Known issues in 2.13

Troubleshooting in Meteor 2.13

Cannot extract version of meteor tool

For some users, the meteor update to version 2.13 command may fail with the following error or similar:

Error: incorrect data check
    at Zlib.zlibOnError [as onerror] (zlib.js:187:17)
 => awaited here:
    at /tools/cli/main.js:1165:7 {
  errno: -3,
  code: 'Z_DATA_ERROR'

The issue

It seems related to our first ESM version of Node.js v14.21.4 and the zlib package. We have been able to reproduce this issue only in Mac Intel.

You can follow along with the GitHub issue for updates.


The solution for this issue is running the following command in your terminal:

curl\?release\=2.13.3 | sh
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