Documentation of Meteor's `accounts-ui` package.

A turn-key user interface for Meteor Accounts.

To add Accounts and a set of login controls to an application, add the accounts-ui package and at least one login provider package: accounts-password, accounts-facebook, accounts-github, accounts-google, accounts-twitter, or accounts-weibo.

Then simply add the {{> loginButtons}} helper to an HTML file. This will place a login widget on the page. If there is only one provider configured and it is an external service, this will add a login/logout button. If you use accounts-password or use multiple external login services, this will add a “Sign in” link which opens a dropdown menu with login options. If you plan to position the login dropdown in the right edge of the screen, use {{> loginButtons align="right"}} in order to get the dropdown to lay itself out without expanding off the edge of the screen.

To configure the behavior of {{> loginButtons}}, use Accounts.ui.config.

accounts-ui also includes modal popup dialogs to handle links from sendResetPasswordEmail, sendVerificationEmail, and sendEnrollmentEmail. These do not have to be manually placed in HTML: they are automatically activated when the URLs are loaded.

If you want to control the look and feel of your accounts system a little more, we recommend reading the useraccounts section of the Meteor Guide.

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