can now be a named pipe to better support deployment on IIS on Windows. 4413

  • Template.dynamic can be now used as a block helper: {{#Template.dynamic}} ... {{/Template.dynamic}} #4756

  • Collection#allow/deny now throw errors when passed falsy values. #5442

  • source-map has been updated to a newer patch version, which fixes major bugs in particular around loading bundles generated by Webpack. #5411

  • check now returns instead of throwing errors internally, which should make it much faster. check is used in many core Meteor packages, so this should result in small performance improvements across the framework. #4584

  • The userEmail option to Meteor.loginWithMeteorDeveloperAccount has been renamed to loginHint, and now supports Google accounts as well. The old option still works for backwards compatibility. #2422 #5313

  • The old addFiles API for adding package assets no longer throws an error, making it easier to share packages between pre- and post-1.2 versions of Meteor. #5458

  • Normally, you can't deploy to free hosting or Galaxy from a non-Linux machine if you have local non-published packages with binary dependencies, nor can you run meteor build --architecture SomeOtherArch. As a temporary workaround, if you set the METEOR_BINARY_DEP_WORKAROUND variable, you will be able to deploy to Galaxy (but not free hosting), and tarballs built with meteor build will contain a programs/server/ shell script which should be run on the server to install those packages.

v1.2.0.2, 2015-09-28

  • Update Crosswalk plugin for Cordova to 1.3.1. #5267

  • Fix meteor add for a Cordova plugin using a Git URL with SHA.

  • Upgraded the promise package to use meteor-promise@0.5.0, which uses the global Promise constructor in browsers that define it natively.

  • Fix error in assigning attributes to <body> tag when using Blaze templates or static-html. #5232

v1.2.0.1, 2015-09-22

  • Fix incorrect publishing of packages with exports but no source. #5228

v1.2, 2015-09-21

There are quite a lot of changes in Meteor 1.2. See the Wiki for a shorter list of breaking changes you should be aware of when upgrading.

Core Packages

  • meteor-platform has been deprecated in favor of the smaller meteor-base, with apps listing their other dependencies explicitly. The v1.2 upgrader will rewrite meteor-platform in existing apps. meteor-base puts fewer symbols in the global namepsace, so it's no longer true that all apps have symbols like Random and EJSON in the global namespace.

  • New packages: ecmascript, es5-shim, ecmascript-collections, promise, static-html, jshint, babel-compiler

  • No longer include the json package by default, which contains code for JSON.parse and JSON.stringify. (The last browser to not support JSON natively was Internet Explorer 7.)

  • autoupdate has been renamed hot-code-push

Meteor Accounts

  • Login attempts are now rate-limited by default. This can be turned off using Accounts.removeDefaultRateLimit().

  • loginWithPassword now matches username or email in a case insensitive manner. If there are multiple users with a username or email only differing in case, a case sensitive match is required. #550

  • loginWithGithub now requests user:email scope by default, and attempts to fetch the user's emails. If no public email has been set, we use the primary email instead. We also store the complete list of emails. #4545

  • When an account's email address is verified, deactivate other verification tokens. #4626

  • Fix bug where blank page is shown when an expired login token is present. #4825

  • Fix when making requests to Twitter with a large parameter set.

  • Directions for setting up Google OAuth in accounts-ui have been updated to match Google's new requirements.

  • Add Accounts.oauth.unregisterService method, and ensure that users can only log in with currently registered services. #4014

  • The accounts-base now defines reusable AccountsClient and AccountsServer constructors, so that users can create multiple independent instances of the Accounts namespace. #4233

  • Create an index for Meteor.users on (instead of emails.validationTokens.token, which never was used for anything). #4482

  • Remove an IE7-specific workaround from accounts-ui. #4485


  • Improved server performance by reducing overhead of processing oplog after database writes. Improvements are most noticeable in case when a method is doing a lot of writes on collections with plenty of active observers. #4694


  • The included Cordova tools have been updated to the latest version 5.2.0. This includes Cordova Android 4.1 and Cordova iOS 3.9. These updates may require you to make changes to your app. For details, see the Cordova release notes for for the different versions.

  • Thanks to Cordova Android's support for pluggable web views, it is now possible to install the [Crosswalk plugin] (, which offers a hugely improved web view on older Android versions. You can add the plugin to your app with meteor add crosswalk.

  • The bundled Android tools have been removed and a system-wide install of the Android SDK is now required. This should make it easier to keep the development toolchain up to date and helps avoid some difficult to diagnose failures. If you don't have your own Android tools installed already, you can find more information about installing the Android SDK for Mac or [Linux] (

  • As part of moving to npm, many Cordova plugins have been renamed. Meteor should perform conversions automatically, but you may want to be aware of this to avoid surprises. See [here] ( for more information.

  • Installing plugins from the local filesystem is now supported using file:// URLs, which should make developing your own plugins more convenient. It is also needed as a temporary workaround for using the Facebook plugin. Relative references are interpreted relative to the Meteor project directory. (As an example, meteor add cordova:phonegap-facebook-plugin@file://../phonegap-facebook-plugin would attempt to install the plugin from the same directory you Meteor project directory is located in.)

  • Meteor no longer supports installing Cordova plugins from tarball URLs, but does support Git URLs with a SHA reference (like Existing GitHub tarball URLs are converted automatically.

  • Allow specifying a buildNumber in, which is used to set the android-versionCode and ios-CFBundleVersion in the config.xml of the Cordova project. The build number is used to differentiate between different versions of the app, and should be incremented before distributing a built app to stores or testing services. #4048

  • Other changes include performance enhancements when building and running, and improved requirements checking and error reporting.

  • Known issue: we do not currently show logging output when running on the iOS Simulator. As a workaround, you can meteor run ios-device to open the project in Xcode and watch the output there.


  • New syntax: Handlebars sub-expressions are now supported -- as in, {{helper (anotherHelper arg1 arg2)}} -- as well as new block helper forms #each .. in .. and #let x=y. See

  • Add a special case for the new react-template-helper package -- don't let templates use {{> React}} with siblings since React.render assumes it's being rendered into an empty container element. (This lets us throw the error when compiling templates rather than when the app runs.)

  • Improve parsing of <script> and <style> tags. #3797

  • Fix a bug in observe-sequence. The bug was causing unnecessary rerenderings in an instance of #each block helper followed by false "duplicate ids" warnings. #4049

  • TemplateInstance#subscribe now has a new connection option, which specifies which connection should be used when making the subscription. The default is Meteor.connection, which is the connection used when calling Meteor.subscribe.

  • Fix external <script> tags in body or templates. #4415

  • Fix memory leak. #4289

  • Avoid recursion when materializing DOM elements, to avoid stack overflow errors in certain browsers. #3028

  • Blaze and Meteor's built-in templating are now removable using meteor remove blaze-html-templates. You can add back support for static head and body tags in .html files by using the static-html package.


  • Websockets now support the permessage-deflate extension, which compresses data on the wire. It is enabled by default on the server. To disable it, set $SERVER_WEBSOCKET_COMPRESSION to 0. To configure compression options, set $SERVER_WEBSOCKET_COMPRESSION to a JSON object that will be used as an argument to deflate.configure. Compression is supported on the client side by Meteor's Node DDP client and by browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox 37.

  • The ddp package has been split into ddp-client and ddp-server packages; using ddp is equivalent to using both. This allows you to use the Node DDP client without adding the DDP server to your app. #4191 #3452

  • On the client, now takes a throwStubExceptions option; if set, exceptions thrown by method stubs will be thrown instead of logged, and the method will not be invoked on the server. #4202

  • sub.ready() should return true inside that subscription's onReady callback. #4614

  • Fix method calls causing broken state when socket is reconnecting. #5104


  • Build plugins will no longer process files whose names match the extension exactly (with no extra dot). If your build plugin needs to match filenames exactly, you should use the new build plugin API in this release which supplies a special filenames option. #3985

  • Adding the same file twice in the same package is now an error. Previously, this could either lead to the file being included multiple times, or to a build time crash.

  • You may now specify the bare option for JavaScript files on the server. Previous versions only allowed this on the client. #3681

  • Ignore node_modules directories in apps instead of processing them as Meteor source code. #4457 #4452

  • Backwards-incompatible change for package authors: Static assets in package.js files must now be explicitly declared by using addAssets instead of addFiles. Previously, any file that didn't have a source handler was automatically registered as a server-side asset. The isAsset option to addFiles is also deprecated in favor of addAssets.

  • Built files are now always annotated with line number comments, to improve the debugging experience in browsers that don't support source maps.

  • There is a completely new API for defining build plugins that cache their output. There are now special APIs for defining linters and minifiers in addition to compilers. The core Meteor packages for less, coffee, stylus and html files have been updated to use this new API. Read more on the Wiki page.


  • LESS and Stylus now support cross-package imports.

  • CSS concatenation and minification is delegated to the standard-minifiers package, which is present by default (and added to existing apps by the v1.2 upgrader).

  • CSS output is now split into multiple stylesheets to avoid hitting limits on rules per stylesheet in certain versions of Internet Explorer. #1876


  • The oplog observe driver now properly updates queries when you drop a database. #3847

  • MongoID logic has been moved out of minimongo into a new package called mongo-id.

  • Fix Mongo upserts with dotted keys in selector. #4522

meteor command-line tool

  • You can now create three new example apps with the command line tool. These are the apps from the official tutorials at, which demonstrate building the same app with Blaze, Angular, and React. Try these apps with:

    meteor create --example simple-todos
    meteor create --example simple-todos-react
    meteor create --example simple-todos-angular
  • meteor shell no longer crashes when piped from another command.

  • Avoid a race condition in meteor --test and work with newer versions of the Velocity package. #3957

  • Improve error handling when publishing packages. #3977

  • Improve messaging around publishing binary packages. #3961

  • Preserve the value of _ in meteor shell. #4010

  • meteor mongo now works on OS X when certain non-ASCII characters are in the pathname, as long as the pgrep utility is installed (it ships standard with OS X 10.8 and newer). #3999

  • meteor run no longer ignores (and often reverts) external changes to .meteor/versions which occur while the process is running. #3582

  • Fix crash when downloading two builds of the same package version simultaneously. #4163

  • Improve messages printed by meteor update, displaying list of packages that are not at the latest version available.

  • When determining file load order, split file paths on path separator before comparing path components alphabetically. #4300

  • Fix inability to run mongod due to lack of locale configuration on some platforms, and improve error message if the failure still occurs. #4019

  • New meteor lint command.


  • The $push query modifier now supports a $position argument. #4312

  • c.update(selector, replacementDoc) no longer shares mutable state between replacementDoc and Minimongo internals. #4377


  • Email.send now has a new option, attachments, in the same style as mailcomposer. Details here.


  • New Tracker.Computation#onStop method. #3915

  • ReactiveDict has two new methods, clear and all. clear resets the dictionary as if no items had been added, meaning all calls to get will return undefined. all converts the dictionary into a regular JavaScript object with a snapshot of the keys and values. Inside an autorun, all registers a dependency on any changes to the dictionary. #3135


  • New beforeSend option to on the client allows you to directly access the XMLHttpRequest object and abort the call. #4419 #3243 #3266

  • Parse application/javascript and application/x-javascript HTTP replies as JSON too. #4595

  • Match.test from the check package now properly compares boolean literals, just like it does with Numbers and Strings. This applies to the check function as well.

  • Provide direct access to the mailcomposer npm module used by the email package on EmailInternals.NpmModules. Allow specifying a MailComposer object to Email.send instead of individual options. #4209

  • Expose Spiderable.requestTimeoutMs from spiderable package to allow apps to set the timeout for running phantomjs.

  • The spiderable package now reports the URL it's trying to fetch on failure.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • Node: 0.10.40 (from 0.10.36)
    • uglify-js: 2.4.20 (from 2.4.17)
    • http-proxy: 1.11.1 (from 1.6.0)
  • Meteor.loginWithGoogle now supports prompt. Choose a prompt to always be displayed on Google login.

  • Upgraded coffeescript package to depend on NPM packages coffeescript@1.9.2 and source-map@0.4.2. #4302

  • Upgraded fastclick to 1.0.6 to fix an issue in iOS Safari. #4393

  • Fix Error: Can't render headers after they are sent to the client. #4253 #4750

  • Meteor.settings.public is always available on client and server, and modifications made on the server (for example, during app initialization) affect the value seen by connecting clients. #4704


  • Increase the buffer size for netstat when looking for running Mongo servers. #4125

  • The Windows installer now always fetches the latest available version of Meteor at runtime, so that it doesn't need to be recompiled for every release.

  • Fix crash in meteor mongo on Windows. #4711

v1.1.0.3, 2015-08-03


  • When using Facebook API version 2.4, properly fetch email and other fields. Facebook recently forced all new apps to use version 2.4 of their API. #4743

v1.1.0.2, 2015-04-06

meteor command-line tool

  • Revert a change in that caused meteor mongo to fail on some Linux systems. #4115, #4124, #4134

v1.1.0.1, 2015-04-02


  • Fix a regression in 1.1 in Blaze Templates: an error happening when View is invalidated immediately, causing a client-side crash (accessing destroyMembers of undefined). #4097

v1.1, 2015-03-31

Windows Support

  • The Meteor command line tool now officially supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012. It can run from PowerShell or Command Prompt.

  • There is a native Windows installer that will be available for download from starting with this release.

  • In this release, Meteor on Windows supports all features available on Linux and Mac except building mobile apps with PhoneGap/Cordova.

  • The meteor admin get-machine command now supports an additional architecture,, which can be used to build binary packages for Windows.

Version Solver

  • The code that selects compatible package versions for meteor update and resolves conflicts on meteor add has been rewritten from the ground up. The core solver algorithm is now based on MiniSat, an open-source SAT solver, improving performance and maintainability.

  • Refresh the catalog instead of downgrading packages when the versions in .meteor/versions aren't in the cache. #3653

  • Don't downgrade packages listed in .meteor/packages, or upgrade to a new major version, unless the new flag --allow-incompatible-update is passed as an override.

  • Error messages are more detailed when constraints are unsatisfiable.

  • Prefer "patched" versions of new indirect dependencies, and take patches to them on meteor update (for example, 1.0.1 or 1.0.0_1 over 1.0.0).

  • Version Solver is instrumented for profiling (METEOR_PROFILE=1 in the environment).

  • Setting the METEOR_PRINT_CONSTRAINT_SOLVER_INPUT environment variable prints information useful for diagnosing constraint solver bugs.


  • Schedule the flush cycle using a better technique than setTimeout when available. #3889

  • Yield to the event loop during the flush cycle, unless we're executing a synchronous Tracker.flush(). #3901

  • Fix error reporting not being source-mapped properly. #3655

  • Introduce a new option for Tracker.autorun - onError. This callback can be used to handle errors caught in the reactive computations. #3822


  • Fix stack overflow from nested templates and helpers by avoiding recursion during rendering. #3028

meteor command-line tool

  • Don't fail if npm prints more than 200K. #3887

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • uglify-js: 2.4.17 (from 2.4.13)

Patches contributed by GitHub users hwillson, mitar, murillo128, Primigenus, rjakobsson, and tmeasday.

v1.0.5, 2015-03-25

  • This version of Meteor now uses version 2.2 of the Facebook API for authentication, instead of 1.0. If you use additional Facebook API methods beyond login, you may need to request new permissions.

    Facebook will automatically switch all apps to API version 2.0 on April 30th, 2015. Please make sure to update your application's permissions and API calls by that date.

    For more details, see

v1.0.4.2, 2015-03-20

  • Fix regression in 1.0.4 where using Cordova for the first time in a project with hyphens in its directory name would fail. #3950

v1.0.4.1, 2015-03-18

  • Fix regression in 1.0.4 where meteor publish-for-arch only worked for packages without colons in their name. #3951

v1.0.4, 2015-03-17

Mongo Driver

  • Meteor is now tested against MongoDB 2.6 by default (and the bundled version used by meteor run has been upgraded). It should still work fine with MongoDB 2.4. Previous versions of Meteor mostly worked with MongoDB 2.6, with a few caveats:

    • Some upsert invocations did not work with MongoDB in previous versions of Meteor.
    • Previous versions of Meteor required setting up a special "user-defined role" with access to the system.replset table to use the oplog observe driver with MongoDB 2.6. These extra permissions are not required with this version of Meteor.

    The MongoDB command needed to set up user permissions for the oplog observe driver is slightly different in MongoDB 2.6; see for details.

    We have also tested Meteor against the recently-released MongoDB 3.0.0. While we are not shipping MongoDB 3.0 with Meteor in this release (preferring to wait until its deployment is more widespread), we believe that Meteor 1.0.4 apps will work fine when used with MongoDB 3.0.0 servers.

  • Fix 0.8.1 regression where failure to connect to Mongo at startup would log a message but otherwise be ignored. Now it crashes the process, as it did before 0.8.1. #3038

  • Use correct transform for allow/deny rules in update when different rules have different transforms. #3108

  • Provide direct access to the collection and database objects from the npm Mongo driver via new rawCollection and rawDatabase methods on Mongo.Collection. #3640

  • Observing or publishing an invalid query now throws an error instead of effectively hanging the server. #2534


  • If the oplog observe driver gets too far behind in processing the oplog, skip entries and re-poll queries instead of trying to keep up. #2668

  • Optimize common cases faced by the "crossbar" data structure (used by oplog tailing and DDP method write tracking). #3697

  • The oplog observe driver recovers from failed attempts to apply the modifier from the oplog (eg, because of empty field names).


  • When acting as an insert, c.upsert({_id: 'x'}, {foo: 1}) now uses the _id of 'x' rather than a random _id in the Minimongo implementation of upsert, just like it does for c.upsert({_id: 'x'}, {$set: {foo: 1}}). (The previous behavior matched a bug in the MongoDB 2.4 implementation of upsert that is fixed in MongoDB 2.6.) #2278

  • Avoid unnecessary work while paused in minimongo.

  • Fix bugs related to observing queries with field filters: changed callbacks should not trigger unless a field in the filter has changed, and changed callbacks need to trigger when a parent of an included field is unset. #2254 #3571

  • Disallow setting fields with empty names in minimongo, to match MongoDB 2.6 semantics.


  • Subscription handles returned from Meteor.subscribe and TemplateInstance#subscribe now have a subscriptionId property to identify which subscription the handle is for.

  • The onError callback to Meteor.subscribe has been replaced with a more general onStop callback that has an error as an optional first argument. The onStop callback is called when the subscription is terminated for any reason. onError is still supported for backwards compatibility. #1461

  • The return value from a server-side or Meteor.apply is now a clone of what the function returned rather than sharing mutable state. #3201

  • Make it easier to use the Node DDP client implementation without running a web server too. #3452


  • Template instances now have a subscribe method that functions exactly like Meteor.subscribe, but stops the subscription when the template is destroyed. There is a new method on Template instances called subscriptionsReady() which is a reactive function that returns true when all of the subscriptions made with TemplateInstance#subscribe are ready. There is also a built-in helper that returns the same thing and can be accessed with Template.subscriptionsReady inside any template.

  • Add onRendered, onCreated, and onDestroyed methods to Template. Assignments to and so forth are deprecated but are still supported for backwards compatibility.

  • Fix bug where, when a helper or event handler was called from inside a custom block helper, Template.instance() returned the Template.contentBlock template instead of the actual user-defined template, making it difficult to use Template.instance() for local template state.

  • Template.instance() now works inside Template.body. #3631

  • Allow specifying attributes on <body> tags in templates.

  • Improve performance of rendering large arrays. #3596


  • Support Npm.require('foo/bar'). #3505 #3526

  • In package.js files, Npm.require can only require built-in Node modules (and dev bundle modules, though you shouldn't depend on that), not the modules from its own Npm.depends. Previously, such code would work but only on the second time a package.js was executed.

  • Ignore vim swap files in the public and private directories. #3322

  • Fix regression in 1.0.2 where packages might not be rebuilt when the compiler version changes.

Meteor Accounts

  • The accounts-password Accounts.emailTemplates can now specify arbitrary email headers. The from address can now be set separately on the individual templates, and is a function there rather than a static string. #2858 #2854

  • Add login hooks on the client: Accounts.onLogin and Accounts.onLoginFailure. #3572

  • Add a unique index to the collection that stores OAuth login configuration to ensure that only one configuration exists per service. #3514

  • On the server, a new option Accounts.setPassword(user, password, { logout: false }) overrides the default behavior of logging out all logged-in connections for the user. #3846


  • spiderable now supports escaped #! fragments. #2938

  • Disable appcache on Firefox by default. #3248

  • Don't overly escape Meteor.settings.public and other parts of __meteor_runtime_config__. #3730

  • Reload the client program on SIGHUP or Node-specific IPC messages, not SIGUSR2.

meteor command-line tool

  • Enable tab-completion of global variables in meteor shell. #3227

  • Improve the stability of meteor shell. #3437 #3595 #3591

  • meteor login --email no longer takes an ignored argument. #3532

  • Fix regression in 1.0.2 where meteor run --settings s would ignore errors reading or parsing the settings file. #3757

  • Fix crash in meteor publish in some cases when the package is inside an app. #3676

  • Fix crashes in meteor search --show-all and meteor search --maintainer. #3636

  • Kill PhantomJS processes after meteor --test, and only run the app once. #3205 #3793

  • Give a better error when Mongo fails to start up due to a full disk. #2378

  • After killing existing mongod servers, also clear the mongod.lock file.

  • Stricter validation for package names: they cannot begin with a hyphen, end with a dot, contain two consecutive dots, or start or end with a colon. (No packages on Atmosphere fail this validation.) Additionally, meteor create --package applies the same validation as meteor publish and disallows packages with multiple colons. (Packages with multiple colons like local-test:iron:router are used internally by meteor test-packages so that is not a strict validation rule.)

  • meteor create --package now no longer creates a directory with the full name of the package, since Windows file systems cannot have colon characters in file paths. Instead, the command now creates a directory named the same as the second part of the package name after the colon (without the username prefix).

Meteor Mobile

  • Upgrade the Cordova CLI dependency from 3.5.1 to 4.2.0. See the release notes for the 4.x series of the Cordova CLI on Apache Cordova.

  • Related to the recently discovered attack vectors in Android Cordova apps, Meteor Cordova apps no longer allow access to all domains by default. If your app access external resources over XHR, you need to add them to the whitelist of allowed domains with the newly added App.accessRule method in your mobile-config.js file.

  • Upgrade Cordova Plugins dependencies in Meteor Core packages:

    • org.apache.cordova.file: from 1.3.0 to 1.3.3
    • org.apache.cordova.file-transfer: from 0.4.4 to 0.5.0
    • org.apache.cordova.splashscreen: from 0.3.3 to 1.0.0
    • org.apache.cordova.console: from 0.2.10 to 0.2.13
    • org.apache.cordova.device: from 0.2.11 to 0.3.0
    • org.apache.cordova.statusbar: from 0.1.7 to 0.1.10
    • org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser: from 0.5.1 to 0.6.0
    • org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser: from 0.5.1 to 0.6.0
  • Use the newer ios-sim binary, compiled with Xcode 6 on OS X Mavericks.


  • Use Session.set({k1: v1, k2: v2}) to set multiple values at once.


  • Provide direct access to all options supported by the request npm module via the new server-only npmRequestOptions option to #1703

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Many internal refactorings towards supporting Meteor on Windows are in this release.

  • Remove some packages used internally to support legacy MDG systems (application-configuration, ctl, ctl-helper, follower-livedata, dev-bundle-fetcher, and star-translate).

  • Provide direct access to some npm modules used by core packages on the NpmModules field of WebAppInternals, MongoInternals, and HTTPInternals.

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • node: 0.10.36 (from 0.10.33)
    • Fibers: 1.0.5 (from 1.0.1)
    • MongoDB: 2.6.7 (from 2.4.12)
    • openssl in mongo: 1.0.2 (from 1.0.1j)
    • MongoDB driver: 1.4.32 (from 1.4.1)
    • bson: 0.2.18 (from 0.2.7)
    • request: 2.53.0 (from 2.47.0)

Patches contributed by GitHub users 0a-, awatson1978, awwx, bwhitty, christianbundy, d4nyll, dandv, DanielDent, DenisGorbachev, fay-jai, gsuess, hwillson, jakozaur, meonkeys, mitar, netanelgilad, queso, rbabayoff, RobertLowe, romanzolotarev, Siilwyn, and tmeasday.

v., 2015-02-25

  • Fix regression in 1.0.3 where the meteor tool could crash when downloading the second build of a given package version; for example, when running meteor deploy on an OSX or 32-bit Linux system for an app containing a binary package. #3761

v., 2015-01-20

  • Rewrite meteor show and meteor search to show package information for local packages and to show if the package is installed for non-local packages. Introduce the --show-all flag, and deprecate the --show-unmigrated and --show-old flags. Introduce the --ejson flag to output an EJSON object.

  • Support files inmeteor publish. Take in the documentation file in package.js (set to by default) and upload it to the server at publication time. Excerpt the first non-header Markdown section for use in meteor show.

  • Support updates of package version metadata after that version has been published by running meteor publish --update from the package directory.

  • Add meteor test-packages --velocity (similar to meteor run --test). #3330

  • Fix meteor update <packageName> to update <packageName> even if it's an indirect dependency of your app. #3282

  • Fix stack trace when a browser tries to use the server like a proxy. #1212

  • Fix inaccurate session statistics and possible multiple invocation of Connection.onClose callbacks.

  • Switch CLI tool filesystem calls from synchronous to yielding (pro: more concurrency, more responsive to signals; con: could introduce concurrency bugs)

  • Don't apply CDN prefix on Cordova. #3278 #3311

  • Don't try to refresh client app in the runner unless the app actually has the autoupdate package. #3365

  • Fix custom release banner logic. #3353

  • Apply HTTP followRedirects option to non-GET requests. #2808

  • Clean up temporary directories used by package downloads sooner. #3324

  • If the tool knows about the requested release but doesn't know about the build of its tool for the platform, refresh the catalog rather than failing immediately. #3317

  • Fix meteor --get-ready to not add packages to your app.

  • Fix some corner cases in cleaning up app processes in the runner. Drop undocumented --keepalive support. #3315

  • Fix CSS autoupdate when $ROOT_URL has a non-trivial path. #3111

  • Save Google OAuth idToken to the User service info object.

  • Add git info to meteor --version.

  • Correctly catch a case of illegal Tracker.flush during Tracker.autorun. #3037

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • jquery: 1.11.2 (from 1.11.0)

Patches by GitHub users DanielDent, DanielDornhardt, PooMaster, Primigenus, Tarang, TomFreudenberg, adnissen, dandv, fay-jai, knownasilya, mquandalle, ogourment, restebanez, rissem, smallhelm and tmeasday.

v1.0.2.1, 2014-12-22

  • Fix crash in file change watcher. #3336

  • Allow meteor test-packages packages/* even if not all package directories have tests. #3334

  • Fix typo in meteor shell output. #3326

v1.0.2, 2014-12-19

Improvements to the meteor command-line tool

  • A new command called meteor shell attaches an interactive terminal to an already-running server process, enabling inspection and execution of server-side data and code, with dynamic tab completion of variable names and properties. To see meteor shell in action, type meteor run in an app directory, then (in another terminal) type meteor shell in the same app directory. You do not have to wait for the app to start before typing meteor shell, as it will automatically connect when the server is ready. Note that meteor shell currently works for local development only, and is not yet supported for apps running on remote hosts.

  • We've done a major internal overhaul of the meteor command-line tool with an eye to correctness, maintainability, and performance. Some details include:

    • Refresh the package catalog for build commands only when an error occurs that could be fixed by a refresh, not for every build command.
    • Never run the constraint solver to select package versions more than once per build.
    • Built packages ("isopacks") are now cached inside individual app directories instead of inside their source directories.
    • meteor run starts Mongo in parallel with building the application.
    • The constraint solver no longer leaves a versions.json file in your packages source directories; when publishing a package that is not inside an app, it will leave a .versions file (with the same format as .meteor/versions) which you should check into source control.
    • The constraint solver's model has been simplified so that plugins must use the same version of packages as their surrounding package when built from local source.
  • Using meteor debug no longer requires manually continuing the debugger when your app restarts, and it no longer overwrites the symbol _ inside your app.

  • Output from the command-line tool is now word-wrapped to the width of your terminal.

  • Remove support for the undocumented earliestCompatibleVersion feature of the package system.

  • Reduce CPU usage and disk I/O bandwidth by using kernel file-system change notification events where possible. On file systems that do not support these events (NFS, Vagrant Virtualbox shared folders, etc), file changes will only be detected every 5 seconds; to detect changes more often in these cases (but use more CPU), set the METEOR_WATCH_FORCE_POLLING environment variable. #2135

  • Reduce CPU usage by fixing a check for a parent process in meteor run that was happening constantly instead of every few seconds. #3252

  • Fix crash when two plugins defined source handlers for the same extension. #3015 #3180

  • Fix bug (introduced in 0.9.3) where the warning about using experimental versions of packages was printed too often.

  • Fix bug (introduced in 1.0) where meteor update --patch crashed.

  • Fix bug (introduced in 0.9.4) where banners about new releases could be printed too many times.

  • Fix crash when a package version contained a dot-separated pre-release part with both digits and non-digits. #3147

  • Corporate HTTP proxy support is now implemented using our websocket library's new built-in implementation instead of a custom implementation. #2515


  • Add default behavior for Template.parentData with no arguments. This selects the first parent. #2861

  • Fix Blaze.remove on a template's view to correctly remove the DOM elements when the template was inserted using Blaze.renderWithData. #3130

  • Allow curly braces to be escaped in Spacebars. Use the special sequences {{| and {{{| to insert a literal {{ or {{{.

Meteor Accounts

  • Allow integration with OAuth1 servers that require additional query parameters to be passed with the access token. #2894

  • Expire a user's password reset and login tokens in all circumstances when their password is changed.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Some packages are no longer released as part of the core release process: amplify, backbone, bootstrap, d3, jquery-history, and jquery-layout. This means that new versions of these packages can be published outside of the full Meteor release cycle.

  • Require plain objects as the update parameter when doing replacements in server-side collections.

  • Fix audit-argument-checks spurious failure when an argument is NaN. #2914

Upgraded dependencies

  • node: 0.10.33 (from 0.10.29)
  • source-map-support: 0.2.8 (from 0.2.5)
  • semver: 4.1.0 (from 2.2.1)
  • request: 2.47.0 (from 2.33.0)
  • tar: 1.0.2 (from 1.0.1)
  • source-map: 0.1.40 (from 0.1.32)
  • sqlite3: 3.0.2 (from 3.0.0)
  • phantomjs npm module: 1.9.12 (from 1.8.1-1)
  • http-proxy: 1.6.0 (from a fork of 1.0.2)
  • esprima: 1.2.2 (from an unreleased 1.1-era commit)
  • escope: 1.0.1 (from 1.0.0)
  • openssl in mongo: 1.0.1j (from 1.0.1g)
  • faye-websocket: 0.8.1 (from using websocket-driver instead)
  • MongoDB: 2.4.12 (from 2.4.9)

Patches by GitHub users andylash, anstarovoyt, benweissmann, chrisbridgett, colllin, dandv, ecwyne, graemian, JamesLefrere, kevinchiu, LyuGGang, matteodem, mitar, mquandalle, musically-ut, ograycode, pcjpcj2, physiocoder, rgoomar, timhaines, trusktr, Urigo, and zol.

v1.0.1, 2014-12-09

  • Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately.

v1.0, 2014-10-28

New Features

  • Add the meteor admin get-machine command to make it easier to publish packages with binary dependencies for all architectures. meteor publish no longer publishes builds automatically if your package has binary NPM dependencies.

  • New localmarket example, highlighting Meteor's support for mobile app development.

  • Restyle the leaderboard example, and optimize it for both desktop and mobile.


  • Reduce unnecessary syncs with the package server, which speeds up startup times for many commands.

  • Speed up meteor deploy by not bundling unnecessary files and programs.

  • To make Meteor easier to use on slow or unreliable network connections, increase timeouts for DDP connections that the Meteor tool uses to communicate with the package server. #2777, #2789.

Mobile App Support

  • Implemented reasonable default behavior for launch screens on mobile apps.

  • Don't build for Android when only the iOS build is required, and vice versa.

  • Fix bug that could cause mobile apps to stop being able to receive hot code push updates.

  • Fix bug where Cordova clients connected to instead of when https:// was specified in the --mobile-server option. #2880

  • Fix stack traces when attempting to build or run iOS apps on Linux.

  • Print a warning when building an app with mobile platforms and outputting the build into the source tree. Outputting a build into the source tree can cause subsequent builds to fail because they will treat the build output as source files.

  • Exit from meteor run when new Cordova plugins or platforms are added, since we don't support hot code push for new plugins or platforms.

  • Fix quoting of arguments to Cordova plugins.

  • The accounts-twitter package now works in Cordova apps in local development. For workarounds for other login providers in local development mode, see


  • meteor publish-for-arch can publish packages built with different Meteor releases.

  • Fix default api.versionsFrom field in packages created with meteor create --package.

  • Fix bug where changes in an app's .meteor/versions file would not cause the app to be rebuilt.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Use TLSv1 in the spiderable package, for compatibility with servers that have disabled SSLv3 in response to the POODLE bug.

  • Work around the meteor run proxy occasionally running out of sockets.

  • Fix bug with regular expressions in minimongo. #2817

  • Add READMEs for several core packages.

  • Include protocols in URLs printed by meteor deploy.

  • Improve error message for limited ordered observe. #1643

  • Fix missing dependency on random in the autoupdate package. #2892

  • Fix bug where all CSS would be removed from connected clients if a CSS-only change is made between local development server restarts or when deploying with meteor deploy.

  • Increase height of the Google OAuth popup to the Google-recommended value.

  • Fix the layout of the OAuth configuration dialog when used with Bootstrap.

  • Allow build plugins to override the 'bare' option on added source files. #2834

Patches by GitHub users DenisGorbachev, ecwyne, mitar, mquandalle, Primigenus, svda, yauh, and zol.

v0.9.4.1, 2014-12-09 (backport)

  • Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately. Backport from 1.0.1.

v0.9.4, 2014-10-13

New Features

  • The new meteor debug command and --debug-port command line option to meteor run allow you to easily use node-inspector to debug your server-side code. Add a debugger statement to your code to create a breakpoint.

  • Add new a meteor run --test command that runs Velocity tests in your app .

  • Add new callbacks Accounts.onResetPasswordLink, Accounts.onEnrollmentLink, and Accounts.onEmailVerificationLink that make it easier to build custom user interfaces on top of the accounts system. These callbacks should be registered before Meteor.startup fires, and will be called if the URL matches a link in an email sent by Accounts.resetPassword, etc. See

  • A new configuration file for mobile apps, <APP>/mobile-config.js. This allows you to set app metadata, icons, splash screens, preferences, and PhoneGap/Cordova plugin settings without needing a cordova_build_override directory. See

API Changes

  • Rename {{> UI.dynamic}} to {{> Template.dynamic}}, and likewise with UI.contentBlock and UI.elseBlock. The UI namespace is no longer used anywhere except for backwards compatibility.

  • Deprecate the Template.someTemplate.myHelper = ... syntax in favor of Template.someTemplate.helpers(...). Using the older syntax still works, but prints a deprecation warning to the console.

  • Package.registerBuildPlugin its associated functions have been added to the public API, cleaned up, and documented. The new function is identical to the earlier transitionalregisterBuildPlugin except for minor backwards-compatible API changes. See

  • Rename the showdown package to markdown.

  • Deprecate the amplify, backbone, bootstrap, and d3 integration packages in favor of community alternatives. These packages will no longer be maintained by MDG.

Tool Changes

  • Improved output from meteor build to make it easier to publish mobile apps to the App Store and Play Store. See the wiki pages for instructions on how to publish your iOS and Android apps.

  • Packages can now be marked as debug-mode only by adding debugOnly: true to Package.describe. Debug-only packages are not included in the app when it is bundled for production (meteor build or meteor run --production). This allows package authors to build packages specifically for testing and debugging without increasing the size of the resulting app bundle or causing apps to ship with debug functionality built in.

  • Rework the process for installing mobile development SDKs. There is now a meteor install-sdk command that automatically install what software it can and points to documentation for the parts that require manual installation.

  • The .meteor/cordova-platforms file has been renamed to .meteor/platforms and now includes the default server and browser platforms. The default platforms can't currently be removed from a project, though this will be possible in the future. The old file will be automatically migrated to the new one when the app is run with Meteor 0.9.4 or above.

  • The unipackage.json file inside downloaded packages has been renamed to isopack.json and has an improved forwards-compatible format. To maintain backwards compatibility with previous releases, packages will be built with both files.

  • The local package metadata cache now uses SQLite, which is much faster than the previous implementation. This improves meteor command line tool startup time.

  • The constraint solver used by the client to find compatible versions of packages is now much faster.

  • The --port option to meteor run now requires a numeric port (e.g. meteor run --port is no longer valid).

  • The --mobile-port option meteor run has been reworked. The option is now --mobile-server in meteor run and --server in meteor build. --server is required for meteor build in apps with mobile platforms installed. --mobile-server defaults to an automatically detected IP address on port 3000, and --server requires a hostname but defaults to port 80 if a port is not specified.

  • Operations that take longer than a few seconds (e.g. downloading packages, installing the Android SDK, etc) now show a progress bar.

  • Complete support for using an HTTP proxy in the meteor command line tool. Now all DDP connections can work through a proxy. Use the standard http_proxy environment variable to specify your proxy endpoint. #2515

Bug Fixes

  • Fix behavior of ROOT_URL with path ending in /.

  • Fix source maps when using a ROOT_URL with a path. #2627

  • Change the mechanism that the Meteor tool uses to clean up app server processes. The new mechanism is more resilient to slow app bundles and other CPU-intensive tasks. #2536, #2588.

Patches by GitHub users cryptoquick, Gaelan, jperl, meonkeys, mitar, mquandalle, prapicault, pscanf, richguan, rick-golden-healthagen, rissem, rosh93, rzymek, and timoabend

v0.9.3.1, 2014-09-30

  • Don't crash when failing to contact the package server. #2713

  • Allow more than one dash in package versions. #2715

v0.9.3, 2014-09-25

More Package Version Number Flexibility

  • Packages now support relying on multiple major versions of their dependencies (eg blaze@1.0.0 || 2.0.0). Additionally, you can now call api.versionsFrom(<release>) multiple times, or with an array (eg api.versionsFrom([<release1>, <release2>]). Meteor will interpret this to mean that the package will work with packages from all the listed releases.

  • Support for "wrapped package" version numbers. There is now a _ field in version numbers. The _ field must be an integer, and versions with the _ are sorted after versions without. This allows using the upstream version number as the Meteor package version number and being able to publish multiple version of the Meteor package (e.g. jquery@1.11.1_2).

Note: packages using the || operator or the _ symbol in their versions or dependencies will be invisible to pre-0.9.3 users. Meteor versions 0.9.2 and before do not understand the new version formats and will not be able to use versions of packages that use the new features.

Other Command-line Tool Improvements

  • More detailed constraint solver output. Meteor now tells you which constraints prevent upgrading or adding new packages. This will make it much easier to update your app to new versions.

  • Better handling of pre-release versions (e.g. versions with -). Pre-release packages will now be included in an app if and only if there is no way to meet the app's constraints without using a pre-release package.

  • Add meteor admin set-unmigrated to allow maintainers to hide pre-0.9.0 packages in meteor search and meteor show. This will not stop users from continuing to use the package, but it helps prevent new users from finding old non-functional packages.

  • Progress bars for time-intensive operations, like downloading large packages.

Other Changes

  • Offically support Meteor.wrapAsync (renamed from Meteor._wrapAsync). Additionally, Meteor.wrapAsync now lets you pass an object to bind as this in the wrapped call. See

  • The reactive-dict package now allows an optional name argument to enable data persistence during hot code push.

Patches by GitHub users evliu, meonkeys, mitar, mizzao, mquandalle, prapicault, waitingkuo, wulfmeister.

v0.9.2.2, 2014-09-17

  • Fix regression in 0.9.2 that prevented some users from accessing the Meteor development server in their browser. Specifically, 0.9.2 unintentionally changed the development mode server's default bind host to localhost instead of #2596

v0.9.2.1, 2014-09-15

  • Fix versions of packages that were published with -cordova versions in 0.9.2 (appcache, fastclick, htmljs, logging, mobile-status-bar, routepolicy, webapp-hashing).

v0.9.2, 2014-09-15

This release contains our first support for building mobile apps in Meteor, for both iOS and Android. This support comes via an integration with Apache's Cordova/PhoneGap project.

  • You can use Cordova/PhoneGap packages in your application or inside a Meteor package to access a device's native functions directly from JavaScript code.

  • The meteor add-platform and meteor run commands now let you launch the app in the iOS or Android simulator or run it on an attached hardware device.

  • This release extends hot code push to support live updates into installed native apps.

  • The meteor bundle command has been renamed to meteor build and now outputs build projects for the mobile version of the targeted app.

  • See for more information about how to get started building mobile apps with Meteor.

    • Better mobile support for OAuth login: you can now use a redirect-based flow inside UIWebViews, and the existing popup-based flow has been adapted to work in Cordova/PhoneGap apps.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Fix sorting on non-trivial keys in Minimongo. #2439

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for the package system's constraint solver.

  • Improved error reporting for misbehaving oplog observe driver. #2033 #2244

  • Drop deprecated source map linking format used for older versions of Firefox. #2385

  • Allow Meteor tool to run from a symlink. #2462

  • Assets added via a plugin are no longer considered source files. #2488

  • Remove support for long deprecated SERVER_ID environment variable. Use AUTOUPDATE_VERSION instead.

  • Fix bug in reload-safetybelt package that resulted in reload loops in Chrome with cookies disabled.

  • Change the paths for static assets served from packages. The : character is replaced with the _ character in package names so as to allow serving on mobile devices and ease operation on Windows. For example, assets from the abc:bootstrap package are now served at /packages/abc_bootstrap instead of /packages/abc:bootstrap.

  • Also change the paths within a bundled Meteor app to allow for different client architectures (eg mobile). For example, bundle/programs/client is now bundle/programs/web.browser.

Patches by GitHub users awwx, mizzao, and mquandalle.

v0.9.1.1, 2014-09-06

  • Fix backwards compatibility for packages that had weak dependencies on packages renamed in 0.9.1 (ui, deps, livedata). #2521

  • Fix error when using the reactive-dict package without the mongo package.

v0.9.1, 2014-09-04

Organizations in Meteor developer accounts

Meteor 0.9.1 ships with organizations support in Meteor developer accounts. Organizations are teams of users that make it easy to collaborate on apps and packages.

Create an organization at Run the meteor authorized command in your terminal to give an organization permissions to your apps. To add an organization as a maintainer of your packages, use the meteor admin maintainers command. You can also publish packages with an organization's name in the package name prefix instead of your own username.

One backwards incompatible change for templates

  • Templates can no longer be named "body" or "instance".

Backwards compatible Blaze API changes

  • New public and documented APIs:

    • Blaze.toHTMLWithData()
    • Template.currentData()
    • Blaze.getView()
    • Template.parentData() (previously UI._parentData())
    • Template.instance() (previously UI._templateInstance())
    • Template.body (previously UI.body)
    • new Template (previously Template.__create__)
    • Blaze.getData() (previously UI.getElementData, or Blaze.getCurrentData with no arguments)
  • Deprecate the ui package. Instead, use the blaze package. The UI and Blaze symbols are now the same.

  • Deprecate UI.insert. UI.render and UI.renderWithData now render a template and place it in the DOM.

  • Add an underscore to some undocumented Blaze APIs to make them internal. Notably: Blaze._materializeView, Blaze._createView, Blaze._toText, Blaze._destroyView, Blaze._destroyNode, Blaze._withCurrentView, Blaze._DOMBackend, Blaze._TemplateWith

  • Document Views. Views are the machinery powering DOM updates in Blaze.

  • Expose view property on template instances.

Backwards compatible renames

  • Package renames
    • livedata -> ddp
    • mongo-livedata -> mongo
    • standard-app-packages -> meteor-platform
  • Symbol renames
    • Meteor.Collection -> Mongo.Collection
    • Meteor.Collection.Cursor -> Mongo.Cursor
    • Meteor.Collection.ObjectID -> Mongo.ObjectID
    • Deps -> Tracker


  • Add reactive-var package. Lets you define a single reactive variable, like a single key in Session.

  • Don't throw an exception in Chrome when cookies and local storage are blocked.

  • Bump DDP version to "1". Clients connecting with version "pre1" or "pre2" should still work.

  • Allow query parameters in OAuth1 URLs. #2404

  • Fix meteor list if not all packages on server. Fixes #2468

Patch by GitHub user mitar.

v0.9.0.1, 2014-08-27

  • Fix issues preventing hot code reload from automatically reloading webapps in two cases: when the old app was a pre-0.9.0 app, and when the app used appcache. (In both cases, an explicit reload still worked.)

  • Fix publishing packages containing a plugin with platform-specific code but no platform-specific code in the main package.

  • Fix meteor add package@version when the package was already added with a different version constraint.

  • Improve treatment of pre-release packages (packages with a dash in their version). Guarantee that they will not be chosen by the constraint solver unless explicitly requested. meteor list won't suggest that you update to them.

  • Fix slow spiderable executions.

  • Fix dev-mode client-only restart when client files changed very soon after server restart.

  • Fix stack trace on meteor add constraint solver failure.

  • Fix "access-denied" stack trace when publishing packages.

v0.9.0, 2014-08-26

Meteor 0.9.0 introduces the Meteor Package Server. Incorporating lessons from our community's Meteorite tool, Meteor 0.9.0 allows users to develop and publish Meteor packages to a central repository. The meteor publish command is used to publish packages. Non-core packages can now be added with meteor add, and you can specify version constraints on the packages you use. Binary packages can be published for additional architectures with meteor publish-for-arch, which allows cross-platform deploys and bundling. You can search for packages with meteor search and display information on them with meteor show, or you can use the Atmosphere web interface developed by Percolate Studio at

See and for more details.

Other packaging-related changes:

  • meteor list now lists the packages your app is using, which was formerly the behavior of meteor list --using. To search for packages you are not currently using, use meteor search. The concept of an "internal" package (which did not show up in meteor list) no longer exists.

  • To prepare a bundle created with meteor bundle for execution on a server, you now run npm install with no arguments instead of having to specify a few specific npm modules and their versions explicitly. See the README in the generated bundle for more details.

  • All under_score-style package.js APIs (Package.on_use, api.add_files, etc) have been replaced with camelCase names (Package.onUse, api.addFiles, etc). The old names continue to work for now.

  • There's a new archMatching option to Plugin.registerSourceHandler, which should be used by any plugin whose output is only for the client or only for the server (eg, CSS and HTML templating packages); this allows Meteor to avoid restarting the server when files processed by these plugins change.

Other changes:

  • When running your app with the local development server, changes that only affect the client no longer require restarting the server. Changes that only affect CSS no longer require the browser to refresh the page, both in local development and in some production environments. #490

  • When a call to match fails in a method or subscription, log the failure on the server. (This matches the behavior described in our docs)

  • The appcache package now defaults to functioning on all browsers that support the AppCache API, rather than a whitelist of browsers. The main effect of this change is that appcache is now enabled by default on Firefox, because Firefox no longer makes a confusing popup. You can still disable individual browsers with AppCache.config. #2241

  • The forceApprovalPrompt option can now be specified in Accounts.ui.config in addition to Meteor.loginWithGoogle. #2149

  • Don't leak websocket clients in server-to-server DDP in some cases (and fix "Got open from inactive client" error).

  • Updated OAuth url for login with Meetup.

  • Allow minimongo changed callbacks to mutate their oldDocument argument. #2231

  • Fix upsert called from client with no callback. #2413

  • Avoid a few harmless exceptions in OplogObserveDriver.

  • Refactor observe-sequence package.

  • Fix spiderable race condition.

  • Re-apply our fix of NPM bug which got accidentally reverted upstream.

  • Workaround for a crash in recent Safari versions.

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • less: 1.7.4 (from 1.7.1)
    • tar: 1.0.1 (from 0.1.19)
    • fstream: 1.0.2 (from 0.1.25)

Patches by GitHub users Cangit, dandv, ImtiazMajeed, MaximDubrovin, mitar, mquandalle, rcy, RichardLitt, thatneat, and twhy.

v0.8.3.1, 2014-12-09 (backport)

  • Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately. Backport from 1.0.1.

v0.8.3, 2014-07-29


  • Refactor Blaze to simplify internals while preserving the public API. UI.Component has been replaced with Blaze.View.

  • Fix performance issues and memory leaks concerning event handlers.

  • Add UI.remove, which removes a template after UI.render/UI.insert.

  • Add this.autorun to the template instance, which is like Deps.autorun but is automatically stopped when the template is destroyed.

  • Create <a> tags as SVG elements when they have xlink:href attributes. (Previously, <a> tags inside SVGs were never created as SVG elements.) #2178

  • Throw an error in {{foo bar}} if foo is missing or not a function.

  • Cursors returned from template helpers for #each should implement the observeChanges method and don't have to be Minimongo cursors (allowing new custom data stores for Blaze like Miniredis).

  • Remove warnings when {{#each}} iterates over a list of strings, numbers, or other items that contains duplicates. #1980

Meteor Accounts

  • Fix regression in 0.8.2 where an exception would be thrown if Meteor.loginWithPassword didn't have a callback. Callbacks to Meteor.loginWithPassword are now optional again. #2255

  • Fix OAuth popup flow in mobile apps that don't support window.opener. #2302

  • Fix "Email already exists" error with MongoDB 2.6. #2238

mongo-livedata and minimongo

  • Fix performance issue where a large batch of oplog updates could block the node event loop for long periods. #2299.

  • Fix oplog bug resulting in error message "Buffer inexplicably empty". #2274

  • Fix regression from 0.8.2 that caused collections to appear empty in reactive findOne() or fetch queries that run before a mutator returns. #2275


  • Stop including code by default that automatically refreshes the page if JavaScript and CSS don't load correctly. While this code is useful in some multi-server deployments, it can cause infinite refresh loops if there are errors on the page. Add the reload-safetybelt package to your app if you want to include this code.

  • On the server, Meteor.startup(c) now calls c immediately if the server has already started up, matching the client behavior. #2239

  • Add support for server-side source maps when debugging with node-inspector.

  • Add WebAppInternals.addStaticJs() for adding static JavaScript code to be served in the app, inline if allowed by browser-policy.

  • Make the tinytest/run method return immediately, so that wait method calls from client tests don't block on server tests completing.

  • Log errors from method invocations on the client if there is no callback provided.

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • node: 0.10.29 (from 0.10.28)
    • less: 1.7.1 (from 1.6.1)

Patches contributed by GitHub users Cangit, cmather, duckspeaker, zol.

v0.8.2, 2014-06-23

Meteor Accounts

  • Switch accounts-password to use bcrypt to store passwords on the server. (Previous versions of Meteor used a protocol called SRP.) Users will be transparently transitioned when they log in. This transition is one-way, so you cannot downgrade a production app once you upgrade to 0.8.2. If you are maintaining an authenticating DDP client:

    • Clients that use the plaintext password login handler (i.e. call the login method with argument { password: <plaintext password> }) will continue to work, but users will not be transitioned from SRP to bcrypt when logging in with this login handler.
    • Clients that use SRP will no longer work. These clients should instead directly call the login method, as in Meteor.loginWithPassword. The argument to the login method can be either:
      • { password: <plaintext password> }, or
      • { password: { digest: <password hash>, algorithm: "sha-256" } }, where the password hash is the hex-encoded SHA256 hash of the plaintext password.
  • Show the display name of the currently logged-in user after following an email verification link or a password reset link in accounts-ui.

  • Add a userEmail option to Meteor.loginWithMeteorDeveloperAccount to pre-fill the user's email address in the OAuth popup.

  • Ensure that the user object has updated token information before it is passed to email template functions. #2210

  • Export the function that serves the HTTP response at the end of an OAuth flow as OAuth._endOfLoginResponse. This function can be overridden to make the OAuth popup flow work in certain mobile environments where window.opener is not supported.

  • Remove support for OAuth redirect URLs with a redirect query parameter. This OAuth flow was never documented and never fully worked.


  • Blaze now tracks individual CSS rules in style attributes and won't overwrite changes to them made by other JavaScript libraries.

  • Add {{> UI.dynamic}} to make it easier to dynamically render a template with a data context.

  • Add UI._templateInstance() for accessing the current template instance from within a block helper.

  • Add UI._parentData(n) for accessing parent data contexts from within a block helper.

  • Add preliminary API for registering hooks to run when Blaze intends to insert, move, or remove DOM elements. For example, you can use these hooks to animate nodes as they are inserted, moved, or removed. To use them, you can set the _uihooks property on a container DOM element. _uihooks is an object that can have any subset of the following three properties:

    • insertElement: function (node, next): called when Blaze intends to insert the DOM element node before the element next
    • moveElement: function (node, next): called when Blaze intends to move the DOM element node before the element next
    • removeElement: function (node): called when Blaze intends to remove the DOM element node

    Note that when you set one of these functions on a container element, Blaze will not do the actual operation; it's your responsibility to actually insert, move, or remove the node (by calling $(node).remove(), for example).

  • The findAll method on template instances now returns a vanilla array, not a jQuery object. The $ method continues to return a jQuery object. #2039

  • Fix a Blaze memory leak by cleaning up event handlers when a template instance is destroyed. #1997

  • Fix a bug where helpers used by {{#with}} were still re-running when their reactive data sources changed after they had been removed from the DOM.

  • Stop not updating form controls if they're focused. If a field is edited by one user while another user is focused on it, it will just lose its value but maintain its focus. #1965

  • Add _nestInCurrentComputation option to UI.render, fixing a bug in {{#each}} when an item is added inside a computation that subsequently gets invalidated. #2156

  • Fix bug where "=" was not allowed in helper arguments. #2157

  • Fix bug when a template tag immediately follows a Spacebars block comment. #2175

Command-line tool

  • Add --directory flag to meteor bundle. Setting this flag outputs a directory rather than a tarball.

  • Speed up updates of NPM modules by upgrading Node to include our fix for instead of passing --force to npm install.

  • Always rebuild on changes to npm-shrinkwrap.json files. #1648

  • Fix uninformative error message when deploying to long hostnames. #1208

  • Increase a buffer size to avoid failing when running MongoDB due to a large number of processes running on the machine, and fix the error message when the failure does occur. #2158

  • Clarify a meteor mongo error message when using the MONGO_URL environment variable. #1256


  • Run server tests from multiple clients serially instead of in parallel. This allows testing features that modify global server state. #2088


  • Add Content-Type headers on JavaScript and CSS resources.

  • Add X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff header to browser-policy-content's default policy. If you are using browser-policy-content and you don't want your app to send this header, then call BrowserPolicy.content.allowContentTypeSniffing().

  • Use Meteor.absoluteUrl() to compute the redirect URL in the force-ssl package (instead of the host header).


  • Allow check to work on the server outside of a Fiber. #2136

  • EJSON custom type conversion functions should not be permitted to yield. #2136

  • The legacy polling observe driver handles errors communicating with MongoDB better and no longer gets "stuck" in some circumstances.

  • Automatically rewind cursors before calls to fetch, forEach, or map. On the client, don't cache the return value of cursor.count() (consistently with the server behavior). cursor.rewind() is now a no-op. #2114

  • Remove an obsolete hack in reporting line numbers for LESS errors. #2216

  • Avoid exceptions when accessing localStorage in certain Internet Explorer configurations. #1291, #1688.

  • Make handle.ready() reactively stop, where handle is a subscription handle.

  • Fix an error message from audit-argument-checks after login.

  • Make the DDP server send an error if the client sends a connect message with a missing or malformed support field. #2125

  • Fix missing jquery dependency in the amplify package. #2113

  • Ban inserting EJSON custom types as documents. #2095

  • Fix incorrect URL rewrites in stylesheets. #2106

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • node: 0.10.28 (from 0.10.26)
    • uglify-js: 2.4.13 (from 2.4.7)
    • sockjs server: 0.3.9 (from 0.3.8)
    • websocket-driver: 0.3.4 (from 0.3.2)
    • stylus: 0.46.3 (from 0.42.3)

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, babenzele, Cangit, dandv, ducdigital, emgee3, felixrabe, FredericoC, jbruni, kentonv, mizzao, mquandalle, subhog, tbjers, tmeasday.

v0.8.1.3, 2014-05-22

  • Fix a security issue in the spiderable package. spiderable now uses the ROOT_URL environment variable instead of the Host header to determine which page to snapshot.

  • Fix hardcoded Twitter URL in oauth1 package. This fixes a regression in that broke Atmosphere packages that do OAuth1 logins. #2154.

  • Add credentialSecret argument to Google.retrieveCredential, which was forgotten in a previous release.

  • Remove nonexistent -a and -r aliases for --add and --remove in meteor help authorized. #2155

  • Add missing underscore dependency in the oauth-encryption package. #2165

  • Work around IE8 bug that caused some apps to fail to render when minified. #2037.

v0.8.1.2, 2014-05-12

  • Fix memory leak (introduced in 0.8.1) by making sure to unregister sessions at the server when they are closed due to heartbeat timeout.

  • Add credentialSecret argument to Google.retrieveCredential, Facebook.retrieveCredential, etc., which is needed to use them as of 0.8.1. #2118

  • Fix 0.8.1 regression that broke apps using a ROOT_URL with a path prefix. #2109

v0.8.1.1, 2014-05-01

  • Fix 0.8.1 regression preventing clients from specifying _id on insert. #2097

  • Fix handling of malformed URLs when merging CSS files. #2103, #2093

  • Loosen the checks on the options argument to Collection.find to allow undefined values.

v0.8.1, 2014-04-30

Meteor Accounts

  • Fix a security flaw in OAuth1 and OAuth2 implementations. If you are using any OAuth accounts packages (such as accounts-google or accounts-twitter), we recommend that you update immediately and log out your users' current sessions with the following MongoDB command:

    $ db.users.update({}, { $set: { 'services.resume.loginTokens': [] } }, { multi: true });

  • OAuth redirect URLs are now required to be on the same origin as your app.

  • Log out a user's other sessions when they change their password.

  • Store pending OAuth login results in the database instead of in-memory, so that an OAuth flow succeeds even if different requests go to different server processes.

  • When validateLoginAttempt callbacks return false, don't override a more specific error message.

  • Add Random.secret() for generating security-critical secrets like login tokens.

  • Meteor.logoutOtherClients now calls the user callback when other login tokens have actually been removed from the database, not when they have been marked for eventual removal. #1915

  • Rename Oauth to OAuth. Oauth is now an alias for backwards compatibility.

  • Add oauth-encryption package for encrypting sensitive account credentials in the database.

  • A validate login hook can now override the exception thrown from beginPasswordExchange like it can for other login methods.

  • Remove an expensive observe over all users in the accounts-base package.


  • Disallow javascript: URLs in URL attribute values by default, to help prevent cross-site scripting bugs. Call UI._allowJavascriptUrls() to allow them.

  • Fix UI.toHTML on templates containing {{#with}}.

  • Fix {{#with}} over a data context that is mutated. #2046

  • Clean up autoruns when calling UI.toHTML.

  • Properly clean up event listeners when removing templates.

  • Add support for {{!-- block comments --}} in Spacebars. Block comments may contain }}, so they are more useful than {{! normal comments}} for commenting out sections of Spacebars templates.

  • Don't dynamically insert <tbody> tags in reactive tables

  • When handling a custom jQuery event, additional arguments are no longer lost -- they now come after the template instance argument. #1988

DDP and MongoDB

  • Extend latency compensation to support an arbitrary sequence of inserts in methods. Previously, documents created inside a method stub on the client would eventually be replaced by new documents from the server, causing the screen to flicker. Calling insert inside a method body now generates the same ID on the client (inside the method stub) and on the server. A sequence of inserts also generates the same sequence of IDs. Code that wants a random stream that is consistent between method stub and real method execution can get one with DDP.randomStream.

  • The document passed to the insert callback of allow and deny now only has a _id field if the client explicitly specified one; this allows you to use allow/deny rules to prevent clients from specifying their own _id. As an exception, allow/deny rules with a transform always have an _id.

  • DDP now has an implementation of bidirectional heartbeats which is consistent across SockJS and websocket transports. This enables connection keepalive and allows servers and clients to more consistently and efficiently detect disconnection.

  • The DDP protocol version number has been incremented to "pre2" (adding randomSeed and heartbeats).

  • The oplog observe driver handles errors communicating with MongoDB better and knows to re-poll all queries after a MongoDB failover.

  • Fix bugs involving mutating DDP method arguments.

meteor command-line tool

  • Move boilerplate HTML from tools to webapp. Change internal Webapp.addHtmlAttributeHook API.

  • Add meteor list-sites command for listing the sites that you have deployed to with your Meteor developer account.

  • Third-party template languages can request that their generated source loads before other JavaScript files, just like *.html files, by passing the isTemplate option to Plugin.registerSourceHandler.

  • You can specify a particular interface for the dev mode runner to bind to with meteor -p host:port.

  • Don't include proprietary tar tags in bundle tarballs.

  • Convert relative URLs to absolute URLs when merging CSS files.

Upgraded dependencies

  • Node.js from 0.10.25 to 0.10.26.
  • MongoDB driver from 1.3.19 to 1.4.1
  • stylus: 0.42.3 (from 0.42.2)
  • showdown: 0.3.1
  • css-parse: an unreleased version (from 1.7.0)
  • css-stringify: an unreleased version (from 1.4.1)

Patches contributed by GitHub users aldeed, apendua, arbesfeld, awwx, dandv, davegonzalez, emgee3, justinsb, mquandalle, Neftedollar, Pent, sdarnell, and timhaines.

v0.8.0.1, 2014-04-21

  • Fix security flaw in OAuth1 implementation. Clients can no longer choose the callback_url for OAuth1 logins.

v0.8.0, 2014-03-27

Meteor 0.8.0 introduces Blaze, a total rewrite of our live templating engine, replacing Spark. Advantages of Blaze include:

  • Better interoperability with jQuery plugins and other techniques which directly manipulate the DOM
  • More fine-grained updates: only the specific elements or attributes that change are touched rather than the entire template
  • A fully documented templating language
  • No need for the confusing {{#constant}}, {{#isolate}}, and preserve directives
  • Uses standard jQuery delegation (.on) instead of our custom implementation
  • Blaze supports live SVG templates that work just like HTML templates

See the Using Blaze wiki page for full details on upgrading your app to 0.8.0. This includes:

  • The callback is now only called once when the template is rendered, rather than repeatedly as it is "re-rendered", because templates now directly update changed data instead of fully re-rendering.

  • The accounts-ui login buttons are now invoked as a {{> loginButtons}} rather than as {{loginButtons}}.

  • Previous versions of Meteor used a heavily modified version of the Handlebars templating language. In 0.8.0, we've given it its own name: Spacebars! Spacebars has an explicit specification instead of being defined as a series of changes to Handlebars. There are some incompatibilities with our previous Handlebars fork, such as a different way of specifying dynamic element attributes and a new way of defining custom block helpers.

  • Your template files must consist of well-formed HTML. Invalid HTML is now a compilation failure. (There is a current limitation in our HTML parser such that it does not support omitting end tags on elements such as <P> and <LI>.)

  • is no longer a function. It is instead a "component". Components render to an intermediate representation of an HTML tree, not a string, so there is no longer an easy way to render a component to a static HTML string.

  • Meteor.render and Spark.render have been removed. Use UI.render and UI.insert instead.

  • The <body> tag now defines a template just like the <template> tag, which can have helpers and event handlers. Define them directly on the object UI.body.

  • Previous versions of Meteor shipped with a synthesized tap event, implementing a zero-delay click event on mobile browsers. Unfortunately, this event never worked very well. We're eliminating it. Instead, use one of the excellent third party solutions.

  • The madewith package (which supported adding a badge to your website displaying its score from has been removed, as it is not compatible with the new version of that site.

  • The internal spark, liverange, universal-events, and domutils packages have been removed.

  • The Handlebars namespace has been deprecated. Handlebars.SafeString is now Spacebars.SafeString, and Handlebars.registerHelper is now UI.registerHelper.

Patches contributed by GitHub users cmather and mart-jansink.

v0.7.2.3, 2014-12-09 (backport)

  • Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately. Backport from 1.0.1.

v0.7.2.2, 2014-04-21 (backport)

  • Fix a security flaw in OAuth1 and OAuth2 implementations. Backport from 0.8.1; see its entry for recommended actions to take.

v0.7.2.1, 2014-04-30 (backport)

  • Fix security flaw in OAuth1 implementation. Clients can no longer choose the callback_url for OAuth1 logins. Backport from

v0.7.2, 2014-03-18

  • Support oplog tailing on queries with the limit option. All queries except those containing $near or $where selectors or the skip option can now be used with the oplog driver.

  • Add hooks to login process: Accounts.onLogin, Accounts.onLoginFailure, and Accounts.validateLoginAttempt. These functions allow for rate limiting login attempts, logging an audit trail, account lockout flags, and more. See: #1815

  • Change the Accounts.registerLoginHandler API for custom login methods. Login handlers now require a name and no longer have to deal with generating resume tokens. See for details. OAuth based login handlers using the Oauth.registerService packages are not affected.

  • Add support for HTML email in Accounts.emailTemplates. #1785

  • minimongo: Support {a: {$elemMatch: {x: 1, $or: [{a: 1}, {b: 1}]}}} #1875

  • minimongo: Support {a: {$regex: '', $options: 'i'}} #1874

  • minimongo: Fix sort implementation with multiple sort fields which each look inside an array. eg, ensure that with sort key {'a.x': 1, 'a.y': 1}, the document {a: [{x: 0, y: 4}]} sorts before {a: [{x: 0, y: 5}, {x: 1, y: 3}]}, because the 3 should not be used as a tie-breaker because it is not "next to" the tied 0s.

  • minimongo: Fix sort implementation when selector and sort key share a field, that field matches an array in the document, and only some values of the array match the selector. eg, ensure that with sort key {a: 1} and selector {a: {$gt: 3}}, the document {a: [4, 6]} sorts before {a: [1, 5]}, because the 1 should not be used as a sort key because it does not match the selector. (We only approximate the MongoDB behavior here by only supporting relatively selectors.)

  • Use faye-websocket (0.7.2) npm module instead of websocket (1.0.8) for server-to-server DDP.

  • Update Google OAuth package to use new profile and email scopes instead of deprecated URL-based scopes. #1887

  • Add _throwFirstError option to Deps.flush.

  • Make facts package data available on the server as Facts._factsByPackage.

  • Fix issue where LESS compilation error could crash the meteor run process. #1877

  • Fix crash caused by empty HTTP host header in meteor run development server. #1871

  • Fix hot code reload in private browsing mode in Safari.

  • Fix appcache size calculation to avoid erronious warnings. #1847

  • Remove unused Deps._makeNonReactive wrapper function. Call Deps.nonreactive directly instead.

  • Avoid setting the oplogReplay on non-oplog collections. Doing so caused mongod to crash.

  • Add startup message to test-in-console to ease automation. #1884

  • Upgraded dependencies

    • amplify: 1.1.2 (from 1.1.0)

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, dandv, queso, rgould, timhaines, zol

v0.7.1.2, 2014-02-27

  • Fix bug in tool error handling that caused meteor to crash on Mac OSX when no computer name is set.

  • Work around a bug that caused MongoDB to fail an assertion when using tailable cursors on non-oplog collections.

v0.7.1.1, 2014-02-24

  • Integrate with Meteor developer accounts, a new way of managing your deployed sites. When you use meteor deploy, you will be prompted to create a developer account.

    • Once you've created a developer account, you can log in and out from the command line with meteor login and meteor logout.
    • You can claim legacy sites with meteor claim. This command will prompt you for your site password if you are claiming a password-protected site; after claiming it, you will not need to enter the site password again.
    • You can add or remove authorized users, and view the list of authorized users, for a site with meteor authorized.
    • You can view your current username with meteor whoami.
    • This release also includes the accounts-meteor-developer package for building Meteor apps that allow users to log in with their own developer accounts.
  • Improve the oplog tailing implementation for getting real-time database updates from MongoDB.

    • Add support for all operators except $where and $near. Limit and skip are not supported yet.
    • Add optimizations to avoid needless data fetches from MongoDB.
    • Fix an error ("Cannot call method 'has' of null") in an oplog callback. #1767
  • Add and improve support for minimongo operators.

    • Support $comment.
    • Support obj name in $where.
    • $regex matches actual regexps properly.
    • Improve support for $nin, $ne, $not.
    • Support using { $in: [/foo/, /bar/] }. #1707
    • Support {$exists: false}.
    • Improve type-checking for selectors.
    • Support {x: {$elemMatch: {$gt: 5}}}.
    • Match Mongo's behavior better when there are arrays in the document.
    • Support $near with sort.
    • Implement updates with { $set: { 'a.$.b': 5 } }.
    • Support {$type: 4} queries.
    • Optimize remove({}) when observers are paused.
    • Make update-by-id constant time.
    • Allow {$set: {'x._id': 1}}. #1794
  • Upgraded dependencies

    • node: 0.10.25 (from 0.10.22). The workaround for specific Node versions from 0.7.0 is now removed; 0.10.25+ is supported.
    • jquery: 1.11.0 (from 1.8.2). See for upgrade instructions.
    • jquery-waypoints: 2.0.4 (from 1.1.7). Contains backwards-incompatible changes.
    • source-map: 0.3.2 (from 0.3.30) #1782
    • websocket-driver: 0.3.2 (from 0.3.1)
    • http-proxy: 1.0.2 (from a pre-release fork of 1.0)
    • semver: 2.2.1 (from 2.1.0)
    • request: 2.33.0 (from 2.27.0)
    • fstream: 0.1.25 (from 0.1.24)
    • tar: 0.1.19 (from 0.1.18)
    • eachline: a fork of 2.4.0 (from 2.3.3)
    • source-map: 0.1.31 (from 0.1.30)
    • source-map-support: 0.2.5 (from 0.2.3)
    • mongo: 2.4.9 (from 2.4.8)
    • openssl in mongo: 1.0.1f (from 1.0.1e)
    • kexec: 0.2.0 (from 0.1.1)
    • less: 1.6.1 (from 1.3.3)
    • stylus: 0.42.2 (from 0.37.0)
    • nib: 1.0.2 (from 1.0.0)
    • coffeescript: 1.7.1 (from 1.6.3)
  • CSS preprocessing and sourcemaps:

    • Add sourcemap support for CSS stylesheet preprocessors. Use sourcemaps for stylesheets compiled with LESS.
    • Improve CSS minification to deal with @import statements correctly.
    • Lint CSS files for invalid @ directives.
    • Change the recommended suffix for imported LESS files from .lessimport to .import.less. Add .import.styl to allow stylus imports. .lessimport continues to work but is deprecated.
  • Add clientAddress and httpHeaders to this.connection in method calls and publish functions.

  • Hash login tokens before storing them in the database. Legacy unhashed tokens are upgraded to hashed tokens in the database as they are used in login requests.

  • Change default accounts-ui styling and add more CSS classes.

  • Refactor command-line tool. Add test harness and better tests. Run meteor self-test --help for info on running the tools test suite.

  • Speed up application re-build in development mode by re-using file hash computation between file change watching code and application build code..

  • Fix issues with documents containing a key named length with a numeric value. Underscore treated these as arrays instead of objects, leading to exceptions when . Patch Underscore to not treat plain objects (x.constructor === Object) with numeric length fields as arrays. #594 #1737

  • Deprecate Accounts.loginServiceConfiguration in favor of ServiceConfiguration.configurations, exported by the service-configuration package. Accounts.loginServiceConfiguration is maintained for backwards-compatibility, but it is defined in a Meteor.startup block and so cannot be used from top-level code.

  • Cursors with a field specifier containing {_id: 0} can no longer be used with observeChanges or observe. This includes the implicit calls to these functions that are done when returning a cursor from a publish function or using {{#each}}.

  • Transform functions must return objects and may not change the _id field, though they may leave it out.

  • Remove broken IE7 support from the localstorage package. Meteor accounts logins no longer persist in IE7.

  • Fix the localstorage package when used with Safari in private browsing mode. This fixes a problem with login token storage and account login. #1291

  • Types added with EJSON.addType now have default clone and equals implementations. Users may still specify clone or equals functions to override the default behavior. #1745

  • Add frame-src to browser-policy-content and account for cross-browser CSP disparities.

  • Deprecate Oauth.initiateLogin in favor of Oauth.showPopup.

  • Add WebApp.rawConnectHandlers for adding connect handlers that run before any other Meteor handlers, except connect.compress(). Raw connect handlers see the URL's full path (even if ROOT_URL contains a non-empty path) and they run before static assets are served.

  • Add Accounts.connection to allow using Meteor accounts packages with a non-default DDP connection.

  • Detect and reload if minified CSS files fail to load at startup. This prevents the application from running unstyled if the page load occurs while the server is switching versions.

  • Allow Npm.depends to specify any http or https URL containing a full 40-hex-digit SHA. #1686

  • Add retry package for connection retry with exponential backoff.

  • Pass update and remove return values correctly when using collections validated with allow and deny rules. #1759

  • If you're using Deps on the server, computations and invalidation functions are not allowed to yield. Throw an error instead of behaving unpredictably.

  • Fix namespacing in coffeescript files added to a package with the bare: true option. #1668

  • Fix races when calling login and/or logoutOtherClients from multiple tabs. #1616

  • Include oauth_verifier as a header rather than a parameter in the oauth1 package. #1825

  • Fix force-ssl to allow local development with meteor run in IPv6 environments. #1751`

  • Allow cursors on named local collections to be returned from a publish function in an array. #1820

  • Fix build failure caused by a directory in programs/ without a package.js file.

  • Do a better job of handling shrinkwrap files when an npm module depends on something that isn't a semver. #1684

  • Fix failures updating npm dependencies when a node_modules directory exists above the project directory. #1761

  • Preserve permissions (eg, executable bit) on npm files. #1808

  • SockJS tweak to support relative base URLs.

  • Don't leak sockets on error in dev-mode proxy.

  • Clone arguments to added and changed methods in publish functions. This allows callers to reuse objects and prevents already published data from changing after the fact. #1750

  • Ensure springboarding to a different meteor tools version always uses exec to run the old version. This simplifies process management for wrapper scripts.

Patches contributed by GitHub users DenisGorbachev, EOT, OyoKooN, awwx, dandv, icellan, jfhamlin, marcandre, michaelbishop, mitar, mizzao, mquandalle, paulswartz, rdickert, rzymek, timhaines, and yeputons.

v0.7.0.1, 2013-12-20

  • Two fixes to meteor run Mongo startup bugs that could lead to hangs with the message "Initializing mongo database… this may take a moment.". #1696

  • Apply the Node patch to 0.10.24 as well (see the 0.7.0 section for details).

  • Fix gratuitous IE7 incompatibility. #1690

v0.7.0, 2013-12-17

This version of Meteor contains a patch for a bug in Node 0.10 which most commonly affects websockets. The patch is against Node version 0.10.22 and 0.10.23. We strongly recommend using one of these precise versions of Node in production so that the patch will be applied. If you use a newer version of Node with this version of Meteor, Meteor will not apply the patch and will instead disable websockets.

  • Rework how Meteor gets realtime database updates from MongoDB. Meteor now reads the MongoDB "oplog" -- a special collection that records all the write operations as they are applied to your database. This means changes to the database are instantly noticed and reflected in Meteor, whether they originated from Meteor or from an external database client. Oplog tailing is automatically enabled in development mode with meteor run, and can be enabled in production with the MONGO_OPLOG_URL environment variable. Currently the only supported selectors are equality checks; $-operators, limit and skip queries fall back to the original poll-and-diff algorithm. See for details.

  • Add Meteor.onConnection and add this.connection to method invocations and publish functions. These can be used to store data associated with individual clients between subscriptions and method calls. See for details. #1611

  • Bundler failures cause non-zero exit code in meteor run. #1515

  • Fix error when publish function callbacks are called during session shutdown.

  • Rework hot code push. The new autoupdate package drives automatic reloads on update using standard DDP messages instead of a hardcoded message at DDP startup. Now the hot code push only triggers when client code changes; server-only code changes will not cause the page to reload.

  • New facts package publishes internal statistics about Meteor.

  • Add an explicit check that publish functions return a cursor, an array of cursors, or a falsey value. This is a safety check to to prevent users from accidentally returning Collection.findOne() or some other value and expecting it to be published.

  • Implement $each, $sort, and $slice options for minimongo's $push modifier. #1492

  • Introduce --raw-logs option to meteor run to disable log coloring and timestamps.

  • Add WebAppInternals.setBundledJsCssPrefix() to control where the client loads bundled JavaScript and CSS files. This allows serving files from a CDN to decrease page load times and reduce server load.

  • Attempt to exit cleanly on SIGHUP. Stop accepting incoming connections, kill DDP connections, and finish all outstanding requests for static assets.

  • In the HTTP server, only keep sockets with no active HTTP requests alive for 5 seconds.

  • Fix handling of fields option in minimongo when only _id is present. #1651

  • Fix issue where setting process.env.MAIL_URL in app code would not alter where mail was sent. This was a regression in 0.6.6 from 0.6.5. #1649

  • Use stderr instead of stdout (for easier automation in shell scripts) when prompting for passwords and when downloading the dev bundle. #1600

  • Ensure more downtime during file watching. #1506

  • Fix meteor run with settings files containing non-ASCII characters. #1497

  • Support EJSON.clone for Meteor.Error. As a result, they are properly stringified in DDP even if thrown through a Future. #1482

  • Fix passing transform: null option to collection.allow() to disable transformation in validators. #1659

  • Fix livedata error on this.removed during session shutdown. #1540 #1553

  • Fix incompatibility with Phusion Passenger by removing an unused line. #1613

  • Ensure install script creates /usr/local on machines where it does not exist (eg. fresh install of OSX Mavericks).

  • Set x-forwarded-* headers in meteor run.

  • Clean up package dirs containing only ".build".

  • Check for matching hostname before doing end-of-oauth redirect.

  • Only count files that actually go in the cache towards the appcache size check. #1653.

  • Increase the maximum size spiderable will return for a page from 200kB to 5MB.

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • SockJS server from 0.3.7 to 0.3.8, including new faye-websocket module.
    • Node from 0.10.21 to 0.10.22
    • MongoDB from 2.4.6 to 2.4.8
    • clean-css from 1.1.2 to 2.0.2
    • uglify-js from a fork of 2.4.0 to 2.4.7
    • handlebars npm module no longer available outside of handlebars package

Patches contributed by GitHub users AlexeyMK, awwx, dandv, DenisGorbachev, emgee3, FooBarWidget, mitar, mcbain, rzymek, and sdarnell.

v0.6.6.3, 2013-11-04

  • Fix error when publish function callbacks are called during session shutdown. #1540 #1553

  • Improve meteor run CPU usage in projects with many directories. #1506

v0.6.6.2, 2013-10-21

  • Upgrade Node from 0.10.20 to 0.10.21 (security update).

v0.6.6.1, 2013-10-12

  • Fix file watching on OSX. Work around Node issue #6251 by not using #1483

v0.6.6, 2013-10-10


  • Add browser-policy package for configuring and sending Content-Security-Policy and X-Frame-Options HTTP headers. See the docs for more.

  • Use cryptographically strong pseudorandom number generators when available.


  • Add upsert support. Collection.update now supports the {upsert: true} option. Additionally, add a Collection.upsert method which returns the newly inserted object id if applicable.

  • update and remove now return the number of documents affected. #1046

  • $near operator for 2d and 2dsphere indices.

  • The fields option to the collection methods find and findOne now works on the client as well. (Operators such as $elemMatch and $ are not yet supported in fields projections.) #1287

  • Pass an index and the cursor itself to the callbacks in cursor.forEach and, just like the corresponding Array methods. #63

  • Support c.find(query, {limit: N}).count() on the client. #654

  • Improve behavior of $ne, $nin, and $not selectors with objects containing arrays. #1451

  • Fix various bugs if you had two documents with the same _id field in String and ObjectID form.


  • [Behavior Change] Expire login tokens periodically. Defaults to 90 days. Use Accounts.config({loginExpirationInDays: null}) to disable token expiration.

  • [Behavior Change] Write dates generated by Meteor Accounts to Mongo as Date instead of number; existing data can be converted by passing it through new Date(). #1228

  • Log out and close connections for users if they are deleted from the database.

  • Add Meteor.logoutOtherClients() for logging out other connections logged in as the current user.

  • restrictCreationByEmailDomain option in Accounts.config to restrict new users to emails of specific domain (eg. only users with emails) or a custom validator. #1332

  • Support OAuth1 services that require request token secrets as well as authentication token secrets. #1253

  • Warn if Accounts.config is only called on the client. #828

  • Fix bug where callbacks to login functions could be called multiple times when the client reconnects.


  • Fix infinite loop if a client disconnects while a long yielding method is running.

  • Unfinished code to support DDP session resumption has been removed. Meteor servers now stop processing messages from clients and reclaim memory associated with them as soon as they are disconnected instead of a few minutes later.


  • The pre-0.6.5 Package.register_extension API has been removed. Use Package._transitional_registerBuildPlugin instead, which was introduced in 0.6.5. (A bug prevented the 0.6.5 reimplementation of register_extension from working properly anyway.)

  • Support using an HTTP proxy in the meteor command line tool. This allows the update, deploy, logs, and mongo commands to work behind a proxy. Use the standard http_proxy environment variable to specify your proxy endpoint. #429, #689, #1338

  • Build Linux binaries on an older Linux machine. Meteor now supports running on Linux machines with glibc 2.9 or newer (Ubuntu 10.04+, RHEL and CentOS 6+, Fedora 10+, Debian 6+). Improve error message when running on Linux with unsupported glibc, and include Mongo stderr if it fails to start.

  • Install NPM modules with --force to avoid corrupted local caches.

  • Rebuild NPM modules in packages when upgrading to a version of Meteor that uses a different version of Node.

  • Disable the Mongo http interface. This lets you run meteor on two ports differing by 1000 at the same time.


  • [Known issue] Breaks support for pre-release OSX 10.9 'Mavericks'. Will be addressed shortly. See issues:

  • EJSON.stringify now takes options:

    • canonical causes objects keys to be stringified in sorted order
    • indent allows formatting control over the EJSON stringification
  • EJSON now supports Infinity, -Infinity and NaN.

  • Check that the argument to EJSON.parse is a string. #1401

  • Better error from functions that use Meteor._wrapAsync (eg collection write methods and HTTP methods) and in DDP server message processing. #1387

  • Support appcache on Chrome for iOS.

  • Support literate CoffeeScript files with the extension (in addition to the already-supported .litcoffee extension). #1407

  • Make madewith package work again (broken in 0.6.5). #1448

  • Better error when passing a string to {{#each}}. #722

  • Add support for JSESSIONID cookies for sticky sessions. Set the USE_JSESSIONID environment variable to enable placing a JSESSIONID cookie on sockjs requests.

  • Simplify the static analysis used to detect package-scope variables.

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • Node from 0.8.24 to 0.10.20
    • MongoDB from 2.4.4 to 2.4.6
    • MongoDB driver from 1.3.17 to 1.3.19
    • http-proxy from 0.10.1 to a pre-release of 1.0.0
    • stylus from 0.30.1 to 0.37.0
    • nib from 0.8.2 to 1.0.0
    • optimist from 0.3.5 to 0.6.0
    • semver from 1.1.0 to 2.1.0
    • request from 2.12.0 to 2.27.0
    • keypress from 0.1.0 to 0.2.1
    • underscore from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
    • fstream from 0.1.21 to 0.1.24
    • tar from 0.1.14 to 0.1.18
    • source-map from 0.1.26 to 0.1.30
    • source-map-support from a fork of 0.1.8 to 0.2.3
    • escope from a fork of 0.0.15 to 1.0.0
    • estraverse from 1.1.2-1 to 1.3.1
    • simplesmtp from 0.1.25 to 0.3.10
    • stream-buffers from 0.2.3 to 0.2.5
    • websocket from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8
    • cli-color from 0.2.2 to 0.2.3
    • clean-css from 1.0.11 to 1.1.2
    • UglifyJS2 from a fork of 2.3.6 to a different fork of 2.4.0
    • connect from 2.7.10 to 2.9.0
    • send from 0.1.0 to 0.1.4
    • useragent from 2.0.1 to 2.0.7
    • replaced byline with eachline 2.3.3

Patches contributed by GitHub users ansman, awwx, codeinthehole, jacott, Maxhodges, meawoppl, mitar, mizzao, mquandalle, nathan-muir, RobertLowe, ryw, sdarnell, and timhaines.

v0.6.5.3, 2014-12-09 (backport)

  • Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately. Backport from 1.0.1.

v0.6.5.2, 2013-10-21

  • Upgrade Node from 0.8.24 to 0.8.26 (security patch)

v0.6.5.1, 2013-08-28

  • Fix syntax errors on lines that end with a backslash. #1326

  • Fix serving static files with special characters in their name. #1339

  • Upgrade esprima JavaScript parser to fix bug parsing complex regexps.

  • Export Spiderable from spiderable package to allow users to set Spiderable.userAgentRegExps to control what user agents are treated as spiders.

  • Add EJSON to standard-app-packages. #1343

  • Fix bug in d3 tab character parsing.

  • Fix regression when using Mongo ObjectIDs in Spark templates.

v0.6.5, 2013-08-14

  • New package system with package compiler and linker:

    • Each package now has it own namespace for variable declarations. Global variables used in a package are limited to package scope.

    • Packages must explicitly declare which symbols they export with api.export in package.js.

    • Apps and packages only see the exported symbols from packages they explicitly use. For example, if your app uses package A which in turn depends on package B, only package A's symbols will be available in the app.

    • Package names can only contain alphanumeric characters, dashes, and dots. Packages with spaces and underscores must be renamed.

    • Remove hardcoded list of required packages. New default standard-app-packages package adds dependencies on the core Meteor stack. This package can be removed to make an app with only parts of the Meteor stack. standard-app-packages will be automatically added to a project when it is updated to Meteor 0.6.5.

    • Custom app packages in the packages directory are no longer automatically used. They must be explicitly added to the app with meteor add <packagename>. To help with the transition, all packages in the packages directory will be automatically added to the project when it is updated to Meteor 0.6.5.

    • New "unipackage" on-disk format for built packages. Compiled packages are cached and rebuilt only when their source or dependencies change.

    • Add "unordered" and "weak" package dependency modes to allow circular package dependencies and conditional code inclusion.

    • New API (_transitional_registerBuildPlugin) for declaring compilers, preprocessors, and file extension handlers. These new build plugins are full compilation targets in their own right, and have their own namespace, source files, NPM requirements, and package dependencies. The old register_extension API is deprecated. Please note that the package.js format and especially _transitional_registerBuildPlugin are not frozen interfaces and are subject to change in future releases.

    • Add api.imply, which allows one package to "imply" another. If package A implies package B, then anything that depends on package A automatically depends on package B as well (and receives package B's imports). This is useful for creating umbrella packages (standard-app-packages) or sometimes for factoring common code out of related packages (accounts-base).

  • Move HTTP serving out of the server bootstrap and into the webapp package. This allows building Meteor apps that are not web servers (eg. command line tools, DDP clients, etc.). Connect middlewares can now be registered on the new WebApp.connectHandlers instead of the old

  • The entire Meteor build process now has first-class source map support. A source map is maintained for every source file as it passes through the build pipeline. Currently, the source maps are only served in development mode. Not all web browsers support source maps yet and for those that do, you may have to turn on an option to enable them. Source maps will always be used when reporting exceptions on the server.

  • Update the coffeescript package to generate source maps.

  • Add new Assets API and private subdirectory for including and accessing static assets on the server.

  • Add Meteor.disconnect. Call this to disconnect from the server and stop all live data updates. #1151

  • Add Match.Integer to check for 32-bit signed integers.

  • Meteor.connect has been renamed to DDP.connect and is now fully supported on the server. Server-to-server DDP connections use websockets, and can be used for both method calls and subscriptions.

  • Rename Meteor.default_connection to Meteor.connection and Meteor.default_server to Meteor.server.

  • Rename Meteor.http to HTTP.

  • ROOT_URL may now have a path part. This allows serving multiple Meteor apps on the same domain.

  • Support creating named unmanaged collections with new Meteor.Collection("name", {connection: null}).

  • New Log function in the logging package which prints with timestamps, color, filenames and linenumbers.

  • Include http response in errors from oauth providers. #1246

  • The observe callback movedTo now has a fourth argument before.

  • Move NPM control files for packages from .npm to .npm/package. This is to allow build plugins such as coffeescript to depend on NPM packages. Also, when removing the last NPM dependency, clean up the .npm dir.

  • Remove deprecated Meteor.is_client and Meteor.is_server variables.

  • Implement "meteor bundle --debug" #748

  • Add forceApprovalPrompt option to Meteor.loginWithGoogle. #1226

  • Make server-side Mongo inserts, updates, and removes run asynchronously when a callback is passed.

  • Improve memory usage when calling findOne() on the server.

  • Delete login tokens from server when user logs out.

  • Rename package compatibility mode option to add_files from raw to bare.

  • Fix Mongo selectors of the form: {$regex: /foo/}.

  • Fix Spark memory leak. #1157

  • Fix EPIPEs during dev mode hot code reload.

  • Fix bug where we would never quiesce if we tried to revive subs that errored out (5e7138d)

  • Fix bug where this.fieldname in handlebars template might refer to a helper instead of a property of the current data context. #1143

  • Fix submit events on IE8. #1191

  • Handle Meteor.loginWithX being called with a callback but no options. #1181

  • Work around a Chrome bug where hitting reload could cause a tab to lose the DDP connection and never recover. #1244

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • Node from 0.8.18 to 0.8.24
    • MongoDB from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4, now with SSL support
    • CleanCSS from 0.8.3 to 1.0.11
    • Underscore from 1.4.4 to 1.5.1
    • Fibers from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
    • MongoDB Driver from 1.3.7 to 1.3.17

Patches contributed by GitHub users btipling, mizzao, timhaines and zol.

v0.6.4.1, 2013-07-19

  • Update mongodb driver to use version 0.2.1 of the bson module.

v0.6.4, 2013-06-10

  • Separate OAuth flow logic from Accounts into separate packages. The facebook, github, google, meetup, twitter, and weibo packages can be used to perform an OAuth exchange without creating an account and logging in. #1024

  • If you set the DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS environment variable, browsers will not attempt to connect to your app using Websockets. Use this if you know your server environment does not properly proxy Websockets to reduce connection startup time.

  • Make Meteor.defer work in an inactive tab in iOS. #1023

  • Allow new Random instances to be constructed with specified seed. This can be used to create repeatable test cases for code that picks random values. #1033

  • Fix CoffeeScript error reporting to include source file and line number again. #1052

  • Fix Mongo queries which nested JavaScript RegExp objects inside $or. #1089

  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • Underscore from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4 #776
    • http-proxy from 0.8.5 to 0.10.1 #513
    • connect from 1.9.2 to 2.7.10
    • Node mongodb client from 1.2.13 to 1.3.7 #1060

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, johnston, and timhaines.

v0.6.3, 2013-05-15

  • Add new check package for ensuring that a value matches a required type and structure. This is used to validate untrusted input from the client. See for details.

  • Use Websockets by default on supported browsers. This reduces latency and eliminates the constant network spinner on iOS devices.

  • With autopublish on, publish many useful fields on Meteor.users.

  • Files in the client/compatibility/ subdirectory of a Meteor app do not get wrapped in a new variable scope. This is useful for third-party libraries which expect var statements at the outermost level to be global.

  • Add synthetic tap event for use on touch enabled devices. This is a replacement for click that fires immediately.

  • When using the http package synchronously on the server, errors are thrown rather than passed in result.error

  • The manager option to the Meteor.Collection constructor is now called connection. The old name still works for now. #987

  • The localstorage-polyfill smart package has been replaced by a localstorage package, which defines a Meteor._localStorage API instead of trying to replace the DOM window.localStorage facility. (Now, apps can use the existence of window.localStorage to detect if the full localStorage API is supported.) #979

  • Upgrade MongoDB from 2.2.1 to 2.4.3.

  • Upgrade CoffeeScript from 1.5.0 to 1.6.2. #972

  • Faster reconnects when regaining connectivity. #696

  • Email.send has a new headers option to set arbitrary headers. #963

  • Cursor transform functions on the server no longer are required to return objects with correct _id fields. #974

  • Rework observe() callback ordering in minimongo to improve fiber safety on the server. This makes subscriptions on server to server DDP more usable.

  • Use binary search in minimongo when updating ordered queries. #969

  • Fix EJSON base64 decoding bug. #1001

  • Support appcache on Chromium. #958

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, jagill, spang, and timhaines.

v0.6.2.1, 2013-04-24

  • When authenticating with GitHub, include a user agent string. This unbreaks "Sign in with GitHub"

Patch contributed by GitHub user pmark.

v0.6.2, 2013-04-16

  • Better error reporting:

    • Capture real stack traces for Meteor.Error.
    • Report better errors with misconfigured OAuth services.
  • Add per-package upgrade notices to meteor update.

  • Experimental server-to-server DDP support: Meteor.connect on the server will connect to a remote DDP endpoint via WebSockets. Method calls should work fine, but subscriptions and minimongo on the server are still a work in progress.

  • Upgrade d3 from 2.x to 3.1.4. See for compatibility notes.

  • Allow CoffeeScript to set global variables when using use strict. #933

  • Return the inserted documented ID from LocalCollection.insert. #908

  • Add Weibo token expiration time to

  • Spiderable.userAgentRegExps can now be modified to change what user agents are treated as spiders by the spiderable package.

  • Prevent observe callbacks from affecting the arguments to identical observes. #855

  • Fix meteor command line tool when run from a home directory with spaces in its name. If you previously installed meteor release 0.6.0 or 0.6.1 you'll need to uninstall and reinstall meteor to support users with spaces in their usernames (see

Patches contributed by GitHub users andreas-karlsson, awwx, jacott, joshuaconner, and timhaines.

v0.6.1, 2013-04-08

  • Correct NPM behavior in packages in case there is a node_modules directory somewhere above the app directory. #927

  • Small bug fix in the low-level routepolicy package.

Patches contributed by GitHub users andreas-karlsson and awwx.

v0.6.0, 2013-04-04

  • Meteor has a brand new distribution system! In this new system, code-named Engine, packages are downloaded individually and on demand. All of the packages in each official Meteor release are prefetched and cached so you can still use Meteor while offline. You can have multiple releases of Meteor installed simultaneously; apps are pinned to specific Meteor releases. All meteor commands accept a --release argument to specify which release to use; meteor update changes what release the app is pinned to. Inside an app, the name of the release is available at Meteor.release. When running Meteor directly from a git checkout, the release is ignored.

  • Variables declared with var at the outermost level of a JavaScript source file are now private to that file. Remove the var to share a value between files.

  • Meteor now supports any x86 (32- or 64-bit) Linux system, not just those which use Debian or RedHat package management.

  • Apps may contain packages inside a top-level directory named packages.

  • Packages may depend on NPM modules, using the new Npm.depends directive in their package.js file. (Note: if the NPM module has architecture-specific binary components, bundles built with meteor bundle or meteor deploy will contain the components as built for the developer's platform and may not run on other platforms.)

  • Meteor's internal package tests (as well as tests you add to your app's packages with the unsupported Tinytest framework) are now run with the new command meteor test-packages.

  • {{#each}} helper can now iterate over falsey values without throwing an exception. #815, #801

  • {{#with}} helper now only includes its block if its argument is not falsey, and runs an {{else}} block if provided if the argument is falsey. #770, #866

  • Twitter login now stores profile_image_url and profile_image_url_https attributes in the namespace. #788

  • Allow packages to register file extensions with dots in the filename.

  • When calling this.changed in a publish function, it is no longer an error to clear a field which was never set. #850

  • Deps API

    • Add dep.depend(), deprecate Deps.depend(dep) and dep.addDependent().
    • If first run of Deps.autorun throws an exception, stop it and don't rerun. This prevents a Spark exception when template rendering fails ("Can't call 'firstNode' of undefined").
    • If an exception is thrown during Deps.flush with no stack, the message is logged instead. #822
  • When connecting to MongoDB, use the JavaScript BSON parser unless specifically requested in MONGO_URL; the native BSON parser sometimes segfaults. (Meteor only started using the native parser in 0.5.8.)

  • Calls to the update collection function in untrusted code may only use a whitelisted list of modifier operators.

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, blackcoat, cmather, estark37, mquandalle, Primigenus, raix, reustle, and timhaines.

v0.5.9, 2013-03-14

  • Fix regression in 0.5.8 that prevented users from editing their own profile. #809

  • Fix regression in 0.5.8 where Meteor.loggingIn() would not update reactively. #811

v0.5.8, 2013-03-13

  • Calls to the update and remove collection functions in untrusted code may no longer use arbitrary selectors. You must specify a single document ID when invoking these functions from the client (other than in a method stub).

    You may still use other selectors when calling update and remove on the server and from client method stubs, so you can replace calls that are no longer supported (eg, in event handlers) with custom method calls.

    The corresponding update and remove callbacks passed to allow and deny now take a single document instead of an array.

  • Add new appcache package. Add this package to your project to speed up page load and make hot code reload smoother using the HTML5 AppCache API. See for details.

  • Rewrite reactivity library. Meteor.deps is now Deps and has a new API. Meteor.autorun and Meteor.flush are now called Deps.autorun and Deps.flush (the old names still work for now). The other names under Meteor.deps such as Context no longer exist. The new API is documented at

  • You can now provide a transform option to collections, which is a function that documents coming out of that collection are passed through. find, findOne, allow, and deny now take transform options, which may override the Collection's transform. Specifying a transform of null causes you to receive the documents unmodified.

  • Publish functions may now return an array of cursors to publish. Currently, the cursors must all be from different collections. #716

  • User documents have id's when onCreateUser and validateNewUser hooks run.

  • Encode and store custom EJSON types in MongoDB.

  • Support literate CoffeeScript files with the extension .litcoffee. #766

  • Add new login service provider for in accounts-meetup package.

  • If you call observe or observeChanges on a cursor created with the reactive: false option, it now only calls initial add callbacks and does not continue watching the query. #771

  • In an event handler, if the data context is falsey, default it to {} rather than to the global object. #777

  • Allow specifying multiple event handlers for the same selector. #753

  • Revert caching header change from 0.5.5. This fixes image flicker on redraw.

  • Stop making Session available on the server; it's not useful there. #751

  • Force URLs in stack traces in browser consoles to be hyperlinks. #725

  • Suppress spurious changed callbacks with empty fields from Cursor.observeChanges.

  • Fix logic bug in template branch matching. #724

  • Make spiderable user-agent test case insensitive. #721

  • Fix several bugs in EJSON type support:

    • Fix {$type: 5} selectors for binary values on browsers that do not support Uint8Array.
    • Fix EJSON equality on falsey values.
    • Fix for returning a scalar EJSON type from a method. #731
  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • mongodb driver to version 1.2.13 (from 0.1.11)
    • mime module removed (it was unused)

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, cmather, graemian, jagill, jmhredsox, kevinxucs, krizka, mitar, raix, and rasmuserik.

v0.5.7, 2013-02-21

  • The DDP wire protocol has been redesigned.

    • The handshake message is now versioned. This breaks backwards compatibility between sites with Meteor.connect(). Older meteor apps can not talk to new apps and vice versa. This includes the madewith package, apps using madewith must upgrade.

    • New EJSON package allows you to use Dates, Mongo ObjectIDs, and binary data in your collections and Session variables. You can also add your own custom datatypes.

    • Meteor now correctly represents empty documents in Collections.

    • There is an informal specification in packages/livedata/

  • Breaking API changes

    • Changed the API for observe. Observing with added, changed and removed callbacks is now unordered; for ordering information use addedAt, changedAt, removedAt, and movedTo. Full documentation is in the observe docs. All callers of observe need to be updated.

    • Changed the API for publish functions that do not return a cursor (ie functions that call this.set and this.unset). See the publish docs for the new API.

  • New Features

    • Added new observeChanges API for keeping track of the contents of a cursor more efficiently.

    • There is a new reactive function on subscription handles: ready() returns true when the subscription has received all of its initial documents.

    • Added Session.setDefault(key, value) so you can easily provide initial values for session variables that will not be clobbered on hot code push.

    • You can specify that a collection should use MongoDB ObjectIDs as its _id fields for inserts instead of strings. This allows you to use Meteor with existing MongoDB databases that have ObjectID _ids. If you do this, you must use EJSON.equals() for comparing equality instead of ===. See

    • New random package provides several functions for generating random values. The new function is used to provide shorter string IDs for MongoDB documents. Meteor.uuid() is deprecated.

    • Meteor.status() can return the status failed if DDP version negotiation fails.

  • Major Performance Enhancements

    • Rewrote subscription duplication detection logic to use a more efficient algorithm. This significantly reduces CPU usage on the server during initial page load and when dealing with large amounts of data.

    • Reduced unnecessary MongoDB re-polling of live queries. Meteor no longer polls for changes on queries that specify _id when updates for a different specific _id are processed. This drastically improves performance when dealing with many subscriptions and updates to individual objects, such as those generated by the accounts-base package on the Meteor.users collection.

  • Upgraded UglifyJS2 to version 2.2.5

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx and michaelglenadams.

v0.5.6, 2013-02-15

  • Fix 0.5.5 regression: Minimongo selectors matching subdocuments under arrays did not work correctly.

  • Some Bootstrap icons should have appeared white.

Patches contributed by GitHub user benjaminchelli.

v0.5.5, 2013-02-13

  • Deprecate Meteor.autosubscribe. Meteor.subscribe now works within Meteor.autorun.

  • Allow access to Meteor.settings.public on the client. If the JSON file you gave to meteor --settings includes a field called public, that field will be available on the client as well as the server.

  • @import works in less. Use the .lessimport file extension to make a less file that is ignored by preprocessor so as to avoid double processing. #203

  • Upgrade Fibers to version 1.0.0. The Fiber and Future symbols are no longer exposed globally. To use fibers directly you can use: var Fiber = __meteor_bootstrap__.require('fibers'); and var Future = __meteor_bootstrap__.require('fibers/future');

  • Call version 1.1 of the Twitter API when authenticating with OAuth. accounts-twitter users have until March 5th, 2013 to upgrade before Twitter disables the old API. #527

  • Treat Twitter ids as strings, not numbers, as recommended by Twitter. #629

  • You can now specify the _id field of a document passed to insert. Meteor still auto-generates _id if it is not present.

  • Expose an invalidated flag on Meteor.deps.Context.

  • Populate user record with additional data from Facebook and Google. #664

  • Add Facebook token expiration time to services.facebook.expiresAt. #576

  • Allow piping a password to meteor deploy on stdin. #623

  • Correctly type cast arguments to handlebars helper. #617

  • Fix leaked global userId symbol.

  • Terminate phantomjs properly on error when using the spiderable package. #571

  • Stop serving non-cachable files with caching headers. #631

  • Fix race condition if server restarted between page load and initial DDP connection. #653

  • Resolve issue where login methods sometimes blocked future methods. #555

  • Fix Meteor.http parsing of JSON responses on Firefox. #553

  • Minimongo no longer uses eval. #480

  • Serve 404 for /app.manifest. This allows experimenting with the upcoming appcache smart package. #628

  • Upgraded many dependencies, including:

    • node.js to version 0.8.18
    • jquery-layout to version 1.3.0RC
    • Twitter Bootstrap to version 2.3.0
    • Less to version 1.3.3
    • Uglify to version 2.2.3
    • useragent to version 2.0.1

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, bminer, bramp, crunchie84, danawoodman, dbimmler, Ed-von-Schleck, geoffd123, jperl, kevee, milesmatthias, Primigenus, raix, timhaines, and xenolf.

v0.5.4, 2013-01-08

  • Fix 0.5.3 regression: meteor run could fail on OSX 10.8 if environment variables such as DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH are set.

v0.5.3, 2013-01-07

  • Add --settings argument to meteor deploy and meteor run. This allows you to specify deployment-specific information made available to server code in the variable Meteor.settings.

  • Support unlimited open tabs in a single browser. Work around the browser per-hostname connection limit by using randomized hostnames for deployed apps. #131

  • minimongo improvements:

    • Allow observing cursors with skip or limit. #528
    • Allow sorting on dotted.sub.keys. #533
    • Allow querying specific array elements (
    • $and, $or, and $nor no longer accept empty arrays (for consistency with Mongo)
  • Re-rendering a template with Spark no longer reverts changes made by users to a preserved form element. Instead, the newly rendered value is only applied if it is different from the previously rendered value. Additionally, <INPUT> elements with type other than TEXT can now have reactive values (eg, the labels on submit buttons can now be reactive). #510 #514 #523 #537 #558

  • Support JavaScript RegExp objects in selectors in Collection write methods on the client, eg myCollection.remove({foo: /bar/}). #346

  • meteor command-line improvements:

    • Improve error message when mongod fails to start.
    • The NODE_OPTIONS environment variable can be used to pass command-line flags to node (eg, --debug or --debug-brk to enable the debugger).
    • Die with error if an app name is mistakenly passed to meteor reset.
  • Add support for "offline" access tokens with Google login. #464 #525

  • Don't remove serviceData fields from previous logins when logging in with an external service.

  • Improve OAuth1Binding to allow making authenticated API calls to OAuth1 providers (eg Twitter). #539

  • New login providers automatically work with {{loginButtons}} without needing to edit the accounts-ui-unstyled package. #572

  • Use Content-Type: application/json by default when sending JSON data with Meteor.http.

  • Improvements to jsparse: hex literals, keywords as property names, ES5 line continuations, trailing commas in object literals, line numbers in error messages, decimal literals starting with ., regex character classes with slashes.

  • Spark improvements:

    • Improve rendering of <SELECT> elements on IE. #496
    • Don't lose nested data contexts in IE9/10 after two seconds. #458
    • Don't print a stack trace if DOM nodes are manually removed from the document without calling Spark.finalize. #392
  • Always use the autoReconnect flag when connecting to Mongo. #425

  • Fix server-side observe with no added callback. #589

  • Fix re-sending method calls on reconnect. #538

  • Remove deprecated /sockjs URL support from Meteor.connect.

  • Avoid losing a few bits of randomness in UUID v4 creation. #519

  • Update clean-css package from 0.8.2 to 0.8.3, fixing minification of 0% values in hsl colors. #515

Patches contributed by GitHub users Ed-von-Schleck, egtann, jwulf, lvbreda, martin-naumann, meawoppl, nwmartin, timhaines, and zealoushacker.

v0.5.2, 2012-11-27

  • Fix 0.5.1 regression: Cursor observe works during server startup. #507

v0.5.1, 2012-11-20

  • Speed up server-side subscription handling by avoiding redundant work when the same Mongo query is observed multiple times concurrently (eg, by multiple users subscribing to the same subscription), and by using a simpler "unordered" algorithm.

  • Meteor now waits to invoke method callbacks until all the data written by the method is available in the local cache. This way, method callbacks can see the full effects of their writes. This includes the callbacks passed to and Meteor.apply, as well as to the Meteor.Collection insert/update/remove methods.

    If you want to process the method's result as soon as it arrives from the server, even if the method's writes are not available yet, you can now specify an onResultReceived callback to Meteor.apply.

  • Rework latency compensation to show server data changes sooner. Previously, as long as any method calls were in progress, Meteor would buffer all data changes sent from the server until all methods finished. Meteor now only buffers writes to documents written by client stubs, and applies the writes as soon as all methods that wrote that document have finished.

  • Meteor.userLoaded() and {{currentUserLoaded}} have been removed. Previously, during the login process on the client, Meteor.userId() could be set but the document at Meteor.user() could be incomplete. Meteor provided the function Meteor.userLoaded() to differentiate between these states. Now, this in-between state does not occur: when a user logs in, Meteor.userId() only is set once Meteor.user() is fully loaded.

  • New reactive function Meteor.loggingIn() and template helper {{loggingIn}}; they are true whenever some login method is in progress. accounts-ui now uses this to show an animation during login.

  • The sass CSS preprocessor package has been removed. It was based on an unmaintained NPM module which did not implement recent versions of the Sass language and had no error handling. Consider using the less or stylus packages instead. #143

  • Meteor.setPassword is now called Accounts.setPassword, matching the documentation and original intention. #454

  • Passing the wait option to Meteor.apply now waits for all in-progress method calls to finish before sending the method, instead of only guaranteeing that its callback occurs after the callbacks of in-progress methods.

  • New function Accounts.callLoginMethod which should be used to call custom login handlers (such as those registered with Accounts.registerLoginHandler).

  • The callbacks for Meteor.loginWithToken and Accounts.createUser now match the other login callbacks: they are called with error on error or with no arguments on success.

  • Fix bug where method calls could be dropped during a brief disconnection. #339

  • Prevent running the meteor command-line tool and server on unsupported Node versions.

  • Fix Minimongo query bug with nested objects. #455

  • In accounts-ui, stop page layout from changing during login.

  • Use path.join instead of / in paths (helpful for the unofficial Windows port) #303

  • The spiderable package serves pages to facebookexternalhit #411

  • Fix error on Firefox with DOM Storage disabled.

  • Avoid invalidating listeners if setUserId is called with current value.

  • Upgrade many dependencies, including:

    • MongoDB 2.2.1 (from 2.2.0)
    • underscore 1.4.2 (from 1.3.3)
    • bootstrap 2.2.1 (from 2.1.1)
    • jQuery 1.8.2 (from 1.7.2)
    • less 1.3.1 (from 1.3.0)
    • stylus 0.30.1 (from 0.29.0)
    • coffee-script 1.4.0 (from 1.3.3)

Patches contributed by GitHub users ayal, dandv, possibilities, TomWij, tmeasday, and workmad3.

v0.5.0, 2012-10-17

  • This release introduces Meteor Accounts, a full-featured auth system that supports

    • fine-grained user-based control over database reads and writes
    • federated login with any OAuth provider (with built-in support for Facebook, GitHub, Google, Twitter, and Weibo)
    • secure password login
    • email validation and password recovery
    • an optional set of UI widgets implementing standard login/signup/password change/logout flows

    When you upgrade to Meteor 0.5.0, existing apps will lose the ability to write to the database from the client. To restore this, either:

    • configure each of your collections with collection.allow and collection.deny calls to specify which users can perform which write operations, or
    • add the insecure smart package (which is included in new apps by default) to restore the old behavior where anyone can write to any collection which has not been configured with allow or deny

    For more information on Meteor Accounts, see and

  • The new function Meteor.autorun allows you run any code in a reactive context. See

  • Arrays and objects can now be stored in the Session; mutating the value you retrieve with Session.get does not affect the value in the session.

  • On the client, Meteor.apply takes a new wait option, which ensures that no further method calls are sent to the server until this method is finished; it is used for login and logout methods in order to keep the user ID well-defined. You can also specifiy an onReconnect handler which is run when re-establishing a connection; Meteor Accounts uses this to log back in on reconnect.

  • Meteor now provides a compatible replacement for the DOM localStorage facility that works in IE7, in the localstorage-polyfill smart package.

  • Meteor now packages the D3 library for manipulating documents based on data in a smart package called d3.

  • Meteor.Collection now takes its optional manager argument (used to associate a collection with a server you've connected to with Meteor.connect) as a named option. (The old call syntax continues to work for now.)

  • Fix a bug where trying to immediately resubscribe to a record set after unsubscribing could fail silently.

  • Better error handling for failed Mongo writes from inside methods; previously, errors here could cause clients to stop processing data from the server.

Patches contributed by GitHub users bradens, dandv, dybskiy, possibilities, zhangcheng, and 75lb.

v0.4.2, 2012-10-02

  • Fix connection failure on iOS6. SockJS 0.3.3 includes this fix.

  • The new preserve-inputs package, included by default in new Meteor apps, restores the pre-v0.4.0 behavior of "preserving" all form input elements by ID and name during re-rendering; users who want more precise control over preservation can still use the APIs added in v0.4.0.

  • A few changes to the Meteor.absoluteUrl function:

    • Added a replaceLocalhost option.
    • The ROOT_URL environment variable is respected by meteor run.
    • It is now included in all apps via the meteor package. Apps that explicitly added the now-deprecated absolute-url smart package will log a deprecation warning.
  • Upgrade Node from 0.8.8 to 0.8.11.

  • If a Handlebars helper function foo returns null, you can now run do {{}} without error, just like when foo is a non-existent property.

  • If you pass a non-scalar object to Session.set, an error will now be thrown (matching the behavior of Session.equals). #215

  • HTML pages are now served with a charset=utf-8 Content-Type header. #264

  • The contents of <select> tags can now be reactive even in IE 7 and 8.

  • The meteor tool no longer gets confused if a parent directory of your project is named public. #352

  • Fix a race condition in the spiderable package which could include garbage in the spidered page.

  • The REPL run by admin/ no longer crashes Emacs M-x shell on exit.

  • Refactor internal reload API.

  • New internal jsparse smart package. Not yet exposed publicly.

Patch contributed by GitHub user yanivoliver.

v0.4.1, 2012-09-24

  • New email smart package, with Email.send API.

  • Upgrade Node from 0.6.17 to 0.8.8, as well as many Node modules in the dev bundle; those that are user-exposed are:

    • coffee-script: 1.3.3 (from 1.3.1)
    • stylus: 0.29.0 (from 0.28.1)
    • nib: 0.8.2 (from 0.7.0)
  • All publicly documented APIs now use camelCase rather than under_scores. The old spellings continue to work for now. New names are:

    • Meteor.isClient/isServer
    • this.isSimulation inside a method invocation
    • Meteor.deps.Context.onInvalidate
    • Meteor.status().retryCount/retryTime
  • Spark improvements

    • Optimize selector matching for event maps.
    • Fix Spark._currentRenderer behavior in timer callbacks.
    • Fix bug caused by interaction between and {{#constant}}. #323
    • Allow {{#each}} over a collection of objects without _id. #281
    • Spark now supports Firefox 3.6.
    • Added a script to build a standalone spark.js that does not depend on Meteor (it depends on jQuery or Sizzle if you need IE7 support, and otherwise is fully standalone).
  • Database writes from within Meteor.setTimeout/setInterval/defer will be batched with other writes from the current method invocation if they start before the method completes.

  • Make Meteor.Cursor.forEach fully synchronous even if the user's callback yields. #321.

  • Recover from exceptions thrown in Meteor.publish handlers.

  • Upgrade bootstrap to version 2.1.1. #336, #337, #288, #293

  • Change the implementation of the meteor deploy password prompt to not crash Emacs M-x shell.

  • Optimize LocalCollection.remove(id) to be O(1) rather than O(n).

  • Optimize client-side database performance when receiving updated data from the server outside of method calls.

  • Better error reporting when a package in .meteor/packages does not exist.

  • Better error reporting for coffeescript. #331

  • Better error handling in Handlebars.Exception.

Patches contributed by GitHub users fivethirty, tmeasday, and xenolf.

v0.4.0, 2012-08-30

  • Merge Spark, a new live page update engine

    • Breaking API changes
      • Input elements no longer preserved based on id and name attributes. Use preserve instead.
      • All Meteor.ui functions removed. Use Meteor.render, Meteor.renderList, and Spark functions instead.
      • New template functions (eg. created, rendered, etc) may collide with existing helpers. Use to avoid conflicts.
      • New syntax for declaring event maps. Use{...}). For backwards compatibility, both syntaxes are allowed for now.
    • New Template features
      • Allow embedding non-Meteor widgets (eg. Google Maps) using {{#constant}}
      • Callbacks when templates are rendered. See
      • Explicit control of which nodes are preserved during re-rendering. See
      • Easily find nodes within a template in event handlers and callbacks. See
      • Allow parts of a template to be independently reactive with the {{#isolate}} block helper.
  • Use PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable to override package location. #227

  • Add absolute-url package to construct URLs pointing to the application.

  • Allow modifying documents returned by observe callbacks. #209

  • Fix periodic crash after client disconnect. #212

  • Fix minimingo crash on dotted queries with undefined keys. #126

v0.3.9, 2012-08-07

  • Add spiderable package to allow web crawlers to index Meteor apps.

  • meteor deploy uses SSL to protect application deployment.

  • Fix stopImmediatePropagation(). #205

v0.3.8, 2012-07-12

  • HTTPS support

    • Add force-ssl package to require site to load over HTTPS.
    • Use HTTPS for install script and meteor update.
    • Allow runtime configuration of default DDP endpoint.
  • Handlebars improvements

    • Implement dotted path traversal for helpers and methods.
    • Allow functions in helper arguments.
    • Change helper nesting rules to allow functions as arguments.
    • Fix {{}} to never invoke helper foo.
    • Make event handler this reflect the node that matched the selector instead of the event target node.
    • Fix keyword arguments to helpers.
  • Add nib support to stylus package. #175

  • Upgrade bootstrap to version 2.0.4. #173

  • Print changelog after meteor update.

  • Fix mouseenter and mouseleave events. #224

  • Fix issue with spurious heartbeat failures on busy connections.

  • Fix exception in minimongo when matching non-arrays using $all. #183

  • Fix serving an empty file when no cacheable assets exist. #179

v0.3.7, 2012-06-06

  • Better parsing of .html template files

    • Allow HTML comments (<!-- -->) at top level
    • Allow whitespace anywhere in open/close tag
    • Provide names and line numbers on error
    • More helpful error messages
  • Form control improvements

    • Fix reactive radio buttons in Internet Explorer.
    • Fix reactive textareas to update consistently across browsers, matching text field behavior.
  • http package bug fixes:

    • Send correct Content-Type when POSTing params from the server. #172
    • Correctly detect JSON response Content-Type when a charset is present.
  • Support Handlebars.SafeString. #160

  • Fix intermittent "Cursor is closed" mongo error.

  • Fix "Cannot read property 'nextSibling' of null" error in certain nested templates. #142

  • Add heartbeat timer on the client to notice when the server silently goes away.

v0.3.6, 2012-05-16

  • Rewrite event handling. this in event handlers now refers to the data context of the element that generated the event, not the top-level data context of the template where the event is declared.

  • Add /websocket endpoint for raw websockets. Pass websockets through development mode proxy.

  • Simplified API for Meteor.connect, which now receives a URL to a Meteor app rather than to a sockjs endpoint.

  • Fix livedata to support subscriptions with overlapping documents.

  • Update node.js to 0.6.17 to fix potential security issue.

v0.3.5, 2012-04-28

  • Fix 0.3.4 regression: Call event map handlers on bubbled events. #107

v0.3.4, 2012-04-27

  • Add Twitter bootstrap package. #84

  • Add packages for sass and stylus CSS pre-processors. #40, #50

  • Bind events correctly on top level elements in a template.

  • Fix dotted path selectors in minimongo. #88

  • Make backbone package also run on the server.

  • Add bare option to coffee-script compilation so variables can be shared between multiple coffee-script file. #85

  • Upgrade many dependency versions. User visible highlights:

    • node.js 0.6.15
    • coffee-script 1.3.1
    • less 1.3.0
    • sockjs 0.3.1
    • underscore 1.3.3
    • backbone 0.9.2
  • Several documentation fixes and test coverage improvements.

v0.3.3, 2012-04-20

  • Add http package for making HTTP requests to remote servers.

  • Add madewith package to put a live-updating Made with Meteor badge on apps.

  • Reduce size of mongo database on disk (--smallfiles).

  • Prevent unnecessary hot-code pushes on deployed apps during server migration.

  • Fix issue with spaces in directory names. #39

  • Workaround browser caching issues in development mode by using query parameters on all JavaScript and CSS requests.

  • Many documentation and test fixups.

v0.3.2, 2012-04-10

  • Initial public launch
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